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Is Patient Data Security At Risk with New Platform?


Patient data security should be a top priority for healthcare providers, even as new technology is implemented that gives individuals more control over their records. A new online platform though could potentially put some of that information...

Will Minn. EHR Interoperability Law Compromise Privacy?


Minnesota is currently one of two states with an EHR interoperability law, requiring providers to not only use EHRs, but also connect to a state-certified health information organization. However, critics claim that patients’ medical data would...

How Does Stage 3 Meaningful Use Affect Health Data Privacy?


Health data privacy and security measures need to remain a top priority for covered entities, and CMS’ recent proposal for Stage 3 Meaningful Use does not forget that fact. Numerous administrative and technical changes were suggested, and while...

Breaking Down HIPAA: Health Data Encryption Requirements


Health data encryption is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in the wake of large scale data breaches like Anthem, Inc. and Premera Blue Cross. The HIPAA Omnibus Rule improved patient privacy protections, gave individuals new...

Senate Leaders Call for Anthem Data Breach Notification


Data breach notification letters about the Anthem breach are not being sent out in timely enough fashion, according to Senate health committee leaders. Senate health committee Chairman Lamar Alexander and Ranking Member Patty Murray wrote a letter...

Reactions to the Premera Blue Cross Breach


The Premera Blue Cross breach potentially put the protected health information (PHI) of approximately 11 million members at risk. The incident is being called a “sophisticated cyber attack” by Premera President and CEO Jeff Roe, and was discovered...

Phishing Scam Leads to Potential PHI Exposure


Employees at Children’s National Health System (Children’s National) allegedly fell victim to phishing scams toward the end of last year, which led to potential PHI exposure for some patients. Children’s National explained in...

Premera Health Data Breach May Affect 11M


Premera Blue Cross announced today that it was the “target of a sophisticated cyber attack,” leading to a health data breach that could potentially affect 11 million individuals. The Premera health data breach was discovered by the company on...

Hacking Incidents Create Data Breach Security Concerns


Current technical safeguards are a critical aspect of any healthcare organization’s security measures, especially as data breach security concerns increase. Third-party hacking incidents can lead to patient privacy issues, and also create issues...

New Data Breach Security Bill Faces Early Criticism


The Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade will meet tomorrow to discuss the details of the recently announced data breach security bill. However, the “Data Security and Breach Notification Act” is already receiving some pushback...

Missing Encrypted Devices Leads to 7K Notification Letters


Home health and hospice company Amedisys recently discovered that it had 142 missing encrypted devices during a risk management process. The organization said in a statement that it sent out notification letters to 6,909 individuals whose information...

Potential Data Breaches From Break-in, Computer Glitch


We repeatedly underline the importance of all three HIPAA compliant safeguards in order to prevent potential data breaches from occurring. Having locks on office doors and file cabinets might seem like an inane detail, but it could be the final...

Patient Privacy Concerns Must Be a Priority for Providers


As healthcare data breaches continue to make headlines, it should come as no surprise that patient privacy concerns are also on the rise. Healthcare providers need to be aware of patient concerns, especially those that are connected with data...

HITRUST Works Toward Stronger Patient Privacy Methods


Stronger patient privacy methods is the top goal behind The Health Information Trust Alliance’s (HITRUST) latest framework process. The HITRUST De-Identification Framework will not only improve patient privacy, but is also designed to “enhance...

BCBS Mich. Employee Stole Patients’ Personal Information


A former Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (BCBSM) employee helped steal patients’ personal information, according to a Detroit Free Press article. In total, the information of 5,514 Blue Care Network and BCBSM members was compromised, which...

Mont. Data Breach Notification Law Includes Medical Info.


Montana recently updated its data breach notification law to include medical record data under the definition of “personal information.” House Bill (H.B.) 74 also requires data breach notifications to be sent to the state’s attorney general...

HIPAA Regulations v. FERPA Rules In Privacy Rights


HIPAA regulations were created to ensure that patients’ PHI remained secure, and that individuals would not have to worry about their personal information falling into the wrong hands. Similarly, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act...

Will Patient Privacy Violations Occur With Mental Health Law?


Patient privacy violations are a popular topic recently, especially with healthcare providers working to meet Meaningful Use requirements and make the transition to EHRs. However, mental health records do not currently have the same requirements...

Protecting Sensitive Data With Restricted Employee Access


With HIPAA rules highlighting how healthcare organizations must ensure they are protecting sensitive data, such as PHI, it should not come as a surprise to any facility that they need the right combination of administrative, physical and technical...

Cyber Attack, Stolen Patient Records Equal Security Breaches


A combination of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards are necessary for healthcare facilities of all sizes to ensure that stolen patient records are not a scenario they ever  encounter. Without proper employee training as well,...


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