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Is the HIPAA Security Rule Doing Enough for Healthcare?


The HIPAA Security Rule created a national set of security standards designed to protect certain health information, either held or transferred in electronic form. However, technology has continued to evolve, and one healthcare security expert...

ONC’s Lucia Savage Dissects Health IT Privacy, Security Guide


The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) released the updated version of its health IT privacy and security guide last week, as a way to highlight “practical information that accurately reflects the guidance that is in the current regulations,”...

HIMSS15 Leaders Focus on Healthcare Privacy, HIPAA Rules


HIMSS15 took place this week in Chicago, and some of the highly discussed topics included healthcare privacy and security issues, such as HIPAA regulations. With more providers implementing EHRs, HIEs, and other forms of technology, ensuring...

HITRUST Discusses Cybersecurity Threats, Risk Assessments


Cybersecurity threats are an increasingly important issue in the healthcare industry, especially as incidents such as the Anthem and Premera data breaches show that organizations of any size could be a target. That is part of the reason why the...

ONC Releases Electronic Health IT Privacy, Security Guide


The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released an updated version of its guide on electronic health IT privacy and security earlier this week. The guide outlines ways for covered entities to properly integrate...

Understanding HIPAA Regulations and Their Applications


CHICAGO – Understanding HIPAA regulations is key for healthcare providers, hospitals, and any other covered entity. However, HIPAA was implemented before many of today’s current technologies were in use, and the specifics can sometimes be...

Why Reducing Insider Threats Must Remain a Top Priority


CHICAGO – Healthcare privacy and security needs are on the minds of attendees and presenters at this week’s HIMSS conference, and a recent report highlights why reducing insider threats should be a key driver for facilities. According...

Why Data Breach Prevention Will Steer HIMSS15


The annual HIMSS conference and exhibition covers a variety of healthcare IT topics and issues. However, in the wake of large scale data breaches and continuous discussion and debate over federal and state healthcare regulations, one of the major...

HIPAA Compliance, Cybersecurity Top HIMSS15 Topics


Even without large data breaches, the healthcare industry must remain current on the latest HIPAA compliance trends and best approaches to comprehensive cybersecurity. The annual HIMSS conference will tackle these issues, among many others, head...

HIPAA Regulations Create Communication Obstacle, Says Survey


HIPAA regulations are a necessity for covered entities, but if a recent survey is any indication, they could also be creating issues for providers. The majority of surveyed providers – 61 percent – stated that HIPAA regulations pose...

Let HIMSS15 Be Your Guide for Health Data Security, Privacy


Editor’s note: The following is a sponsored contribution from ESET North America. Even before the Anthem and Premera breaches grabbed the spotlight, these last twelve months have been momentous for security in healthcare. With big developments...

Current HIPAA Requirements Sufficient, AHA Tells ONC


The current HIPAA requirements are enough to support the improvement of the healthcare infrastructure to better support secure data sharing in support of clinical care, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA). In a letter to the...

De-Identification of Data: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules


The de-identification of data is an important part of healthcare technology, especially as the use of EHRs and HIEs becomes more prominent. The HIPAA Privacy Rule states that once data has been de-identified, covered entities can use or disclose...

PHI Data Breach Announced Following Audit


Life Care Center of Attleboro in Massachusetts posted two separate announcements on its website about a potential PHI data breach after the company that stores its patient records could not find certain documents. Iron Mountain archives patient...

Top 6 Health Data Breaches for 2015 Involve Hacking


We are just three months into 2015, and two large scale health data breaches have already taken place. The Anthem data breach affected approximately 78 million individuals, while Premera Blue Cross’ incident could impact nearly 11 million members...

ONC Workgroup Talks HIPAA Regulations, Interoperability


The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Health Information Technology (HIT) Privacy & Security Workgroup met earlier this month to further discuss the ONC Interoperability Roadmap, and members brought up concerns about HIPAA regulations,...

Premera Data Breach Leads to Lawsuits, Lawmaker Concern


The Premera data breach that potentially put the sensitive information, including PHI, of 11 million individuals at risk has now led to five class action lawsuits. The suits were filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle on behalf of Premera customers...

Privacy Laws, Data Breaches Top IT Priorities for 2015


Privacy laws and making preparations against data breaches are not just relegated to the healthcare industry, and are in fact some of the top priorities for IT leaders, according to Protiviti’s 2015 IT Priorities Survey. Security and privacy...

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules


HIPAA compliance in cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important topic as more covered entities (CEs) begin to consider this option for data storage. Even as cloud computing technology evolves, it is essential that CEs – and their...

Data Breach Notification Bill Fails to Pass N.M. Senate


The New Mexico Senate did not pass a recently proposed data breach notification bill, even though the bill was unanimously passed by the House earlier this year. HB 217 required that businesses notify customers if their personally identifiable...


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