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Why Health Data Interoperability is Setting EHR Vendors on FHIR

HealthITAnalytics Despite the prospect of coming home with an updated gadget or smooth new ride, most consumers get sweaty palms when it’s time to think about making a big purchasing decision like renewing a cell phone contract or buying a car.  Endless paperwork, complex mathematics, dense paragraphs of fine print, and the ever-present threat of looking a bit foolish as a practiced salesperson glosses...

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Time, Commitment Required for ACO, Value-Based Care Success

HealthPayerIntelligence In healthcare, as in so many other areas of life, patience is a virtue. Providers and payers pursuing ACO development will need to have plenty of it before their care transformation efforts pay off with significant cost savings. As providers...

Why Healthcare Needs Value-Based Supply Chain Management

RevCycleIntelligence Healthcare supply chain — the holistic flow of relationships between suppliers and customers — is about efficiently delivering low cost care as goods and supplies, such as a pair of doctor’s gloves, move from point of purchase...

Physician Perspectives on Benefits of mHealth Adoption, Use

mHealthIntelligence Whereas the bigger networks and health systems may have the resources for mHealth adoption, those in a much smaller environment have to make do with less — or be more creative. To try to understand how independent and small practice doctors...

Return on Investment Remains a Problem for Meaningful Use

EHRIntelligence A mixture of surprise and relief likely met the recent revelation by the head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding serious changes to meaningful use requirements that will bring the EHR Incentive Programs more in...

A FHIR Future Burns Brightly for Population Health Management

HealthITAnalytics In most cases, and across most industries, data standards get little respect.  For some reason, their endlessly, hopelessly dense documentation detailing the minutia of splicing together millions of lines of complex code don’t seem...

How Eligible Providers Performed in Stage 2 Meaningful Use

EHRIntelligence Much of the pushback for the Stage 3 Meaningful Use final rule stems from the experience of meaningful use eligible professionals (EPs) and hospitals (EHs) in Stage 2 meaningful use, which led many to call for and eventually receive concessions...

Will the IoT Bring a Patient Engagement, Interoperability Revolution?

HealthITAnalytics Healthcare, at its most fundamental level, has always been about making connections.  Whether it’s the comforting hand of nurse reassuring a patient with a poor diagnosis, a researcher putting disparate data sets together to discover...


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