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FTC Healthcare Data Breach Case v. LabMD Continues

by Elizabeth Snell

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be able to proceed with its enforcement action against the testing laboratory LabMD for an alleged healthcare data breach that occurred a few years ago. The original FTC complaint filed in 2013 stated that...

Healthcare Privacy Concerns Still Exist with Gov. Site

by Elizabeth Snell

There are still potential healthcare privacy concerns on, according to a recent Associated Press report. Specifically, third-party tech firms could have access to individuals’ information after they apply for coverage on the...

Potential Patient Privacy Violations in Mass. Emails

by Elizabeth Snell

Patient privacy violations can occur in numerous ways. Healthcare organizations must remain vigilant in how sensitive data is stored and transmitted to patients, whether it is paper files or electronic information. A failure to adhere to administrative,...

Health Data Sharing at Forefront of Genetics Deal

by Elizabeth Snell

There are definite benefits to health data sharing, such as furthering certain types of medical research or even finding new ways to reduce healthcare costs. However, it is still essential that patient data security remains a top issue as well,...

St. Louis Reports HIPAA Violation by County Employee

by Elizabeth Snell

The Saint Louis County Department of Health is investigating a potential HIPAA violation where the personal information of inmates at a county jail was sent to a personal email address. A health department employee emailed a document that had...

Healthcare Cybersecurity Still Top Issue, Says CHIME Leader

by Elizabeth Snell

While new technology can give cyber criminals new outlets to gain access to protected health information (PHI), it also gives more opportunities to healthcare organizations to keep that data safe. Moreover, healthcare cybersecurity is an area...

Consumers Fine with Health Data Sharing, Says Survey

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data sharing could have numerous benefits for consumers and the healthcare industry. Access to more information could help with various types of research, and even help providers find better ways to improve on healthcare costs. However,...

Oklahoma Updates Patient Privacy Law for FBI Database

by Elizabeth Snell

A new patient privacy law will allow mental health records to be potentially shared in a federal database. Oklahoma was one of several states to recently alter medical record sharing laws, which has brought forward several patient privacy issues....

Patient Privacy Violation Questioned with Medical Records Dump

by Elizabeth Snell

A patient privacy violation potentially occurred when medical records were found in an unused warehouse. It is not always easy to determine if HIPAA violations have occurred, as there are specifications on what entity can release patient information...

Healthcare Privacy Top Concern for Government mHealth Apps

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare privacy and security issues are barriers for mobile apps as technology evolves. Accessibility, interoperability, healthcare privacy, security, and legal concerns are top concerns for US government agencies that are creating mobile...

Patient Privacy Compromised with Theft and Improper Storage

by Elizabeth Snell

Patient privacy was potentially compromised in Nevada and Minnesota, following two separate instances. The implementation of HIPAA administrative safeguards are essential when it comes to ensuring that patient privacy remains intact. Facilities...

Ore. Hopes to Fix Healthcare Security Issues with Ky. System

by Elizabeth Snell

After numerous healthcare security issues, Oregon is implementing Kentucky’s health insurance exchange program. Oregon is officially transitioning away from working with Oracle America in an effort to create the state’s health insurance...

VA Healthcare Data Breach Exposes Info of 7,000 Veterans

by Elizabeth Snell

The VA experienced a healthcare data breach after a third-party vendor allegedly had an online security flaw. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) experienced yet another healthcare data breach, as it announced last week that approximately...

Is Patient Privacy Violated with NY database?

by Elizabeth Snell

A New York law designed to protect individuals is being questioned over its potential violation of patient privacy. The line between individual patient privacy and the safety of the general public has been debated several times this year alone....

AMA Discusses Patient Privacy Rights in Oregon Court Case

by Elizabeth Snell

An Oregon federal appeals court will soon decide on a case concerning patient privacy rights and the Fourth Amendment. Non-healthcare individuals should have limited access to state databases of controlled substance prescriptions, according to...

Is Healthcare Data Collection Legal?

by Elizabeth Snell

What type of healthcare data can states collect? The Supreme Court could soon decide. Healthcare data collection programs in 16 states could soon be affected by a US Supreme Court decision. Last week, Supreme Court justices announced that they...

Can Smart Cards Reduce the Risk of Medical Identity Theft?

by Elizabeth Snell

WEDI wrote a white paper on how smart cards could potentially reduce the risk of medical identity theft. Medical identity theft is increasingly becoming a top concern in the healthcare industry, especially as protected health information (PHI)...

How Can Providers Ease Patient Privacy Concerns?

by Elizabeth Snell

Individuals wanting to withhold medical information from providers could be a sign of patient privacy concerns with online tools. With numerous healthcare data breaches occurring in the last year alone, it should come as no surprise that patients...

Key Checklists for Patient Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

Michael Archuleta presented a HealthITSecurity webcast on maintaining patient data security. Last week, Mt. San Rafael Hospital Director of IT and HIPAA Security Officer Michael Archuleta presented a webcast on the importance of patient data...

Patient Privacy Concerns Arise Over Cal INDEX HIE

by Elizabeth Snell

Consumer Watchdog has raised concerns over a California HIE and potential patient privacy concerns. When implementing a new electronic health record (EHR), patient privacy and security issues should be a top priority for healthcare organizations....


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