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HIPAA Compliance

A Review of Common HIPAA Physical Safeguards

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA physical safeguards are an essential aspect to any covered entity’s PHI security, but could easily be overlooked. Technical safeguards and administrative safeguards could easily be pushed to the forefront of a covered entity’s...

A Review of Common HIPAA Technical Safeguards

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA technical safeguards are just one piece of the larger health data security plan that covered entities and their business associates must put together. However, it is a very important aspect. Over the next few weeks,

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance While Preparing for HIPAA Audits

by Linda McReynolds, Esq. & Ronald Quirk, Esq.

Federal regulators are actively preparing to conduct extensive audits to determine business compliance with HIPAA privacy and security requirements. Covered businesses that handle PHI, i.e.,  individually identifiable health information...

HIPAA Compliance and Mental Health: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA compliance is essential for covered entities and their business associates, but recent legislation has brought another issue to light: how can healthcare organizations stay HIPAA compliant when it comes to mental health? Some covered entities...

How Parkway Works Toward HIPAA Compliance

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA compliance is something that all covered entities and their business associates need to work toward and closely monitor. No organization wants to miss a key security issue that eventually leads to a data breach. Successfully preparing for...

Proposed Mental Health Bill Accounts for HIPAA Regulations

by Elizabeth Snell

A recently introduced mental health bill would also ensure that individuals with mental illness can have their caregivers treated as personal representatives for the purposes of HIPAA regulations. The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis...

Breaking Down the HIPAA Risk Assessment

by Elizabeth Snell

Conducting a HIPAA risk assessment is something that every covered entity must do to ensure that they are properly monitoring potential weak spots in their data security. At the time of publication, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) had not yet...

Did Failed Administrative Safeguards Cause Two Data Breaches?

by Elizabeth Snell

This site constantly underlines the importance of healthcare organizations keeping all of their safeguards up to date, as anything from failed administrative safeguards to failed physical safeguards can create privacy and security issues. Without...

HIPAA Violation Leads to Probation for Radiologist

by Elizabeth Snell

An Ohio radiologist is facing disciplinary actions from the state medical board after she reportedly committed a HIPAA violation. Dr. Aimee Hawley unlawfully accessed a colleague’s medical record, according to a DOTmed News article, and...

Breaking Down PHI Security Breaches and Their Impact

by Elizabeth Snell

With another large health data breach being announced this week, it is essential that covered entities of all sizes understand the intricacies of PHI security. However, there is an important distinction in types of data that healthcare organizations...

How Health Privacy Regulations Hinder Telehealth Adoption

by Elizabeth Snell

Health privacy regulations are one of the potential deterrents when it comes to telehealth adoption, according to a report by the American Hospital Association (AHA). Moreover, numerous legal and regulatory challenges can also make the process...

How Do HIPAA Regulations Affect Workplace Wellness Programs?

by Elizabeth Snell

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently posted clarification for how HIPAA regulations would potentially apply to workplace wellness programs. With the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) also publishing a proposed...

How Rush Medical Stays HIPAA Compliant, Uses Cybersecurity

by Elizabeth Snell

Staying HIPAA compliant is not always an easy task, especially as new technological options develop, such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and EMRs. Rush University Medical Center has altered its cybersecurity measures over the last few years...

Stage 3 Meaningful Use: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules

by Elizabeth Snell

CMS released its Stage 3 Meaningful Use proposal last month, with numerous aspects that covered entities (CEs) need to be aware of and pay attention to. While the proposal has a large focus on EHR interoperability, it continues to build on the...

Why Understanding HIPAA Rules Will Help With ONC Certification

by Elizabeth Snell

Understanding HIPAA rules will have far reaching benefits for covered entities. Not only will they be compliant in terms of keeping patient PHI secure, but it will also ensure that those facilities are able to adhere to other federal certification...

Is the HIPAA Security Rule Doing Enough for Healthcare?

by Elizabeth Snell

The HIPAA Security Rule created a national set of security standards designed to protect certain health information, either held or transferred in electronic form. However, technology has continued to evolve, and one healthcare security expert...

ONC Releases Electronic Health IT Privacy, Security Guide

by Elizabeth Snell

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released an updated version of its guide on electronic health IT privacy and security earlier this week. The guide outlines ways for covered entities to properly integrate...

Understanding HIPAA Regulations and Their Applications

by Elizabeth Snell

CHICAGO – Understanding HIPAA regulations is key for healthcare providers, hospitals, and any other covered entity. However, HIPAA was implemented before many of today’s current technologies were in use, and the specifics can sometimes be...

HIPAA Compliance, Cybersecurity Top HIMSS15 Topics

by Elizabeth Snell

Even without large data breaches, the healthcare industry must remain current on the latest HIPAA compliance trends and best approaches to comprehensive cybersecurity. The annual HIMSS conference will tackle these issues, among many others, head...

Current HIPAA Requirements Sufficient, AHA Tells ONC

by Elizabeth Snell

The current HIPAA requirements are enough to support the improvement of the healthcare infrastructure to better support secure data sharing in support of clinical care, according to the American Hospital Association (AHA). In a letter to the...


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