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Using SD-WAN in Telemedicine Capabilities, Network Security

July 17, 2017 - There a lot of great conversations going on with a clear focus on technology and new ways to deliver amazing healthcare services and provide strong network security.  During the recent Value-Based Care Summit in Chicago, I got the chance to sit in on one of the sessions on telemedicine. I work at a consulting firm where many of our customers are healthcare organizations. And, many of...

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3 Top Tips for Migrating, Upgrading Healthcare Data Security

by Bill Kleyman

It goes without saying that the modern healthcare organization absolutely revolves around its own data security capabilities. How well is PHI data being secured? How well are you pushing out critical updates? How are users accessing your data...

Best Practices for SQL Server Deployment in Healthcare

by Bill Kleyman

I don’t want to spend too much time on a lengthy introduction; the topic around SQL server deployment and healthcare security is very important to cover. However, consider the fact that 2015 and 2016 were pretty awful years when it comes...

OCR Urges End-to-End Security, Verified HTTPS to Protect PHI

by Elizabeth Snell

Implementing end-to-end connection security on internet transactions using Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTPS) can help healthcare organizations better protect PHI and even detect malware, according to OCR’s latest cybersecurity...

Why Healthcare Network Security is a Critical Provider Tool

by Elizabeth Snell

Covered entities are quickly implementing more technology into daily operations, which could potentially open the door for cyber criminals or even unauthorized insider access. Healthcare network security measures must be current and comprehensive,...

NIST Vulnerable Software Guide May Affect Health Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

A collection of strategies for reducing software vulnerabilities could potentially affect healthcare organizations that are looking to improve their health data security measures. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) computer...

3 Tips for Creating Healthcare Security Change, Process Controls

by Bill Kleyman

Healthcare and security are probably some of the hottest topics today. We’re seeing medial IoT emerging, more digitizing of the healthcare ecosystem, and more healthcare services specifically using technology to revolutionize patient care....

Understanding Web Application Security in Healthcare

by Bill Kleyman

The modern healthcare environment has evolved to present new types of technology services, support new kinds of users, and deliver even better healthcare services. Cloud-facing applications and EHR systems are becoming the new normal as we support...

Creating Strong Healthcare IT Infrastructure Security

by Bill Kleyman

Security in the healthcare world continues to be a very interesting topic. We’re seeing growing concerns around data, virtual systems, and much more adoption around cloud services. At the healthcare level, new types of services are impacting...

Prevent Data Breaches with Strong Medical Device Security

by Jeff Hussey of Tempered Networks

Patients come to your healthcare facility with a whole host of expectations. They want personalized, quality care delivery. They want strong medical device security, knowing that all equipment is reliable, effective and safe. They’re placing...

What are the 3 Key Layers in Healthcare Data Security?

by Bill Kleyman

The healthcare industry used to be on the sidelines of the cyber war, with breaches and malicious attacks far more common elsewhere. That has all changed. Five of the eight largest healthcare security breaches over the last five years—those...

End-Point Devices Pose Challenges to Healthcare Cybersecurity

by Jacqueline Belliveau

With malware attacks, such as ransomware, becoming more common, healthcare organizations may need to reevaluate their healthcare cybersecurity framework when it comes to end-point devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other networked...

Medical Device Security Part of FDA Evaluation System

by Elizabeth Snell

Medical device security, privacy, and ethical protections were included in preliminary recommendations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a medical device evaluation system. The recommendations were developed by a planning board, which...

Homeland Security Issues Ransomware Alert for Networked Systems

by Elizabeth Snell

The US Department of Homeland Security issued a ransomware alert through the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) to organizations that use networked systems, warning them of the potential dangers stemming from this type of malware....

How End-Point Evolution Will Impact Healthcare Data Security

by Bill Kleyman

In terms of trends, we need to come to some serious realities as it relates to the conversation around the Internet of Things (IoT) and healthcare data security. IoT and wearable systems will be making a big impact on a variety of industries....

Senator Urges HHS to Create Healthcare Cybersecurity Law

by Elizabeth Snell

Senate health committee chairman and Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander recently called upon the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create a healthcare cybersecurity law after the recent cyber attack on MedStar Health. In the MedStar...

Avoiding a Reactive Approach in Federal Health Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

Federal healthcare data security measures need to be comprehensive and current, ensuring that agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can keep sensitive data secure. Being...

How to Best Migrate and Secure Healthcare Applications

by Bill Kleyman

So, you’re in the healthcare world and are dealing with a challenging (sometimes legacy) application. Who isn’t? The reality here is that a great majority of IT environments have some kind of application challenge. Sometimes it could...

What Does 2016 Hold for Healthcare Data Security, Storage?

by Bill Kleyman

Welcome to 2016! I’m sure all of you got some cool new gadgets or toys in your stockings. Maybe it was a new iPhone. Or, maybe you got a new Pebble Watch. Or - you just bought a new google-ready 70-inch LED TV. One thing pretty much...

Securing Healthcare Networks from Advancing Cyber Threats

by Bill Kleyman

The security threat matrix for the healthcare IT environment is evolving. Why? There are more users, a lot more data and new technologies that are capable of carrying information over vast, widely-distributed ecosystems. In fact, a recent Cisco...


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