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NH-ISAC, CIS Partner for Stronger Healthcare Cybersecurity


Last week the the National Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (NH-ISAC), and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) announced a strategic partnership to help create stronger healthcare cybersecurity measures across the nation. Ever...

Recent Healthcare Secure Messaging, Mobile Improvements


More organizations are implementing healthcare secure messaging platforms, along with other types of secure mobility improvements. Whether a facility is searching for a strong BYOD program, or is trying to pinpoint a secure messaging platform...

HIPAA Rules to be Clearer for mHealth, Says HHS Leader


The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has pledged to work more closely with mobile health (mHealth) companies to ensure that HIPAA rules are being properly adhered to. HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell wrote...

NIST Releases Secure Mobile Application Guide


With more healthcare organizations implementing mobile devices, it is essential that facilities are also choosing secure mobile applications. Even if employees are following the necessary security protocols, a mobile application with lackluster...

Secure Healthcare Data Sharing Apps Approved by FDA


Secure healthcare data sharing is quickly becoming a more popular topic in the industry, especially with the increased use in EMRs, HIEs and even connected medical devices. Mobile applications are also increasing in popularity for healthcare,...

Data Security Still a Concern for Digital Consumers


Wearable devices are becoming more popular, and the healthcare industry is working to remain on top of the trend. However, data security should remain a concern not only for consumers, but also for the companies that are creating healthcare wearable...

How Secure Mobile Technology Can Improve the Patient Experience


With the right secure mobile technology, healthcare organizations can not only quickly communicate with their employees, but also with patients. Whether through secure text messaging, patient portals, or even a secure email system, the right...

FDA Moves Forward in Medical Device Security Measures


An FDA program that aims to improve medical device security was moved from a pilot program to a full-time system. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last week that it is transitioning its program that assesses the safety of medical...

Healthcare Privacy Top Concern for Government mHealth Apps


Healthcare privacy and security issues are barriers for mobile apps as technology evolves. Accessibility, interoperability, healthcare privacy, security, and legal concerns are top concerns for US government agencies that are creating mobile...

Mobile Healthcare Security Critical as Technology Evolves


A recent survey found that mobile healthcare security needs to be a top priority for providers. Whether it’s providers using laptops or patients using healthcare applications on their smartphones, mobile security is becoming an increasingly...

Creating Best Practices for Healthcare IT Wireless Security


There is an interesting trend happening within the modern healthcare world. The proliferation of wireless devices is beginning to outpace wired systems running within healthcare IT environments. Doctors, nurses and healthcare associates are using...

Why Saint Mary’s Hospital Opted for Secure Messaging


Waterbury, Conn.-based Saint Mary’s Hospital recently implemented a secure messaging system to improve its overall clinical communications. The facility opted for Imprivata Cortext, which is a HIPAA-verified secure communications platform for...

How Important is Mobile Security for Healthcare Facilities?


With a recent survey showing an increase in mobile device usage, healthcare facilities must remain vigilant in mobile security. There is no question that more healthcare organizations are finding ways to properly implement regulations to account...

How Healthcare Malware Attacks are Evolving


Healthcare malware attacks are evolving, which is why it is essential for facilities to keep current security measures. As the healthcare industry continues to adopt and implement new technologies, it is essential that facilities also keep their...

Conn. Hospital Implements Secure Text Messaging Solution


Secure text messaging gives healthcare providers the opportunity to quickly – and safely – send critical information to patients. It’s essential to choose a messaging option that not only meets HIPAA regulations, but also meets...

New Bill Hopes to Improve Health IT, Ease Regulations


A bi-partisan bill was introduced this week that seeks to change health IT by altering how the FDA regulates medical devices. Earlier this week two US senators introduced a bill that aims to limit how the Food and Drug Administration regulates...

Why Mobile Health Security Must be a Focus Area


Mobile health security must remain a top priority, especially as a recent survey shows that mobile applications could lead to data breach issues. As health insurance providers increasingly look toward web and mobile application infrastructures,...

Healthcare Security Breach Hits Washington Hospitals


A former employee gained unauthorized access to several hospitals, creating a healthcare security breach. Three Washington hospitals are working to fix their computer systems after a healthcare security breach led to the theft of 35 computers...

Does Healthcare BYOD Create Greater Security Issues?


Recent surveys indicate that healthcare providers and patients could be hesitant over BYOD policies because of potential security risks. With healthcare BYOD policies, providers have the ability to access patient data at their fingertips. Moreover,...

Why Healthcare Providers Should Consider Data Encryption


Healthcare Data Encryption is a crucial tool for providers as they implement BYOD policies and work to strengthen their EHR systems. Healthcare data encryption is becoming an increasingly hot topic, especially as more providers implement EHRs...


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