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24,000 Patient Records Breached in EyeSouth Partners Email Hack

February 6, 2019 - Georgia-based EyeSouth Partners recently began notifying 24,113 patients that their protected health information was potentially compromised after an employee email hack. On October 25, officials discovered an individual gained unauthorized access to an employee email account. Upon discovery, officials secured the account and launched an investigation, which determined access began...

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Healthcare IT Security Worst of Any Sector With External Threats

by Fred Donovan

Healthcare IT security is the worst of any sector when it comes to external security posture, according to a recent report by security advisory firm Coalfire. The Coalfire Penetration Risk Report used customer penetration test data...

Health Plan Victims of Healthcare Data Breaches Surge 1,000%

by Fred Donovan

The total number of individuals impacted by healthcare data breaches at health plans surged by more than 1,000 percent in the first five months of 2018, according to Fortified Health Security’s 2018 Mid-Year Horizon Report. Health...

Federal Court Sides with Main Line Health in HIPAA Violation Case

by Fred Donovan

A federal court in Pennsylvania recently ruled against a Main Line Health employee who argued that her dismissal was due to age discrimination, not a HIPAA violation as the company claimed. Philadelphia-based Main Line Health Inc....

Employee Fired for HIPAA Violation Gets Personal Data from Agency

by Fred Donovan

Tracy Ryans, a former employee of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission fired for an alleged HIPAA violation, recently received a box full of state assistance applications chock full of personal information from her former...

Medical Device Integration, IoT Pose Cybersecurity Risks

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

Medical device integration and support for the Internet of Things are raising cybersecurity concerns for healthcare CIOs and CISOs and leading to a call for Congressional action. In comments submitted to a recent House subcommittee...

New Data Breach Security Bill Faces Early Criticism

by Elizabeth Snell

The Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade will meet tomorrow to discuss the details of the recently announced data breach security bill. However, the “Data Security and Breach Notification Act” is already receiving some...

Managing healthcare network security and BYOD needs

by Patrick Ouellette

Though there’s never a true winner in the “ease of use” v. security debate, coming to a happy medium between the two can present challenges for healthcare organizations. This is especially the case when dealing with the...

Mobile health IT security: Bolstering technology with policy

by Patrick Ouellette

One way or another, mobile devices are finding their way into healthcare organizations’ four walls and onto their networks. Each organization’s mobile needs vary based on size and available resources and many have come a long...

Using encryption at rest to enhance healthcare BYOD security

by Patrick Ouellette

The confluence of mobile devices being widely distributed within healthcare organizations and data breaches involving unencrypted devices means there’s been plenty of discussion about mobile device encryption. Since most of these...

FTC spring webinar to focus on patient mobile app security

by Patrick Ouellette

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will host a series of seminars this spring based on different areas of technology, including healthcare, that have strong benefits but privacy and security concerns continue to be problematic. The FTC...

Factoring healthcare BYOD policies into network security

by Patrick Ouellette

From putting access controls with complex passwords in place to encrypting the data, there are plenty of safeguards required of healthcare organizations to secure protected health information (PHI). But one issue that organizations have...

Weighing the privacy risks of mobile health and fitness apps

by Patrick Ouellette

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse took a long look last week at the privacy and security risks associated with mobile health and fitness apps instead of the usual focus on medical applications. Despite being sometimes free and often beneficial...

Healthcare BYOD, mobile cloud security restrictions

by Patrick Ouellette

Most healthcare IT directors and security officers understand that at this point, mobile technology is an area they need to work with and not around while being aware of all the moving parts that go along with users’ mobile devices. Some...

Addressing healthcare mobile security from a legal standpoint

by Patrick Ouellette

When healthcare organizations’ IT and compliance staffs converge to implement a mobile platform for clinical staff users, technical and policy concerns are usually at the forefront of the decision-making process. But there’s also...

Mobile healthcare application development security implications

by Patrick Ouellette

As more EHR vendors create web-based and mobile interfaces for their products, the mobile market is further fragmented with applications that often weren’t meant for mobile. In response, many healthcare organizations are shunning the...

Healthcare BYOD security: Using new management technologies

by Bill Kleyman

There has been a shift in thinking when it comes to IT consumerization for many healthcare IT professionals. They are actually moving away from the BYOD trend and changing their focus toward something more up to date. The end user...

Healthcare mobile security strategy: Four keys to success

by Patrick Ouellette

Mac McMillan, CEO of CynergisTek, Inc. CynergisTek is a healthcare information security services and consultant company that helps providers in areas such as risk assessment and security testing. McMillan is a HIMSS Fellow and current...

Aligning healthcare BYOD security policies with IT infrastructure

by Bill Kleyman

With literally thousands of staff members operating within your healthcare organization – all asking for more mobility options – how do you create an environment that will work for everyone? Furthermore, what process is...

HIMSS Analytics report cites mobile security as top concern

by Patrick Ouellette

A recent HIMSS Analytics report titled Healthcare Provider Network Solutions, Barriers and Challenges analyzed responses from seven healthcare information officers such as CMIOs, CIOs or IT Directors at HIMSS13. This small focus group...


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