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Possible Health Data Breaches From Fraud, Online Exposure

by Elizabeth Snell

Two separate incidents in New Jersey and California led to potential health data breaches, further showing why covered entities need comprehensive security measures. Everything from technical safeguards to proper employee training will help to...

Sutter Health Data Breach Affects 2,500 Patients

by Elizabeth Snell

A former employee reportedly emailed patient information without authorization, leading to a Sutter Health data breach. Sutter Health explained in a statement on its website that 2,582 patients are potentially affected, and that with the exception...

Learning from the Excellus Data Breach

by Elizabeth Snell

Last week Excellus BCBS reported that it was the latest victim of a large scale cybersecurity breach. The Excellus data breach affected approximately 7 million Excellus patients, as well as 3.5 million members of its non-Blues subsidiary, Lifetime...

Patient Privacy Advocated for in AAPS Amicus Brief to SCOTUS

by Sara Heath

Patient privacy and security are at the center of the recent Supreme Court case Gobeille vs. Liberty Mutual Insur. Co. The case will determine whether states have the right to access patient information obtained by self-funded insurance providers....

Improved Patient Privacy in HHS Updates to Research Rules

by Elizabeth Snell

New data security and information protection standards that aim to improve patient privacy in research studies are part of the updates recently announced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Current regulations - also referred...

High-Profile Patients Prompt Internal Health Data Breaches

by Sara Heath

No matter the many safeguards against hacking and cyberattacks are put into place in hospital records, sometimes hospitals need to protect against their own employees’ nosiness as well. Such was the case for the Carilion Clinic, a not-for-profit...

Advocate Data Breach Lawsuit Decision Upheld

by Elizabeth Snell

An Illinois court cleared the case against Advocate Medical Group, saying that the Advocate data breach lawsuit was “clearly speculative” and lacked standing. The case against Advocate alleged that the organization had compromised...

Lawrence General Health Data Breach Due to Lost Flash Drive

by Sara Heath

Health data breaches due to misplaced flash drives seem to be a rising trend recently, as Lawrence General Hospital is yet another healthcare organization to report an incident. On August 7, the hospital put out a press release outlining the...

How Does Data De-Identification Affect Clinical Research?

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data de-identification can give healthcare organizations an opportunity to present data for research purposes in a way that does not compromise patient privacy. Clinical research in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are...

How Does Health Data Security Tie in to Patient Access?

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data sharing, and letting patients have greater access to their own health data, are becoming increasingly popular topics in the healthcare industry. With technology evolving, more organizations are working to stay current, while also...

Data Error, Improper PHI Disposal Cause Security Concerns

by Elizabeth Snell

An apparent case of improper PHI disposal and then another incident with a reported data error have created health data security concerns in two separate cities. A New York news station reported that some of the confetti used in the victory parade...

Health Data Breaches Lead to Lawsuits for Florida Hospital

by Elizabeth Snell

Florida Hospital suffered from two health data breaches over the last four years, and is now facing potential class action lawsuits. The first health data breach occurred when Florida Hospital employees Dale Munroe and Katrina Munroe were accused...

Orlando Health Data Breach Affects 3,200

by Elizabeth Snell

An employee’s unauthorized access of 3,200 patient medical records has caused a potential health data breach at Orlando Health. During a routine patient record access audit on May 27, 2015, Orlando Health discovered that a certified nursing...

Patient Privacy Top CHIME Recommendation to Senate Group

by Elizabeth Snell

Protecting patient privacy and ensuring health data security were just two of several recommendations the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) put forth to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions...

Balancing the Two Sides of the Health Data Security Coin

by Elizabeth Snell

Maintaining strong health data security that also aligns with HIPAA guidelines and state regulations can be difficult. This delicate balance is also hampered with patients wanting reassurance that their personal data is secure, but also wanting...

Patient Right of Access: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules

by Elizabeth Snell

The HIPAA Privacy Rule dictates how covered entities must keep PHI secure, but another key aspect described in the federal legislation is the patient right of access. Individuals have the right to review or obtain copies of their own PHI, albeit...

ONC Privacy, Security Workgroup Expresses Stage 3 MU Concerns

by Elizabeth Snell

There are several patient privacy and security concerns related to the proposed Meaningful Use Stage 3 rule, according to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Health Information Technology (HIT) Privacy & Security Workgroup. Earlier...

Lost Flash Drive Potentially Exposes Patient Information

by Elizabeth Snell

A South Carolina news station reported yesterday that a lost flash drive containing “limited patient information” pushed a hospital to send out notification letters. Roper St. Francis Hospital will send letters to approximately 360...

Exposed Medical Records Potentially Puts Patients At Risk

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare facilities must ensure they have the latest privacy and security measures in place to prevent exposed medical records and work toward keeping data breach risks to a minimum. Along with the latest technological safeguards, covered entities...

Anthem Data Breach Public Forums Cancelled at Ind. School

by Elizabeth Snell

Following the Anthem data breach, company representatives were slated to speak at several public forums this week at Indiana-based Ball State University, where employees were reportedly victims of identity theft. However, Anthem representatives...


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