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Cloud data risk report: Seeing how healthcare stacks up


The quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk (CAR) Report from Skyhigh Networks uses usage data collected from customers around the world to help explain how some enterprise organizations adopt and use cloud data. The anonymized data was...

Medical center looks at hybrid cloud options, security needs


Transitioning data from your own data center to a cloud environment is never a completely smooth process, but recent data breaches have likely forced healthcare organizations to ensure cloud data is secure as possible. Some organizations...

Boston researchers look at cloud encryption needs


A group of Boston researchers will be involved in a project part of the National Science Foundation’s Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program, which will take a broad look at cloud computing innovation and, in party, try to find...

L.A. County moves to Office 365: Security considerations


A healthcare organization announcing that it has begun using a cloud computing platform isn’t quite the news-maker that it used to be. But the context of these decisions can still be attention-worthy, including to what degree...

2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey cites security decisions


To varying degrees, healthcare organizations are finding more and more uses for the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. As such, the 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey broke down SaaS challenges, barriers and successes among the 150...

Bridging the gap between health cloud, mobile security


The promise of cloud applications is reduced costs and increased flexibility for IT and employees alike. But federal and state privacy regulations put cloud applications out of reach for most healthcare organizations. Specifically,...

Healthcare CISO details cloud, virtual desktop projects


When a healthcare organization is building a relationship with a cloud vendor, collaborating on a plan that ensures the vendor meets its specific needs and bears responsibility in securing patient data has essentially become a baseline...

How IT security experts handle healthcare network access


Healthcare network security has become more complicated over the years because of the explosion of mobile device connectivity. And because it’s so difficult for healthcare organizations to have a firm grasp on where their perimeters...

Factoring trust, BAAs into health cloud security decisions


Trust in healthcare IT security can be a fickle concept, but is also an absolute necessity if an organization is to work with a cloud computing provider. During a panel discussion titled “Data Security in the Cloud: Leveraging the...

How healthcare providers should reinvest in IT security


For years, Reza Chapman, who works in the Health Care Advisory Services practice at EY (formerly Ernst & Young), has seen healthcare organizations not invest as much as needed in IT security. As a result of HIPAA Omnibus Rule...

HIPAA compliant ways to secure a provider’s private cloud


Many healthcare organizations have realized that using cloud computing doesn’t need to be an all-in strategy that requires a complete overall of their infrastructure. Instead, many have taken advantage of virtual machine (VM)...

Seattle Children’s Hospital CISO discusses internal collaboration


The idea of having a strong security plan in place for a healthcare organization’s eventual data breach is one that has been discussed at length lately within the industry. But one of the key elements of a strong security plan is the...

Cloud HIPAA BAA considerations for healthcare providers


Most healthcare cloud security discussions these days usually involve a cloud provider’s willingness (or perhaps lack thereof) to sign a HIPAA business associate agreement (BAA). What was once considered an agreement that vendors...

Healthcare cloud security resources, advice for providers


Healthcare providers and their business associates (BAs) are gradually becoming more comfortable with the concept of storing data off-site and online in a cloud environment. While there is ease of access in having a central, accessible...

Microsoft, Google talk cloud security trust at RSA 2014


Microsoft took some time away from taking public jabs at Google to join hands with the IT giant on the topic of trust while analyzing the current state of cloud security during last week’s RSA Conference 2014. For healthcare...

RSA Conference 2014 Day One: Cloud Summit, CISO values


Though there has been plenty of discussion on RSA’s relationship with NSA leading up to this week’s 23rd annual RSA Conference 2014, held February 24-28 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, there are plenty of IT security...

What will Google cloud BAA support mean for health developers?


Google recently announced that Google cloud services will now include support for HIPAA covered entities. For some organizations that are wary of using cloud applications, this was a ho-hum announcement. But for those who are working...

Vendors to showcase secure solutions at HIMSS14


As HIMSS14 in Orlando gets closer, vendors are announcing their participation and product showcases. Patient data security continues to be a focal point in the healthcare industry, and companies are eager to share their HIPAA-compliant...

Google extends HIPAA BAA support to cloud app developers


Google will continue to warm up to HIPAA covered entities and business associates (BAs) in 2014, as Matthew O’Connor, Google Product Manager, recently wrote that Google cloud services will now include support for HIPAA covered...

IT expert discusses healthcare security challenges, training


With new technology infrastructure going into healthcare organizations and massive amounts of data being filtered through them, there isn’t a single set of policies or products that can help these organizations adhere to security...


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