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UK NHS Releases Guidance on Instant Messaging Apps in Healthcare

November 14, 2018 - The United Kingdom National Health Service released new instant messaging guidelines for clinicians in the acute care setting, including privacy policies for sharing patient data. The guidance follows a damning CommonTime report that found the majority of NHS trusts lacked official policies around consumer messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. What’s worse is...

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Secure Texting Becoming 1st Choice for Sending Healthcare Data

by Fred Donovan

Secure texting is becoming the first choice to send information while keeping sensitive data secured, according to a survey of 770 hospital professionals and 1,279 physician practices by Black Book Market Research. Eight-five percent of...

Healthcare Texting for Patient Appointments Could Pose Risks

by Fred Donovan

Healthcare organizations must be mindful of security when engaging in healthcare texting for patient appointments, advised MGMA Consulting Principal Nick Fabrizio in a recent blog post. Fabrizio was commenting on the results of a survey...

CMS Stresses Security in Healthcare Texting Clarification

by Elizabeth Snell

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) explained in a recent Survey and Certification letter that healthcare texting, specifically texting patient information to members of the care team, is only allowed through a secure...

Healthcare Secure Messaging, EHR Integration Top CIO Focal Points

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare secure messaging is one of the top focal points for CIOs, with 72 percent reporting that they currently utilize secure texting as part of their mobile strategy, according to a recent survey. Seventy-six percent reported they...

48% of Providers Use Device Encryption for Texted Orders

by Elizabeth Snell

As more healthcare providers utilize secure texting for patient care, it is imperative that they consider PHI security. Technical safeguards, such as device encryption, will be essential in keeping sensitive data secure. However, a recent...

Why Halifax Health Opted for a New Secure Texting Option

by Elizabeth Snell

There is a fine line between implementing innovative technologies, such as secure texting solutions, and ensuring healthcare data security. Additionally, physician and clinician workflow must also be considered with any new systems or...

Focusing on Employee Training for Stronger Health IT Security

by Elizabeth Snell

The American Hospital Association’s Hospital & Health Networks (H&HN) Most Wired rankings were released earlier this summer, and showed that providers are making great strides in their health IT security. Providers...

Utilizing Secure Texting for Efficient, Simple Communications

by Elizabeth Snell

Maintaining HIPAA compliance in provider-to-patient communication and even in physician-to-physician communication is critical, which is why secure texting has increased in popularity. With technology evolving, organizations cannot afford...

CIOs Report Budgets are Top Patient Data Security Risk

by Elizabeth Snell

Patient data security should always be a top priority for healthcare providers, but ensuring PHI security has become more difficult as clinical mobility continues to expand. Just over half – 56 percent – of surveyed healthcare...

Secure Texting Rules Clarified in Joint Commission Newsletter

by Elizabeth Snell

Using secure texting for patient care orders is still not acceptable, the Joint Commission explained in its December newsletter. While the Joint Commission had reinstated its ban on the mHealth platform earlier this year, it stated that...

How HIPAA Rules Can Aid Evolving Technology, Not Hinder It

by Elizabeth Snell

Communication technology is quickly evolving, and many healthcare providers are trying to keep pace. They could be looking to implement secure texting options or even consider communicating with patients through social media, but HIPAA...

Hospital Data Security Top CIO Priority for Mobile Workflow

by Elizabeth Snell

When it comes to mobile workflow investments, the majority of CIOs list hospital data security as a key driver, according to a recent Spok, Inc. survey administered by the College of Healthcare Information Management...

Secure Texting, App Security Top Mobile Health Topics

by Elizabeth Snell

With more covered entities beginning to consider secure texting options or BYOD implementation, it makes sense that certain app security and mobile health security concerns also arise. However, the implementation process can be done...

Secure Texting Ban Reinstated, Commission Calls for Guidance

by Elizabeth Snell

The previously announced secure texting ban removal by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) has since been delayed, according to the Commission’s online June newsletter. More guidance is needed “to...

Using Secure Healthcare Texting for HIE Communication

by Elizabeth Snell

Whether a healthcare organization opts for BYOD strategies or prefers to distribute corporate-owned devices, secure healthcare texting is quickly becoming a popular way to communicate. With the Joint Commission on Accreditation of...

How Can Expanded Secure Text Messaging Affect Healthcare?

by Elizabeth Snell

As the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare (JCAHO) recently changed its stance on using secure text messaging for sending physician orders, healthcare organizations now have expanded options when it comes to utilizing digital...

Is Healthcare Secure Messaging Necessary for Providers?

by Elizabeth Snell

Utilizing healthcare secure messaging and secure texting is quickly becoming a popular option for healthcare providers of all sizes. Organizations see it as a way to communicate quickly, efficiently, and even potentially cut down on...

Healthcare Secure Messaging Benefits Texas Hospital, ACO

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare secure messaging is quickly becoming a key option for healthcare providers, especially as technology continues to evolve and mobile devices increase in popularity. Doctors, nurses, and other employees need to ensure that they...

Joint Commission Lifts Ban on Clinician Secure Texting

by Elizabeth Snell

The Joint Commission announced in its May 2016 Perspectives newsletter. that it has ended its ban on clinician secure texting and secure messaging options. While healthcare organizations may allow orders to be sent via text messaging, the...


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