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Keeping Strong HIE Security Through Interoperability Push

by Sara Heath

HIE security is an important topic when it comes to the push for health IT interoperability. As more and more healthcare professionals are recognizing the need to exchange patient health information in order to increase care coordination, HIE...

Will Information Blocking Ban Affect Health Data Security?

by Elizabeth Snell

As the push for interoperability continues, the issue of health data security is also increasing in importance. Without information blocking, will patient information still be secure? Can healthcare providers consistently and safely exchange...

AHA Addresses Health Data Security Concern in VT SCOTUS Case

by Sara Heath

Amicus briefs in the Gobeille vs. Liberty Mutual Insur. Co. Supreme Court case continue as the American Hospital Association (AHA) recently contributed its thoughts on the matter. The organization submitted its brief on September 8, and advocated...

UCLA Joins List of Largest Health Data Breaches of 2015

by Sara Heath

Health data breaches continue to be a concern for the healthcare industry. Three quarters of the way through 2015, there have been a reported 180 health data breaches, the largest of which have affected over 78 million patients. According to...

Health Data Encryption Not Completely Effective, Study Finds

by Sara Heath

PHI has been at great risk lately as health data breaches are on the rise. To curb that risk, healthcare organization IT experts have been implementing various safeguards, including data encryption, the practice of encoding information so only...

Improved Patient Privacy in HHS Updates to Research Rules

by Elizabeth Snell

New data security and information protection standards that aim to improve patient privacy in research studies are part of the updates recently announced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Current regulations - also referred...

Health Data Breach Adds to Latest UCLA Security Turmoil

by Sara Heath

Health data security has been a hot topic for the UCLA Health System as of late. The healthcare organization announced yet another health data breach on September 1. According to a hospital statement, UCLA will be sending out data breach notification...

PHI Health Data Breach at Children’s Hospital Affects 7,600

by Sara Heath

PHI data breach notification letters were sent to over 7,600 Akron Children’s Hospital patients and families, according to a hospital press release. The health data breach involved a misplaced device containing information about medical...

Creating Sensors, Enforcers for Healthcare Network Security

by Bill Kleyman

The first point to understand in this article on healthcare network security is that we are way beyond traditional networking conversations that revolve around simply passing traffic along properly. Modern networking environments are now highly...

Health Data Breaches Due to Employee Mishandling in OK, CT

by Sara Heath

Mishandled medical information has caused two separate health data breaches in Oklahoma and Connecticut. Neither of the breaches, which occurred at Oklahoma University Physicians OB/GYN department and Backus Hospital in Norwich, CT., disclosed...

Creating Health Data Security with a Next-Generation Network

by Bill Kleyman

A big part of working with today’s healthcare environment is designing a robust health data security solution. Of course, this involves securing the entire network as well. In many cases, administrators fear that too much security also...

Colorado PHI Data Breach Affects 1,600 Beneficiaries

by Sara Heath

The protected health information (PHI) of 1,622 Colorado residents was exposed when letters containing the sensitive information were sent to the incorrect households. The data breach, which affected patients who receive state healthcare benefits,...

OPM Data Breach Leads to Another Class Action Suit

by Elizabeth Snell

A second class action lawsuit has been filed against the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), following the large scale OPM data breach that took place earlier this year. Judge Teresa J. McGarry...

Lawrence General Health Data Breach Due to Lost Flash Drive

by Sara Heath

Health data breaches due to misplaced flash drives seem to be a rising trend recently, as Lawrence General Hospital is yet another healthcare organization to report an incident. On August 7, the hospital put out a press release outlining the...

BYOD Use on the Decline Due to Health Data Security Risks

by Sara Heath

BYOD policies are seeing a slight decline in popularity, according to a recent Spok survey, and it may be due to health data security and the challenges it poses on personal mobile device use. According to the study, BYOD usage has dropped 15...

Health Data Security Vital for ‘Most Wired’ Cibola Hospital

by Elizabeth Snell

The 17th annual HealthCare’s Most Wired™ survey was released last month by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). Health data security and patient engagement...

How Information Governance Impacts Health Data Security

by Sara Heath

In two recent American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) white papers regarding information governance (IG) practices, health data security measures proved to be of great concern for healthcare professionals. In the first white...

How Does Data De-Identification Affect Clinical Research?

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data de-identification can give healthcare organizations an opportunity to present data for research purposes in a way that does not compromise patient privacy. Clinical research in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are...

OhioHealth Missing Flash Drive Leads to Health Data Breach

by Sara Heath

After misplacing an unencrypted flash drive, OhioHealth has issued health data breach notification letters, according to a statement issued on the company’s website. OhioHealth discovered that the flash drive was missing on May 29. While...

Is Health Data Security Improved or Hindered with CISOs?

by Elizabeth Snell

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are often thought of as having a critical role in a healthcare organization’s health data security measures. However, if a recent survey is any indication, not everyone else in the C-suite necessarily...


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