Healthcare Information Security

HIPAA Physical Safeguards

A Review of Common HIPAA Physical Safeguards

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA physical safeguards are an essential aspect to any covered entity’s PHI security, but could easily be overlooked. Technical safeguards and administrative safeguards could easily be pushed to the forefront of a covered entity’s...

Why HIPAA Technical Safeguards Alone Are Not Enough

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA technical safeguards are an important part of any covered entity or business associate’s data security plan. However, that security measure by itself is not enough to ensure that a health data breach will never occur, according to...

Possible Health Data Breaches From Theft, Unauthorized Access

by Elizabeth Snell

Even when covered entities implement sophisticated cybersecurity measures, health data breaches can still happen. It is important to not overlook seemingly simple security measures, such as installing proper locks on doors or even having an alarm...

Why PHI Security Cannot be Forgotten When Entities Move

by Elizabeth Snell

PHI security is an essential aspect of healthcare data privacy for covered entities of all sizes. Each facility is different and will therefore benefit from different security measures. However, ensuring that PHI does not fall into the wrong...

ISMA Data Breach Reportedly from IT Head’s Stolen Devices

by Elizabeth Snell

The Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA) information technology administrator reportedly is the employee who had a laptop computer and two external hard drives stolen in February, potentially exposing the information of 39,000 patients and...

Lost Flash Drive Potentially Exposes Patient Information

by Elizabeth Snell

A South Carolina news station reported yesterday that a lost flash drive containing “limited patient information” pushed a hospital to send out notification letters. Roper St. Francis Hospital will send letters to approximately 360...

Identity Theft Allegedly Due to Stolen University Records

by Elizabeth Snell

Students at a Georgia university are claiming that they are victims of identity theft after their information, including some medical data, was reported stolen from a campus office back in September. Shorter University, located in Rome,...

HIPAA Physical Safeguards: A Basic Review

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare IT security administrators can also have a difficult time when it comes to ensuring that HIPAA physical safeguards are always followed. As technology continues to evolve, so does the healthcare industry. Laptops, tablets and cell phones...

Second Healthcare Data Breach Hits Tenn. Facility, Files Misplaced

by Elizabeth Snell

Two data breaches have now taken place from when a Tennessee health department moved into a new office space over the summer. The Metro Public Health Department in Nashville, Tennessee is facing its second data breach since July 2014. Earlier...

Steps To Address Human Element Of Healthcare Data Security

by Cliff Bleustein of Dell Services

Surveys and published healthcare statistics are a double-edged sword. In one sense, they can validate or negate a hypothesis. On the other hand, they are often generated from a limited point of view within a particular industry or function, and...

Protecting against Healthcare Data Breaches: Failed Physical Safeguards

by Elizabeth Snell

Data breaches are something that the healthcare industry is continuously working to prevent. However, computer hackers and malware attacks are often the first things that come to mind as being associated with healthcare data breaches. While this...

Potential health data breach hits Dorn VA medical center

by Elizabeth Snell

The Dorn Veterans Administration Hospital could be facing a security breach after organization officials recently discovered that several boxes with patients’ information had gone missing. Four boxes of pathology reports that were stored...

St. Joseph Health sends patient breach notification letters

by Patrick Ouellette

Among the items that can be lost in the mix when one healthcare organization takes over another is security and compliance. St. Joseph Health recently took over the former Redwood Regional Medical Group’s imaging center and has taken responsibility...

Access Health CT announces patient data breach

by Patrick Ouellette

The Connecticut state health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, is handling a patient data breach that occurred when its vendor Maximus’s employee lost a backpack containing 413 patients’ information in a deli. According to the...

Ensuring HIPAA compliance among inpatient, outpatient docs

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The continuum of care continues to expand and is forcing integrated delivery networks and health systems to reconsider their health data privacy and security practices after addressing the features unique to inpatient and outpatient clinical...

HIPAA Security Rule standards: Physical safeguards

by Patrick Ouellette

As far as the healthcare industry has come the past few years in technology innovation and development, one area that lags behind is physical safeguards. As part of the HIPAA Security Rule, physical safeguards have often been a thorn in the side...

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital announces data breach

by Patrick Ouellette

ProMedica Bay Park Hospital of Oregon, OH is in the process of alerting more than 500 patients that their protected health information (PHI) had been breached after an internal employee inappropriately gained access to the information. According...

Elliot Hospital notifies more than 1,200 patients of breach

by Patrick Ouellette

After an Elliot Hospital employee’s car was broken into and four computer workstations were stolen from the vehicle on March 27, the hospital alerted more than 1,200 patients that their data had been exposed. Though, according to,...

L.A. County tacks on 3,497 patients to Sutherland data breach

by Patrick Ouellette

The patient data breach that involved Sutherland Healthcare seems to be a never-ending saga for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS). After adding 170,200 patients to the list of those affected back in April, DHS has tacked...

Boulder Community Health reviews paper PHI record exposure

by Patrick Ouellette

After a reported HIPAA violation, Boulder Community Health (BCH) of Colorado is in the process of investigating its third patient data breach since 2008, according to The Daily Camera. The context of the breach is a bit bizarre in that, unknown...


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