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Congress Seeks Clarification of HIPAA Rules for mHealth Apps

March 11, 2016 - The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is not making a distinct enough effort to clarify HIPAA security regulations for mHealth app use and development, according to a letter from members of Congress. In November 2014, HHS committed to release clearer HIPAA guidelines with regard to mHealth apps. A bipartisan coalition led by Congressman Tom Marino and Congressman Peter DeFazio...

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How must mHealth App Developers Follow HIPAA Regulations?

by Sara Heath

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has added a list of health app use scenarios in which HIPAA regulations would apply, helping to educate mHealth app developers on how to create apps that abide by HIPAA and that protect user and patient privacy....

NSF Funds $10M Grant for Mobile Health Security Research

by Sara Heath

As a part of a research project to improve mobile health security, industry experts have found that a majority of the top-rated mHealth apps are not encrypting health information. In an investigation conducted by the Trustworthy Health and Wellness...

Mobile Security a Barrier to Health App Use, Study Shows

by Sara Heath

Calling into question the issue of mobile security, researchers Paul Krebs, PhD, and Dustin T. Duncan, ScD, conducted a mobile health app study, concluding that those who trust their data in health apps are generally only those who use the apps....

Mobile Health Privacy Top Concern for mHealth Adoption

by Elizabeth Snell

One of the largest barriers for mobile health (mHealth) adoption are concerns over mobile health privacy, according to a recent survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). A global survey of 144 healthcare leaders working in public and...

Healthcare Privacy Top Concern for Government mHealth Apps

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare privacy and security issues are barriers for mobile apps as technology evolves. Accessibility, interoperability, healthcare privacy, security, and legal concerns are top concerns for US government agencies that are creating mobile...

Are Healthcare Security Issues Creating Industry Barriers?

by Elizabeth Snell

A recent Dell survey shows that security issues could be creating barriers to the adoption of big data, mobility, and cloud technology. It should come as no surprise that healthcare security is increasingly becoming a major issue, especially...

Is Patient Privacy at Risk with New Healthcare Apps?

by Elizabeth Snell

Will a new photo sharing app for healthcare providers expose patient privacy? As technology continues to evolve, and more healthcare providers implement mobile device policies, it is important that patient privacy still remains a top priority....

Why Data Security is Crucial for mHealth Benefits

by Keith Tyson

Robin Williams, the late actor and comedian, is widely quoted as saying, “If you can remember the ‘60s, then you weren’t there.” Similar sentiment may be also applied to healthcare, where mobile devices and smartphones (collectively known...

CIS, MDISS Collaborate On Medical Device Security Guidance

by Patrick Ouellette

With the goal in mind of concentrating on growing security concerns about network-connected medical devices, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS) have released new resources...

Brigham And Women’s ISO Talks FDA, mHealth Device Security

by Patrick Ouellette

Seeing as there has been an abundance of mHealth news and announcements involving mobile device security and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance over the past month or so, the topic is growing increasingly important among security professionals...

Sen. Schumer: FTC should regulate fitness tracking devices

by Patrick Ouellette

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer has called for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to form stricter guidelines for fitness tracker and bracelet vendors to allow users to opt out of data tracking. Schumer wants to give patients the opportunity to opt out...

Patient perspective on eHealth, mobile privacy and security

by Patrick Ouellette

According to recently-released results from a Ponemon Institute and Experian Data Breach Resolution report, there are still eHealth services and mobile application privacy and security questions among consumers and patients. The report, titled...

Involving nurses in mHealth strategy may boost security

by Patrick Ouellette

When considering how clinical and innovation requirements fit into their mobile strategy, some organizations don’t consider nurses’ needs as well. Spyglass Consulting Group recently released “Point of Care Communications for...

mHealth adoption creates data security challenges

by Nicole Freeman

The use of mobile devices within healthcare (mHealth) is rising as physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers enjoy the portability and flexibility that mobile devices allow. Smart phones, tablets, and laptops provide easy access to health...

Survey: Data breach risk biggest concern for mHealth use

by Nicole Freeman

According to a recent Axway survey conducted during HIMSS14, data breaches are the biggest concern in mobile health (mHealth) technology for healthcare IT professionals. Axway is a provider of data flow management software, and its poll surveyed...

U.S. Senators: FDA healthcare regulation should be narrowed

by Patrick Ouellette

There have been growing regulatory concerns in the healthcare industry because there’s a lack of clarity as to which government entities are in charge of different areas of compliance. To help ease some of this confusion, U.S. Senators...

How will FDA regulations affect mHealth security efforts?

by Patrick Ouellette

There has been a great deal of talk lately around which federal regulatory bodies have jurisdiction over keeping data private and secure in healthcare. While the battle between Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and LabMD mercifully ended last week,...

Privacy must grow along with mHealth technology

by Patrick Ouellette

The popularity of mHealth shouldn’t surprise anyone, as consumer habits have already begun to intertwine with enterprise technology needs. But as mHealth technology continues to develop, so will concentration on data privacy and security...

AHIMA releases patient mHealth security tips

by Patrick Ouellette

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) released a guide this week for healthcare patients with the purpose of informing them of what types of mobile technology is available to them and how to ensure those patients know...


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