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AHA Discusses Mental Health Legislation, HIPAA Regulations


The American Health Association (AHA) recently announced its support of mental health legislation that would potentially affect current HIPAA regulations and also allow states to use federal Medicaid funds to cover services for adults in inpatient...

Is Patient Privacy Violated When Docs Take Patient Data?


Instances of healthcare professionals taking patient information with them as they change practices is becoming a prevalent issue with patient privacy. Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed in Fresno, California challenging this very issue....

OCR HIPAA Privacy, Security Platform Launched for Developers


The US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) recently launched a portal designed for health application developers, so that they can learn more about HIPAA Privacy and Security issues. As more organizations are...

How Do HIPAA Regulations Apply After Death?


HIPAA regulations help ensure that covered entities and business associates put in the necessary safeguards to keep individuals sensitive medical information secure. But what happens after a patient passes away? Are healthcare providers still...

Study Shows OCR HIPAA Compliance, Breach Recovery Lacking


The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has room for improvement in several health data security areas, including its HIPAA compliance and ability to follow up on PHI data breaches, according to two separate reports from the Office of Inspector General...

Alleged HIPAA Violations in Lawsuit Against D.C. Hospitals


A class-action lawsuit has been filed against MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and George Washington University Hospital for potential HIPAA violations related to patients being able to receive copies of their medical records. Four individuals...

What Will the Upcoming OCR HIPAA Audits Entail?


While the upcoming HIPAA audits from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have continued to be delayed, it seems as if they are finally moving forward. Healthcare organizations of all sizes need to ensure that they are prepared for a potential investigation...

HIPAA Regulations and Family Medical History


HIPAA regulations are meant to keep individuals’ PHI secure and out of the hands of unauthorized users. In previous weeks, has discussed how PHI should be handled in numerous situations, and in which situations it is...

Breaking Down HIPAA: PHI Security in Patient File Disposal


PHI security is an integral part in protecting patient privacy and confidentiality. As such, HIPAA provides ample guidance on how covered entities may maintain PHI security via the HIPAA privacy rule. The HIPAA privacy rule seeks to provide covered...

Breaking Down HIPAA Regulations in Emergencies


While HIPAA regulations are something that all covered entities need to incorporate in daily operations, it is not always simple to understand how those federal regulations apply to certain situations. For example, when there is potentially a...

A Legal Breakdown of HIPAA, NAIC Cybersecurity Guidelines


It is critical for healthcare covered entities of all sizes to carefully monitor HIPAA regulations, ensuring that they remain compliant and are keeping sensitive data secure. As healthcare cybersecurity becomes an increasingly important issue,...

Notice of Privacy Practices for PHI: Breaking Down HIPAA


A notice of privacy practices (NPP) for PHI is a critical part of the HIPAA Privacy Rule that covered entities of all sizes need to understand. This piece of communication is also essential for the relationship between a health plan or provider...

Ind. Practice Fined $750K in OCR HIPAA Settlement


An Indiana radiation oncology practice agreed to a HIPAA settlement of $750,000 with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) after alleged HIPAA violations from a 2012 incident. Cancer Care Group, P.C. notified OCR on August 29, 2012 of an ePHI data...

HIPAA Compliance, Data Breaches Top Summer Stories


The health data security world is constantly changing, as technology evolves and healthcare organizations work to maintain HIPAA compliance and keep pace with potential threat factors. The past few months have further proven that fact, and shown...

Breaking Down the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Rules


The HIPAA Administrative Simplification Rules are an important aspect of HIPAA operating rules and standards. These provisions required the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to not only adopt national standards for certain types of...

Reminders for HIPAA Compliance with Business Associates


Maintaining HIPAA compliance is clearly a top priority for covered entities. With technology evolving, third-party partnerships are also becoming more common, which means that more healthcare organizations are likely working with business associates....

Majority of Providers Confident in HIPAA Compliance Policies


Even with recently large-scale health data breaches being announced, the majority of healthcare providers report that they are confident in their own HIPAA compliance policies, according to a recent survey by Scrypt. A total of 769 healthcare...

Reminders on HIPAA Enforcement: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules


HIPAA enforcement is an important aspect of The HIPAA Privacy Rule, and also one that no covered entity actually wants to be a part of. However, it is essential that healthcare organizations of all sizes understand the implications of an audit...

HHS Releases Overview on HIPAA Regulations


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released an overview of the basics of HIPAA regulations, and what covered entities must keep in mind as they work toward remaining compliant. The HHS guidance discusses the HIPAA Privacy...

How Do HIPAA Regulations Affect Judicial Proceedings?


HIPAA regulations are designed to keep healthcare organizations compliant, ensuring that sensitive data - such as patient PHI - stays secure. Should a healthcare data breach occur, covered entities or their business associates will be held accountable,...


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