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Anthem Data Breach Public Forums Cancelled at Ind. School

by Elizabeth Snell

Following the Anthem data breach, company representatives were slated to speak at several public forums this week at Indiana-based Ball State University, where employees were reportedly victims of identity theft. However, Anthem representatives...

How Health Data Privacy, Regulations Affect Data Exchange

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data privacy concerns are consistently cited as a potential drawback or concern to data exchange programs. Covered entities must ensure that as they implement data exchange, and work toward interoperability, that patient data stays secure....

Prioritizing Patient Privacy Essential with EHR Transition

by Elizabeth Snell

As more healthcare providers and hospitals implement EHRs and connect to HIEs, prioritizing patient privacy must remain a top priority. Individuals need to not only feel confident in that they will receive quality care, but also that their sensitive...

Patient Privacy Concerns Must Be a Priority for Providers

by Elizabeth Snell

As healthcare data breaches continue to make headlines, it should come as no surprise that patient privacy concerns are also on the rise. Healthcare providers need to be aware of patient concerns, especially those that are connected with data...

HITRUST Works Toward Stronger Patient Privacy Methods

by Elizabeth Snell

Stronger patient privacy methods is the top goal behind The Health Information Trust Alliance’s (HITRUST) latest framework process. The HITRUST De-Identification Framework will not only improve patient privacy, but is also designed to “enhance...

Will Patient Privacy Violations Occur With Mental Health Law?

by Elizabeth Snell

Patient privacy violations are a popular topic recently, especially with healthcare providers working to meet Meaningful Use requirements and make the transition to EHRs. However, mental health records do not currently have the same requirements...

Protecting Sensitive Data With Restricted Employee Access

by Elizabeth Snell

With HIPAA rules highlighting how healthcare organizations must ensure they are protecting sensitive data, such as PHI, it should not come as a surprise to any facility that they need the right combination of administrative, physical and technical...

Cyber Attack, Stolen Patient Records Equal Security Breaches

by Elizabeth Snell

A combination of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards are necessary for healthcare facilities of all sizes to ensure that stolen patient records are not a scenario they ever  encounter. Without proper employee training as well,...

Stolen Patient Records in Calif. Mean Possible Data Breach

by Elizabeth Snell

A San Pablo, California-based doctor sent out notifications to patients that a robbery led to stolen patient records, as well as a credit card transaction register. Dr. Sharon J. Jones said that her office was broken into on Jan. 8, and that...

Will ONC Plan Protect Patient Privacy?

by Elizabeth Snell

Even though efforts have been made to improve the healthcare industry, such as the passing of the HITECH Act, several lawmakers believe that more work needs to be done to protect patient privacy, further interoperability and reduce costs. Senators...

Will Patient Privacy Violations Occur With Missouri Law?

by Elizabeth Snell

Will the importance of the public’s safety outweigh concerns over potential patient privacy violations? That debate continues in Missouri, as lawmakers will soon discuss whether preschools and daycare centers must tell parents if there are...

Potential HIPAA Violations After Wisc. and Texas Thefts

by Elizabeth Snell

Unfortunately, HIPAA violations can still occur even when healthcare facilities implement comprehensive security measures and keep them properly updated. Employee training can also help mitigate some risk, but organizations must be prepared that...

Consumer Health Privacy Violated Online, Says New Study

by Elizabeth Snell

Health privacy concerns could continue to rise, especially as a recent study showed that the majority of third-party companies potentially gained access to consumers’ health information from online searches. Specifically, an analyzation of...

ONC Interoperability Roadmap Debated by Workgroup

by Elizabeth Snell

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Privacy & Security Workgroup met earlier this week to discuss certain aspects of the latest ONC Interoperability Roadmap and how healthcare facilities can securely collect, share, access and use...

Potential Health Data Breach for Hawaii Office

by Elizabeth Snell

Kaiser Permanente is notifying customers of a potential health data breach after a box of medical documents spilled off of a courier truck on Jan. 7. The papers were being transported to storage from Kaiser Permanente’s Kona Medical Office,...

Final Orders Approved in FTC Patient Privacy Case

by Elizabeth Snell

The Federal Trade Commission approved final orders resolving complaints in a patient privacy case where customers were allegedly tricked into disclosing some of their personal health information. In a 5-0 vote, the FTC approved final orders in...

Device Theft Could Compromise PII in Tenn. and Ind.

by Elizabeth Snell

Without the necessary combination of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards, a healthcare organization runs the risk of finding itself in a situation that could compromise PII of patients or employees. Even if a facility trains employees...

Anthem Health Data Breach Could Compromise PII of 80M

by Elizabeth Snell

Hackers allegedly broke into Anthem, Inc.’s database last week, potentially compromising the personal information of approximately 80 million former and current customers, as well as employees, according to multiple reports. The information...

Can Patient Privacy Violations Occur with EHR Tracking?

by Elizabeth Snell

Researchers at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine recently debated whether it was ethical for medical students to track patients’ electronic health records (EHRs) or if such practices could be considered patient...

Letter to CMS Questions Privacy Measures

by Elizabeth Snell

Several lawmakers raised concerns over the current privacy measures, and whether or not the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is doing enough to make improvements after numerous reports of consumer privacy issues....


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