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Stolen Patient Records in Calif. Mean Possible Data Breach


A San Pablo, California-based doctor sent out notifications to patients that a robbery led to stolen patient records, as well as a credit card transaction register. Dr. Sharon J. Jones said that her office was broken into on Jan. 8, and that...

Potential HIPAA Violations After Wisc. and Texas Thefts


Unfortunately, HIPAA violations can still occur even when healthcare facilities implement comprehensive security measures and keep them properly updated. Employee training can also help mitigate some risk, but organizations must be prepared that...

Ill. News Station Uncovers Potential PHI Breach


A number of patients from Suburban Lung Associates in Illinois may face a protected health information (PHI) breach, when a local CBS affiliate received information that medical records had been found in a dumpster. According to the news station,...

Anthem Data Breach May Impact 8.8 to 18.8M Non-Customers


On Tuesday, an Anthem, Inc spokesperson stated that anywhere from 8.8 million to 18.8 million non-customers could be impacted by the previously announced Anthem data breach, according to a Reuters report. Earlier this month, Anthem, Inc.announced...

Data Breach in Texas Compromises Personal Information


The personal information of 8,700 individuals, 6,300 of whom are patients, may be at risk following a data breach at Lone Star Circle of Care in Georgetown, Texas. According to a report from Mary Ann Roser on, the breach was discovered...

Three Data Security Notices Sent to Calif. Patients


The third time might be the charm, but when it comes to giving data security notices to patients because of a potential healthcare data breach, one comprehensive notification is likely all that patients want to receive. California dentist Dr....

Potential Health Data Breach for Hawaii Office


Kaiser Permanente is notifying customers of a potential health data breach after a box of medical documents spilled off of a courier truck on Jan. 7. The papers were being transported to storage from Kaiser Permanente’s Kona Medical Office,...

Device Theft Could Compromise PII in Tenn. and Ind.


Without the necessary combination of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards, a healthcare organization runs the risk of finding itself in a situation that could compromise PII of patients or employees. Even if a facility trains employees...

Anthem Health Data Breach Could Compromise PII of 80M


Hackers allegedly broke into Anthem, Inc.’s database last week, potentially compromising the personal information of approximately 80 million former and current customers, as well as employees, according to multiple reports. The information...

Data Security Concerns Arise After Theft, Unauthorized Access


Keeping patients’ protected health information (PHI) secure is a major part of adhering to privacy regulations, while also maintaining patients’ trust. No healthcare facility wants to be hit with data security concerns, which is why it is...

PHI Potentially Compromised in Wisc. and Cali.


Protecting patients’ protected health information (PHI) is an essential aspect of any healthcare facility’s security plan. Having PHI potentially compromised is not something that any organization wants to experience, which is why comprehensive...

Potential Healthcare Data Breaches in NY and Calif


With potential healthcare data breaches impacting well-known companies such as Sony Pictures, the importance of data security and safeguards has taken the spotlight. Healthcare facilities should view this as an opportunity to crack down on their...

PHI Safety Compromised After Texas Laptop Theft


The PHI safety of some Sunglo Home Health Services patients could potentially be at risk after a laptop was stolen from the Harlingen, Texas-based facility. The burglar broke into a van in the Sunglo parking lot, according to a KRGV report. After...

St. Louis Reports HIPAA Violation by County Employee


The Saint Louis County Department of Health is investigating a potential HIPAA violation where the personal information of inmates at a county jail was sent to a personal email address. A health department employee emailed a document that had...

HIPAA Violation, Records Dump Expose Patient Data


A HIPAA violation can occur when a healthcare organization does not adhere to administrative, technical or even physical safeguards that have been put in place. Firewalls, data encryption measures, and employee training on proper disposal of...

Healthcare Data Breaches Put PHI at Risk in Calif. and Ind.


Without the necessary security measures in place, facilities could soon find themselves battling healthcare data breaches. When patients’ PHI is also exposed, it could lead to hefty financial fines, and in some instances, it could lead to a...

PHI Exposed in Colorado Through Discharge Paperwork


A patient discovered other individuals’ PHI exposed in her own hospital discharge paperwork. A patient who was recently discharged from The Medical Center of Aurora claims that she was also given the medical information of 20 other patients...

Potential Healthcare Data Breach for 485K USPS Workers


The USPS announced that a healthcare data breach possibly compromised the information of 485,000 current and former employees. The United States Postal Service (USPS) first reported a cybersecurity breach in November that potentially compromised...

Patient Privacy Compromised with Theft and Improper Storage


Patient privacy was potentially compromised in Nevada and Minnesota, following two separate instances. The implementation of HIPAA administrative safeguards are essential when it comes to ensuring that patient privacy remains intact. Facilities...

Healthcare Data Breaches Hit TX and AZ Patients


Maintaining security measures and training can help prevent healthcare data breaches. Healthcare facilities should remain vigilant in their security measures and keep devices containing PHI locked away and encrypted to minimize the possibility...


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