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Mobile Devices in Healthcare Increase, as Do Security Challenges

by Insight

Healthcare organizations are deploying mobile devices in greater numbers to improve employee productivity and patient experience. In fact, 90 percent of healthcare IT decision-makers surveyed recently by Vanson Bourne said their...

Mobile Device Security Worries Plague Healthcare Providers

by Fred Donovan

Mobile device security is a top concern of healthcare providers when it comes to their mobile programs, according to a survey of 600 healthcare IT decision makers conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of mobile device management (MDM)...

4 Key Ways to Overcome Healthcare BYOD Security Challenges

by Bill Kleyman

Let’s talk about BYOD security and the mobile workforce in the healthcare environment. We’re seeing it happen every single day. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are either bringing in their own devices, or using...

Data Security Top Reason Hospitals Prohibit Healthcare BYOD

by Elizabeth Snell

More hospitals are allowing healthcare BYOD policies, but data security is the top reason why an organization would prohibit such policies from being implemented, according to a recent Spok survey. Spok interviewed more than 350...

How Mobile Healthcare Users Affect the Industry, Data Security

by Bill Kleyman

We’re seeing a true evolution around mobile devices being brought into the healthcare world. Mobile healthcare users are quickly becoming the norm. As bring your own device (BYOD) programs continue to become more commonplace, 38...

Mobile Security Concerns Continue to Nag Health IT Leaders

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare IT decision makers may see the value in implementing mobile options, such as BYOD and mobile device management (MDM) solutions, but there are still mobile security concerns, recent research shows. More than one-quarter of IT...

How Improper Off-Site Policies Impact Mobile Health Security

by Jacqueline LaPointe

For many providers, quality healthcare extends beyond the hospital walls, especially with the introduction of smart phones and mHealth technologies. However, as more healthcare organizations adopt mobile strategies, providers are becoming...

Prioritizing BYOD Security, MDM in Evolving Healthcare Sector

by Elizabeth Snell

The increase in mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has also created a greater need for BYOD security policies and mobile device management (MDM) policies for healthcare organizations. Moreover, that proliferation of mobile...

How BYOD, Mobile Security is Prioritized at OhioHealth

by Elizabeth Snell

BYOD policies are critical aspects to mobile security platforms that have been implemented at any covered entity. Whether an organization is looking to implement smartphones, laptops, or tablets, mobile security should be top priority,...

Using a ‘Layered’ Approach for Health Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

As technology has continued to evolve, healthcare data security has also needed to change in order to keep pace and keep sensitive information secured. That is why Illinois-based Riverside Healthcare has adopted security in layers,...

Understanding HIPAA Regulations and Mobile Devices

by Elizabeth Snell

The proliferation of mobile devices has caused many covered entities and business associates to take a closer look at HIPAA regulations, to ensure that they remain secure while they are using the latest technologies. It is essential to...

What Are Top Mobile Health Security Concerns in 2016?

by Elizabeth Snell

Mobile health security has continued to grow with numerous advances in technology, and that trend will likely last into 2016. More providers are encouraging the use of mobile devices, and more consumers are looking for ways to become...

NIST, NCCoE Develop Mobile Device Security Draft Guide

by Sara Heath

To combat issues of mobile device security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) have developed a guideline for implementing mobile security measures on both...

BYOD Privacy Concerns Push Security Admins Away, Says Report

by Elizabeth Snell

While there may be a slight push for mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, a recent survey shows that BYOD privacy concerns are pushing away end users and even IT security administrators. The majority of individuals...

NIST Releases Draft Guide on Mobile Device Security

by Elizabeth Snell

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) released a draft guide for healthcare providers on mobile device security. The draft is designed to help facilities keep...

Creating your Enterprise Healthcare Mobility Network

by Bill Kleyman

Designing and implementing a healthcare mobility network requires a comprehensive approach. It starts with what we already know — the workplace is no longer bound to 9 to 5 work hours within your enterprise healthcare walls. Doctors,...

NIST Releases Secure Mobile Application Guide

by Elizabeth Snell

With more healthcare organizations implementing mobile devices, it is essential that facilities are also choosing secure mobile applications. Even if employees are following the necessary security protocols, a mobile application with...

Creating Best Practices for Healthcare IT Wireless Security

by Bill Kleyman

There is an interesting trend happening within the modern healthcare world. The proliferation of wireless devices is beginning to outpace wired systems running within healthcare IT environments. Doctors, nurses and healthcare associates...

NIST Mobile App Security Guidelines: Healthcare Key Points

by Elizabeth Snell

With more smartphones and tablets being used in the workplace, it’s increasingly important for employees to understand the risks associated with third-party mobile applications. The healthcare industry must be especially careful, as...


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