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Did Failed Administrative Safeguards Cause Two Data Breaches?


This site constantly underlines the importance of healthcare organizations keeping all of their safeguards up to date, as anything from failed administrative safeguards to failed physical safeguards can create privacy and security issues. Without...

Health Data Breaches Expose Info. in NH, NJ and NY


Three recent different health data breaches affected individuals in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York. While not connected, these incidents further underline the importance for comprehensive security measures. Anything from human error...

PHI Exposed After Phishing Scam, Unauthorized Data Transfer


Two different healthcare organizations recently announced they had PHI exposed. While each situation shows the importance of having strong HIPAA compliant safeguards in place, it also demonstrates why comprehensive security measures are required....

CareFirst Health Data Breach Affects 1.1M Individuals


CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (CareFirst) joins the list of healthcare organizations affected by a large cybersecurity attack, as it announced yesterday that approximately 1.1 million current and former members potentially had their information...

Accidental and Unauthorized Emails Create PHI Security Issues


No covered entity wants to notify patients of a potential PHI security incident, yet even with the appropriate safeguards in place, problems could still occur. When this happens, it is important to properly notify potentially affected individuals...

Possible Health Data Breaches From Theft, Unauthorized Access


Even when covered entities implement sophisticated cybersecurity measures, health data breaches can still happen. It is important to not overlook seemingly simple security measures, such as installing proper locks on doors or even having an alarm...

Malware, Billing Company Theft Equal Health Data Breaches


Health data breaches are not going to disappear anytime soon, which is why covered entities must ensure that their safeguards are current and comprehensive. Anything from malware to sophisticated cyber attacks to stolen laptops can lead to PHI...

Healthcare Data Breaches Stem From Break-in, Phishing, Fraud


Preventing healthcare data breaches requires organizations to take numerous factors into account, and ensure that their administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are all working with one another. One lost document, one employee falling...

Two Cases of Improper Disposal Cause Health Data Breaches


Health data breaches can be caused by numerous situations, and with the increase of electronic medical records and online issues, the proper care of paper documents can occasionally be overlooked. Regardless of how covered entities store and...

Lost Flash Drive Potentially Exposes Patient Information


A South Carolina news station reported yesterday that a lost flash drive containing “limited patient information” pushed a hospital to send out notification letters. Roper St. Francis Hospital will send letters to approximately 360...

Phishing Attack Affects 3,300 Partners HealthCare Patients


Yet another phishing attack was announced this week, potentially affecting 3,300 patients at Partners HealthCare System, Inc. According to a company statement, the Massachusetts-based facility learned on November 25, 2014 that employees had fallen...

Exposed Medical Records Potentially Puts Patients At Risk


Healthcare facilities must ensure they have the latest privacy and security measures in place to prevent exposed medical records and work toward keeping data breach risks to a minimum. Along with the latest technological safeguards, covered entities...

Phishing Scam, Stolen Laptop Lead to Potential Data Breaches


Healthcare data breaches can be caused from a variety of incidents, such as an email phishing scam, misplaced medical records, and lost or stolen mobile devices. Without a comprehensive security plan and extensive understanding of HIPAA regulations,...

Second Email Phishing Scam Hits Ascension Health Facility


Another email phishing scam was reported at an Ascension Health facility, but it has not yet been said whether the two incidents are related. Seton Family of Hospitals, a division of Seton Healthcare Family (“Seton”), announced on...

PHI Compromised in Email Phishing Scam


No healthcare organization, whether a provider or insurer, wants to have PHI compromised. However, even with the necessary security measures in place and thorough employee training programs, incidents can still occur. That is the case at an Indiana...

PHI Data Breach Announced Following Audit


Life Care Center of Attleboro in Massachusetts posted two separate announcements on its website about a potential PHI data breach after the company that stores its patient records could not find certain documents. Iron Mountain archives patient...

Patient PHI Compromised by Florida Hospital Employees


No healthcare facility wants patient PHI compromised, let alone by its own employees. However, that is the situation that Florida Hospital is currently working through, according to a facility statement. Two employees, who have since been terminated,...

Phishing Scam Leads to Potential PHI Exposure


Employees at Children’s National Health System (Children’s National) allegedly fell victim to phishing scams toward the end of last year, which led to potential PHI exposure for some patients. Children’s National explained in...

Premera Health Data Breach May Affect 11M


Premera Blue Cross announced today that it was the “target of a sophisticated cyber attack,” leading to a health data breach that could potentially affect 11 million individuals. The Premera health data breach was discovered by the company on...

Hacking Incidents Create Data Breach Security Concerns


Current technical safeguards are a critical aspect of any healthcare organization’s security measures, especially as data breach security concerns increase. Third-party hacking incidents can lead to patient privacy issues, and also create issues...


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