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Potential Bon Secours Data Breach Affects 655K Patients


South Carolina-based Bon Secours Health System, Inc. announced last week that it experienced a potential healthcare data breach that may affect 665,000 patients. R-C Healthcare Management is a vendor that works with Bon Secours, and...

Professional Dermatology Ransomware Attack Affects 13K


Reston, Virginia-based Professional Dermatology Care, P.C. (PDC P.C.) recently announced that it had been the victim of a ransomware attack. The potential data breach was discovered on June 27, 2016, with the unauthorized PHI access...

Health Data Security Not Compromised in Newkirk Data Breach


A New York-based service provider that issues healthcare ID cards for health insurance plans recently announced that it experienced a data breach potentially compromising the information of 3.3 million plan members. Newkirk Products,...

Banner Health Data Breach Affects 3.7M Records


Arizona-based Banner Health recently announced that it had experienced a cybersecurity attack potentially affecting 3.7 million patients, members and beneficiaries, providers, and food and beverage outlet customers. The possible health...

Stolen Patient Records in OH Lead to Potential PHI Breach


An Ohio-area dental practice has notified 7,784 individuals of a potential PHI breach after patient records were stolen, reported the Office of Civil Rights on its website. In a HIPAA breach notification letter, Sunbury Plaza Dental...

Bizmatics Healthcare Data Breach Affects Another 22K Patients


North Ottowa Medical Group has identified a hacking incident at Bizmatics, an EHR vendor, as the source of a potential healthcare data breach, according to a press release. The Michigan-based medical group was notified by Bizmatics that...

Planned Parenthood Health Data Breach Affects 2K Patients


Planned Parenthood of the Heartland faces a possible healthcare data breach affecting 2,506 patients after paper records were exposed during the closure of a healthcare center in Iowa, according to a company press release. Patients at the...

Healthcare System Break-Ins Result in Potential PHI Breaches


PruittHealth, a healthcare system in South Carolina, has investigated two break-ins at separate locations that may have resulted in PHI breaches. According to a public notice on its website, the healthcare system was notified of two...

EHR Data Potentially Exposed in Vendor Healthcare Data Breach


Another medical center has reported a potential healthcare data breach stemming from a hacking incident affecting EHR vendor Bizmatics, according to a HIPAA notification letter on the ENT and Allergy Center’s website. The Office of...

Over 19K Patients Notified in Potential EHR Data Breach


A Pennsylvania-based healthcare facility has fallen victim to a possible EHR data breach after unauthorized users hacked into its EHR system, which was managed by Bizmatics. Approximately 19,776 individuals were affected by the security...

Improper Employee Access Creates Potential Health Data Breach


ProMedica, a healthcare organization in Ohio, has investigated a potential healthcare data breach after discovering several employees had inappropriately accessed the private medical records for patients they were not directly...

Hackers Cause Possible Healthcare Data Breach for 40K Patients


A Connecticut-based podiatry group is facing a possible healthcare data breach that has impacted approximately 40,491 individuals after hackers accessed network services, according to the Office of Civil Rights data breach report. An...

Vendor Healthcare Data Breach Exposes Info on 87K Patients


The Southeast Eye Institute, PA, or Eye Associates of Pinellas, has recently reported a possible healthcare data breach after an unauthorized party accessed patient files that were formerly managed by a third-party vendor. Approximately...

Malware Incident in MI Creates Potential PHI Data Breach


Michigan-based Complete Chiropractic and Bodywork Therapies has notified patients of a possible PHI data breach after a server was accessed by an unauthorized entity. According to the OCR’s data breach portal, approximately 4,082...

Hackers Access EHR Data in Potential Healthcare Data Breach


A medical group in Texas is facing a potential healthcare data breach that may have exposed patient and employee information after a hacking incident. Approximately 50,000 individuals were affected by the healthcare data security event at...

Healthcare Ransomware Threat Leads to Data Security Incident


Mayfield Brain and Spine has notified some patients that a healthcare ransomware incident, stemming from a malicious email, may have caused a potential healthcare data breach. The incident has affected 23,341 individuals, according to the...

Potential Healthcare Data Breach in OH Affects 59K Patients


The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) has reported a potential healthcare data breach that has affected 59,000 individuals. OhioMHAS announced that PHI was exposed after postcards were sent to patients who...

Robbery at CA Practice Causes Possible Healthcare Data Breach


A California-based chiropractic office has notified 600 patients of a potential healthcare data breach after the practice was burgled in early March, reported In an official statement, Vibrant Body Wellness explained...

Phishing Scam Leads to Potential Healthcare Data Breach in WY


Wyoming Medical Center has reported on their website a potential healthcare data breach due to a phishing scam. Approximately 3,184 individuals were notified by the medical center that their PHI may have been accessed by an unauthorized...

Potential Healthcare Data Breach Affects Over 19K Patients


The Pain Treatment Centers of America (PTCOA) and Interventional Surgery Institute (ISI), a healthcare network in Arkansas, has reported a potential PHI data breach after a vendor notified them of a hacking incident. According to...


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