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3 Ways All-Flash Could Benefit Your Healthcare Data Security

October 4, 2017 - Working with healthcare data security over the past couple of years has been really interesting. First of all, we’re seeing a bit of a redesign happening around efficiency, user optimization, and improved systems that are capable of delivering really cool patient services. We’re seeing more happen on the edge and with the WAN. We’re also seeing quite a bit happen within the...

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5 Tips for Healthcare Data Security Success in 2018

by Bill Kleyman

We’re more than half-way through 2017 and many healthcare organizations are already looking ahead. And, for good reason. Healthcare data security will remain one of the top concerns for the vast majority of healthcare organizations housing...

Best Practices for SQL Server Deployment in Healthcare

by Bill Kleyman

I don’t want to spend too much time on a lengthy introduction; the topic around SQL server deployment and healthcare security is very important to cover. However, consider the fact that 2015 and 2016 were pretty awful years when it comes...

How Automation, Orchestration Impact Healthcare IT Security

by Bill Kleyman

The modern healthcare organization is a complex IT engine managing numerous users, lots of new resources, rich applications, and new concepts around healthcare service delivery. Here's the reality – the pace of healthcare innovation...

Simplifying the Healthcare Data Center Migration Process

by Bill Kleyman

In working with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world, there has been a common theme when conversations around healthcare data centers come about. Specifically, many organizations are now asking: Just how agile is my data...

Embracing Healthcare Cloud, Virtualization Security Services

by Bill Kleyman

Cybersecurity continues to be at the forefront of the digital revolution we’re all experiencing. This spans multiple verticals, many different types of organizations, and entirely new markets as well. Most of all, we see where security...

5 Next-Generation Healthcare Security Solutions

by Bill Kleyman

The modern healthcare data center has truly evolved. We’re now seeing the emergence of a truly interconnected healthcare technology ecosystem spanning numerous heterogeneous IT platforms. Throughout all of this, security continues to play...

How to Create Efficient, Compliant Healthcare Virtualization

by Bill Kleyman

Working with the modern virtualization has become a normal daily activity for most healthcare organizations. However, a compliant healthcare virtualization environment is critical. This virtual ecosystem houses the virtual machines that help...

How to Best Migrate and Secure Healthcare Applications

by Bill Kleyman

So, you’re in the healthcare world and are dealing with a challenging (sometimes legacy) application. Who isn’t? The reality here is that a great majority of IT environments have some kind of application challenge. Sometimes it could...

Healthcare Cloud Services: 5 Uses You Didn’t Know About

by Morris Panner

Healthcare cloud services are opening up endless, new windows of opportunity for providers and patients alike. It’s no secret that today’s healthcare industry has become more digital, more collaborative, more patient-centered and...

Hospital Biometric Test Pilot Decisions: IT Security Effects

by Patrick Ouellette

Some healthcare organizations prefer to test new, related technology products in concert as they decide what the best fits are. In balancing the need for efficiency and IT security, learning how an organization tests products and eventually make...

HIPAA compliant ways to secure a provider’s private cloud

by Patrick Ouellette

Many healthcare organizations have realized that using cloud computing doesn’t need to be an all-in strategy that requires a complete overall of their infrastructure. Instead, many have taken advantage of virtual machine (VM) deployment...

Public cloud survey cites security perception as an obstacle

by Patrick Ouellette

A recent survey that polled nearly 250 Internet infrastructure decision makers world-wide aimed at getting a better idea of public cloud adoption, requirements and challenges across the different industries, including healthcare. Though there...

Healthcare CISO wishlists for 2014: VDI and managed services

by Patrick Ouellette

The holidays are here and with them come inevitable wish lists. But these lengthy lists not limited to just consumers – healthcare CISOs have plenty of items they’re looking to bring into their organizations in 2014 as well. With...

Radiology group uses virtual trust zones for HIPAA compliance

by Patrick Ouellette

Healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes are clearly beginning to pay attention to HIPAA and some of the changes that the omnibus rule brought forward. In the path toward compliance, it’s helpful to get a strong grasp of how and...

Five EHR security considerations for healthcare CIOs, CISOs

by Patrick Ouellette

Though EHR security is just one component of a healthcare C-level executive’s job description, securing EHRs has various sub-components and best practices as well. Depending on which day it is, a healthcare CIO or CISO may focus on the...

VMware vulnerability patching effects on healthcare security

by Patrick Ouellette

Many healthcare organizations use VMware technology on both the front and back ends of their technical infrastructure, so the company’s recently-released patches for vulnerabilities in vCenter, ESX and ESXi may have security consequences...

Why virtualization doesn’t mean the end of paper-based risks

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Virtualizing health information systems allows healthcare organizations and providers to mitigate the risk that sensitive patient data is stored locally and therefore made vulnerable to unauthorized access. “As they virtualize, it gives the...

How a healthcare CIO maintains IT security and efficiency

by Patrick Ouellette

When you’re the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a medium-sized healthcare organization with 150 beds, an IT staff of 15 and 1,000 desktops to manage (many being outpatient), achieving equity between security and efficiency can be a challenge...

How VDI, zero clients can lessen healthcare security risks

by Patrick Ouellette

Between hearing complaints from clinical staff about log-in times and worrying about the myriad patch updates for physical PCs, it’s no wonder healthcare IT directors are leaning toward virtual, zero-client devices. But there are underlying...


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