Healthcare Information Security

Healthcare Data Security

How Does Health Data Security Tie in to Patient Access?

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data sharing, and letting patients have greater access to their own health data, are becoming increasingly popular topics in the healthcare industry. With technology evolving, more organizations are working to stay current, while also...

How Wireless Controls Can Impact Health Data Security

by Bill Kleyman

It’s a new kind of digital world out there, and it can impact an organization's health data security options. Healthcare organizations are working with new technologies which are improving productivity as well as patient care. These...

New Healthcare Identity Protection Services for BCBS Customers

by Elizabeth Snell

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association announced earlier this week that its customers will have access to new healthcare identity protection services starting January 1, 2016. The new services will be available on an opt-in basis, and members...

Ark. BCBS Sends Data Breach Notification After Computer Theft

by Elizabeth Snell

Potential data breach notification letters are being sent out to certain Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield members after two computers were stolen on June 16, 2015. The devices belonged to Treat Insurance Agency, which solicits applications from...

Data Error, Improper PHI Disposal Cause Security Concerns

by Elizabeth Snell

An apparent case of improper PHI disposal and then another incident with a reported data error have created health data security concerns in two separate cities. A New York news station reported that some of the confetti used in the victory parade...

NY Cancer Institute ePHI Security Audit Shows Proper Policies

by Elizabeth Snell

An ePHI security audit of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute found that the organization has a strong information security program, but could still improve in its risk assessment ability, ePHI access controls, and certain technical safeguard implementations....

Health Data Sharing Bill Passes House in 344-77 Vote

by Elizabeth Snell

In a 344-77 vote, the US House of Representatives passed a health data sharing bill that has been hotly debated by various healthcare organizations. The 21st Century Cures bill is intended to overhaul drug development by giving researchers...

Most Wired Survey: Health Data Security Top Hospital Priority

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data security and patient engagement are top U.S. hospital priorities, according to a recent survey released by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). In the 17th...

Conn. Governor Signs Data Breach Security Bill into Law

by Elizabeth Snell

Connecticut officially changed its data breach security notification process, as Governor Dannell Malloy signed a proposed bill into law earlier this week. S.B. 949 was designed in an effort to create greater assurances around data security for...

Is Health Data Security At Risk In 21st Century Cures Bill?

by Elizabeth Snell

While the recent 21st Century Cures bill has many lawmakers, agencies, and healthcare organizations standing behind it, there are still opponents that believe individuals’ health data security will be at increased risk because of the legislation....

How Health Data Sharing Benefits a Research Center

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data sharing is becoming an increasingly popular topic in the healthcare industry, and more organizations are working to find ways to become more interoperable while keeping health data secure. The Centerstone Research Institute (CRI)...

Email Top Health Data Security Risk, Survey Finds

by Elizabeth Snell

Email and messaging systems were cited as one of the top health data security risks that physicians, hospital administrators and health IT professionals are currently facing in healthcare, according to a MedData Group survey. The report gathered...

Supreme Court Will Hear Vt. Health Data Collection Case

by Elizabeth Snell

The Supreme Court announced that in its next term it will hear a case concerning the legality of health data collection. Currently, 16 states have approved legislation that allows for some form of health data collection. The case, Gobeille v....

Health Data Security Use-Cases for Securing Data Centers

by Bill Kleyman

We stay on the topic of health data security because as a critical piece of technology, this will always be a challenge for any healthcare organization housing sensitive data. Healthcare is also bound by regulation, compliance, and evolving considerations...

Healthcare Application Security Lagging, Says Study

by Elizabeth Snell

The state of healthcare application security is seriously lacking when compared to other industries, according to a recent report, and is ranked near the bottom when it comes to remediating known application vulnerabilities. Veracode’s...

Healthcare Not Only Industry Nervous About Compliance Audits

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare compliance audits are reportedly coming soon, and covered entities of all sizes are working to ensure that they are prepared and have all data security issues ironed out. However, if a recent survey is any indication, healthcare is...

Balancing the Two Sides of the Health Data Security Coin

by Elizabeth Snell

Maintaining strong health data security that also aligns with HIPAA guidelines and state regulations can be difficult. This delicate balance is also hampered with patients wanting reassurance that their personal data is secure, but also wanting...

Health Data Privacy, Security Barrier to mHealth Adoption

by Elizabeth Snell

More healthcare providers are looking into adopting mobile health options, but they are also aware of existing barriers that could make that transition more difficult. Health data privacy and security are one of the potential issues that healthcare...

Budget is Largest Health Data Security Obstacle, Says Survey

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data security faces numerous obstacles, but a lack of a budget was listed as the top issue for organizations, according to a recent peer60 report. Hospital CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, Security Managers or Directors, and VPs or Executives...

How a NY Health Org. Integrated Secure Health Data Exchange

by Elizabeth Snell

Many healthcare organizations are beginning to find the right options to help them continue to exchange, store and use electronic information in a secure way. Secure health data exchange is becoming more prevalent as EMRs and HIEs increase in...


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