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What Are Top Healthcare Cloud Security Concerns?


Healthcare cloud security should be an issue that covered entities of all sizes understand. While the cloud might not be a tool that all organizations are considering implementing in the immediate future, it is still an increasingly popular option....

Healthcare Cloud Application Usage Increases in 2015


Recent research studies from Dell further show the need for better healthcare cloud security, as more organizations are adopting healthcare cloud applications.   For example, healthcare cloud application usage made a significant jump...

PHI Healthcare Cloud Security Still Too Low, Report Shows


The healthcare industry has vastly more PHI related policy violations when it comes to cloud security, according to Blue Coat Elastica Cloud Threat Labs Q4 2015 Shadow Data Report. Although the healthcare industry clearly has the most PHI...

More DDoS Attacks Show Need for Healthcare Data Security


Distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks are up during the third quarter of 2015, reinforcing the healthcare industry’s growing concern for healthcare data security. According to an assessment performed by Akamai, all industries concerned...

Healthcare Cloud Adoption Slow Due to HIPAA, Survey Finds


While healthcare has increased its cloud adoption from 8 percent to 37 percent in the last year, according to a recent survey, it lags behind other industries in terms of cloud adoption due to HIPAA regulations. Privacy concerns, limited applicability...

NIST Calls for Public Comment on Cybersecurity Framework


The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking public comments on its Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, which was released in February of 2014. According to a NIST press release, the organization...

Excessive PHI Sharing Top Healthcare Cloud Security Concern


Excessive PHI sharing is the top concern for healthcare entities when it comes to cloud security, according to CloudLock’s Q4 2015 Cybersecurity Report. In a study that investigated a total of eight IT security industries and numerous case...

How Evolving Business Models Impact Healthcare Security


Let’s be honest for a minute here. Yes, healthcare is here to help people, improve lives, and provide the best care possible. However, healthcare is also a business. As much as we are here to provide the best kinds of healthcare services,...

3 Ways to Break Through the Healthcare Cloud Security Fear


It goes without saying that the road to healthcare cloud security has been a bumpy one for many organizations. Understanding what to push into a cloud ecosystem, how to control these workloads, and – most of all – how to secure the...

What Are Top Healthcare Mobile Security Concerns?


Healthcare mobile security is an increasingly important issue in the industry, especially with more providers implementing BYOD strategies and connecting to outside networks. Employees need to have a comprehensive understanding of how to use...

Key Reminders for Strong Healthcare Cloud Security


Healthcare cloud security is no longer a topic that can be ignored by covered entities and business associates. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the push toward interoperability, and an increasingly connected digital industry, cloud...

Healthcare Cloud DLP Violations Top Among Industries


Healthcare cloud security is an increasingly important issue, especially as more providers turn to cloud storage options. Organizations need to account for numerous types of data security measures, and if a recent report is any indication, healthcare...

Maintaining Health IT Security While Moving to the Cloud


We’re seeing more healthcare organizations move to the cloud to create unparalleled levels of scalability and business extension. However, health IT security must still be a top priority as the move takes place. For some time, extending...

Creating Healthcare Cloud Security for Cancer Research


Healthcare cloud security is becoming an increasingly important issue in the healthcare space, especially as more organizations are using cloud options for storage and other needs. More facilities are also branching into healthcare research options,...

Creating New Healthcare Cloud End-User, Environment Policies


Cloud computing, mobility, and even the concepts of IoT are becoming staples within the IT and healthcare communities. Organizations are gearing up to move to the cloud and utilize a fast amount of resources to help them work with a diverse user...

Healthcare Cloud Usage Exceeds IT Expectations, Report Finds


More healthcare organizations are beginning to implement cloud computing options for data storage options, but if a recent report is any indication, healthcare cloud usage has increased beyond what many IT teams expected. The average healthcare...

Is Healthcare Cloud Data Security Strong Enough?


With more covered entities beginning to implement cloud computing options, the issue of healthcare cloud data security becomes increasingly important. Not storing PHI in a physical location can definitely have its benefits, but if healthcare...

How to Keep a Secure Healthcare Environment in the Future


I recently attended this year’s Cisco Partner Summit which was held in Montreal. The event featured exciting conversations, new trends, and a clearly growing technology field. There were some big messages at this year’s conference...

How Healthcare Can Create a Secure Hybrid Cloud


There is a visible change happening within the modern healthcare architecture. New types of users, applications and use-cases are all emerging and pushing business drivers forward. One of the biggest impactors of the modern business is, of course,...

Healthcare Leads in Cloud Security Adoption, Says Survey


Cloud security adoption is increasing in popularity, and the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are leading the way, according to a recent CipherCloud survey. Those two industries represent 38 percent of respondents who are currently using...


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