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Why Healthcare Secure Messaging, BYOD Should Be Considered


Healthcare secure messaging options are becoming more common in the industry, especially as BYOD is increasing in popularity. Covered entities understand that their employees are likely using smartphones and other devices, so it is...

Managing and Securing Healthcare Mobility Options


Securing healthcare mobility is becoming a more important aspect of the industry, especially as the modern healthcare organization is no longer bound to 9 to 5 work hours. Your users, doctors, nurses, associates and contractors are now a...

How Implementing Secure Messaging Can Benefit Facilities


CHICAGO – Implementing secure messaging options can have far-reaching and long-lasting benefits for healthcare facilities. Whether an organization wants to account for employees already sending text messages, or is looking to...

Missing Encrypted Devices Leads to 7K Notification Letters


Home health and hospice company Amedisys recently discovered that it had 142 missing encrypted devices during a risk management process. The organization said in a statement that it sent out notification letters to 6,909 individuals whose...

Top Tips for Creating a More Secure Mobile Healthcare Worker


If you’re in the healthcare field – and you probably are if you’re reading this – you know that mobility, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things are directly impacting this industry. In fact, wearable...

Equipment Thefts Lead to Health Data Security Breaches


Health data security breaches could be caused by numerous factors, such as a lackluster firewall, a lack of passwords or encryption or even through human error. Healthcare organizations need to remain diligent in how they store, transport...

HITRUST Finds Lack of Healthcare Cybersecurity Awareness


Healthcare organizations are consistently lacking in their overall healthcare cybersecurity awareness, according to recent research from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). Moreover, many facilities do not understand the...

Healthcare Security and Compliance Increases, Says DataMotion


The majority of healthcare organizations – 97 percent – have put healthcare security and compliance measures into place, according to DataMotion’s third annual survey on corporate email and file transfer habits. This is an...

Are Healthcare Cybersecurity Measures Strong Enough?


As more healthcare organizations implement EHRs and connect to HIEs, the need for stronger healthcare cybersecurity measures become more apparent. Facilities want information to be accessible to providers that are on the move, i.e. mobile...

Top Tips on Healthcare BYOD Best Practices, Mobile Security


More healthcare facilities are beginning to consider mobile security options, and healthcare BYOD best practices are quickly becoming a popular topic in the industry. But what are the top tips for covered entities that want to implement...

Creating your Enterprise Healthcare Mobility Network


Designing and implementing a healthcare mobility network requires a comprehensive approach. It starts with what we already know — the workplace is no longer bound to 9 to 5 work hours within your enterprise healthcare walls. Doctors,...

Stronger Cybersecurity Encouraged with Presidential Order


President Barack Obama continued his push for stronger cybersecurity across the nation by issuing an executive order last week that promotes greater data sharing in the private sector. On Feb. 13, the President announced the executive...

How to Create a Secure Mobility Strategy


Last week, Anna Watterson, an associate at Davis, Wright, Tremaine LLP, and Chris Avery, counsel at the same firm, presented a webcast on how healthcare organizations can create a secure mobility strategy. In “Best Practices for...

Top Tips for Mobile Device Security


With technology continuing to evolve, the need for comprehensive mobile device security measures is becoming more essential to healthcare organizations of all sizes. BYOD policies might not be the right answer for all facilities, but it is...

A Basic Review of Health Data Encryption


More healthcare organizations, and even several state governments, are beginning to consider health data encryption as a necessary approach to keeping sensitive data secure. Keeping information safe when it is stored locally on devices...

Mobile Health Privacy Top Concern for mHealth Adoption


One of the largest barriers for mobile health (mHealth) adoption are concerns over mobile health privacy, according to a recent survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). A global survey of 144 healthcare leaders working in public...

NH-ISAC, CIS Partner for Stronger Healthcare Cybersecurity


Last week the the National Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (NH-ISAC), and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) announced a strategic partnership to help create stronger healthcare cybersecurity measures across the...

Recent Healthcare Secure Messaging, Mobile Improvements


More organizations are implementing healthcare secure messaging platforms, along with other types of secure mobility improvements. Whether a facility is searching for a strong BYOD program, or is trying to pinpoint a secure messaging...

HIPAA Rules to be Clearer for mHealth, Says HHS Leader


The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has pledged to work more closely with mobile health (mHealth) companies to ensure that HIPAA rules are being properly adhered to. HHS Secretary Sylvia...

NIST Releases Secure Mobile Application Guide


With more healthcare organizations implementing mobile devices, it is essential that facilities are also choosing secure mobile applications. Even if employees are following the necessary security protocols, a mobile application with...


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