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What Lessons Can be learned from Recent Health Data Breaches?

August 17, 2016 - Several recent large-scale health data breaches have affected over 5 million individuals, including patients, employees, and providers. With more covered entities implementing connected devices, BYOD strategies, and working toward interoperability, there are more potential access points for attackers than ever before. Organizations need to ensure they are properly training employees, performing...


Learning from Banking to Mitigate Healthcare Data Breaches


Learning the main motivational factors behind healthcare data breaches, how that data is monetized, and utilizing federal law enforcement agencies are all key factors in preventing future attacks, according to Brookings Institution’s Center...

Surgeon Responds after Athens Orthopedic Data Breach


Physicians, employees, executives and family members are also upset over the recent Athens Orthopedic data breach, according to surgeon Chip Ogburn. In an opinion piece for the Athens Banner-Herald, Ogburn explained that the theft of health information...

Learning from the Banner Health Cybersecurity Attack


Last week, Arizona-based Banner Health reported it had been the victim of a cybersecurity attack, potentially compromising 3.7 million records in the process.  The incident was discovered on July 7, but Banner stated that the attack first...

HHS Funding to Combat Rising Healthcare Cybersecurity Issues


In an effort to better meet the current healthcare cybersecurity threats, the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness...

How External Threats May Impact Health Data Security Measures


Ransomware threats and other recent cybersecurity threats show that health data security measures must be comprehensive and current. However, a recent study shows that organizations might be lacking the necessary resources to mitigate potential...

Maryland Court Dismisses CareFirst Data Breach Lawsuit


Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit filed after the CareFirst data breach from last year failed to demonstrate sufficient standing, according to a Maryland district court. Pamela Chambliss and Scott Adamson claimed in their case against CareFirst...

CO Clinic Healthcare Ransomware Case Affects 6,800 Patients


One of the more recent cases of healthcare ransomware potentially affected 6,851 individuals, according to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) data breach reporting tool. Colorado-based Allergy, Asthma & Immunology of the Rockies, P.C. (AAIR)...

Healthcare System Break-Ins Result in Potential PHI Breaches


PruittHealth, a healthcare system in South Carolina, has investigated two break-ins at separate locations that may have resulted in PHI breaches. According to a public notice on its website, the healthcare system was notified of two break-ins...

How Insider Threats May Affect Healthcare Data Security


Malware attacks are becoming an increasingly major threat to covered entities, but if a recent report is any indication, insider threats could also lead to healthcare data security compromises. More than 200 C-level security executives and IT...

PHI Security Compromised as Hacker Posts 655K Records


A hacker has reportedly stolen the information of 655,000 individuals, and is advertising the information for sale on the dark web, potentially compromising individual’s PHI security. The hacker goes by the name The Dark Overlord, and claims...

How Healthcare Cybersecurity is Affected by Cyber Sharing Law


Several industry stakeholders gathered earlier this month in a House Committee on Homeland Security meeting to discuss the Cybersecurity Act of 2015. Specifics on how healthcare cybersecurity, and other industry measures would potentially be...

Going On the Offensive in Healthcare Cybersecurity


I don’t think anyone needs much more convincing when it comes to healthcare cybersecurity. It’s clear that healthcare is under attack by a host of different cyber criminals who seek to steal and monetize its information, extort it...

IL Data Breach Notification Law to Include Healthcare Data


Last month, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed several amendments to a data breach notification law that would impact healthcare data security regulations starting in 2017. Under the revised Personal Information Privacy Act, protected personal...

Over 19K Patients Notified in Potential EHR Data Breach


A Pennsylvania-based healthcare facility has fallen victim to a possible EHR data breach after unauthorized users hacked into its EHR system, which was managed by Bizmatics. Approximately 19,776 individuals were affected by the security incident...

Healthcare Data Breach Costs Still Highest Among Industries


The healthcare industry is no stranger to data breaches, and as technology continues to evolve, covered entities and their business associates need to be especially vigilant when it comes to keeping patient data secure. A healthcare data breach...

Proposed NY Data Breach Legislation Accounts for PHI Security


Pending data breach legislation in New York could potentially affect the future of PHI security, as the proposed bill would include individuals’ medical information under its definition of personal information. If the bill passes, unsecured...

HITRUST Program Identifies Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats


With a slew of new healthcare cybersecurity threats seemingly appearing each day, many organizations are struggling to proactively identify and protect themselves from unknown and more sophisticated cyber threats, like hospital ransomware. The...

Why Strong Health Insurance Exchange Security is Needed


With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) creating health insurance exchanges across the country so business and individuals can shop for insurance, data security must be an essential aspect. Without the necessary health insurance...

Are Cybersecurity Measures Improving After OPM Data Breach?


Nearly one year after the large-scale OPM data breach, the majority of federal employees state that the current cybersecurity measures are unclear. A Federal News Radio survey found that over half of those surveyed - 53 percent - do not believe...


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