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Health Data Privacy Risks Created with Wearable Devices


Better standards on health data collection and use, and formal processes for assessing benefits and risks of using that data are to ways to help curb potential health data privacy risks that stem from wearables, according to a recent study. The...

Mobile App Security Top Concern for Health IT Decision Makers


More healthcare providers are looking for ways to implement the latest mobile technologies, but mobile app security concerns and a failure to properly budget for IT changes could potentially put a damper on mHealth growth, according to a recent...

Hospital Data Security Top CIO Priority for Mobile Workflow


When it comes to mobile workflow investments, the majority of CIOs list hospital data security as a key driver, according to a recent Spok, Inc. survey administered by the College of Healthcare Information Management (CHIME). Specifically, 81...

Is the Human Body the Cure for Mobile Data Security Concerns?


Using the human body to enable a physical layer of security could possibly eliminate certain mobile data security and medical device security concerns, according to recent research. University of Washington researchers explain in a paper that...

Mobile Security Key Focus in Recent NIST Resources


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released two draft resources that highlight current mobile security threats and then provide guidance on how public and private organizations can best approach those threats....

Secure Texting, App Security Top Mobile Health Topics


With more covered entities beginning to consider secure texting options or BYOD implementation, it makes sense that certain app security and mobile health security concerns also arise. However, the implementation process can be done securely,...

Mobile Health App Privacy Policies Not Easily Accessible


With more individuals entering their personal health information into various apps and trackers, mobile health app privacy and security is increasingly important. Without understanding a specific app’s privacy policies, an individual may...

Hospitals Gravely Concerned on Mobile Device Security


As more covered entities consider implementing BYOD policies, mobile device security policies need to be comprehensive and applicable to daily operations. All staff members should be able to integrate and use devices in a way without hindering...

IT Consumerization and its Impact on Healthcare Data Security


As you walk through today’s modern hospitals and healthcare environments you’ll notice a very obvious trend, and one that will affect healthcare data security. Healthcare organizations are revolutionizing patient and health delivery...

Secure Texting Ban Reinstated, Commission Calls for Guidance


The previously announced secure texting ban removal by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) has since been delayed, according to the Commission’s online June newsletter. More guidance is needed “to ensure a...

Are You Prepared for Wearables and Mobile Health Security?


Between now and 2020, the healthcare world will continue to work through a critical digital revolution impacting patients, care, billing systems, life-saving technologies, and much more. Already, conversations around IoT and wearable solutions...

ONC Urges Mobile Application Security, Regulatory Adherence


The potential legal concerns and mobile application security should be key considerations as technologists, clinicians, or even patients work on developing healthcare applications, according to Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) leaders....

Why Healthcare Application Security is Critical Area


As more covered entities and business associates continue to implement mobile options, healthcare application security is an increasingly critical aspect to overall data security. If a recent survey is any indication, organizations should take...

How Improper Off-Site Policies Impact Mobile Health Security


For many providers, quality healthcare extends beyond the hospital walls, especially with the introduction of smart phones and mHealth technologies. However, as more healthcare organizations adopt mobile strategies, providers are becoming more...

Using Secure Healthcare Texting for HIE Communication


Whether a healthcare organization opts for BYOD strategies or prefers to distribute corporate-owned devices, secure healthcare texting is quickly becoming a popular way to communicate. With the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare...

How Can Expanded Secure Text Messaging Affect Healthcare?


As the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) recently changed its stance on using secure text messaging for sending physician orders, healthcare organizations now have expanded options when it comes to utilizing digital communications....

Is Healthcare Secure Messaging Necessary for Providers?


Utilizing healthcare secure messaging and secure texting is quickly becoming a popular option for healthcare providers of all sizes. Organizations see it as a way to communicate quickly, efficiently, and even potentially cut down on certain operating...

Healthcare Secure Messaging Benefits Texas Hospital, ACO


Healthcare secure messaging is quickly becoming a key option for healthcare providers, especially as technology continues to evolve and mobile devices increase in popularity. Doctors, nurses, and other employees need to ensure that they can securely...

Joint Commission Lifts Ban on Clinician Secure Texting


The Joint Commission announced in its May 2016 Perspectives newsletter. that it has ended its ban on clinician secure texting and secure messaging options. While healthcare organizations may allow orders to be sent via text messaging, the commission...

Prioritizing BYOD Security, MDM in Evolving Healthcare Sector


The increase in mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has also created a greater need for BYOD security policies and mobile device management (MDM) policies for healthcare organizations. Moreover, that proliferation of mobile devices...


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