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Ark., Md. Providers Notify Patients of Health Data Breaches

by Sara Heath

Recently, two health data breaches were reported in Arkansas and Maryland. Although neither of these incidents included billing or Social Security information, they did both result in HIPAA notification letters due to potential PHI disclosure....

Majority of Adults Concerned Over Healthcare Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data security is an increasing concern for US adults, according to a recent survey, which may be in indication to providers that it is necessary to take the time to explain what is being done to keep their sensitive information secure....

VA September Report Shows 292% Increase in PHI Disclosure

by Sara Heath

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has released its September report to Congress, detailing various health data breach incidents within the agency. For September, the VA reports a major increase in how many veterans have been affected...

OU Health Data Breach from Stolen Laptop Affects Over 9,000

by Sara Heath

Although healthcare providers often report taking mobile device security seriously, health data breaches due to lost or stolen laptops still do occur. Such was the case at the University of Oklahoma Department of Urology, according to a recent...

How to Increase Patient Safety, Health Data Security on EHRs

by Sara Heath

Patient safety and patient health data security on EHR systems is of critical importance in preventing accidental health data breaches. In order to identify the key areas in which EHR and health IT users could make safety improvements, the National...

Health Data Security Needs Improvement, Study Finds

by Elizabeth Snell

There are several critical gaps within health data security, according to a recent study from Trustwave, and both healthcare professionals on the technical and non-technical side show that there is plenty of room for improvement. The majority...

Audit Finds Maryland Exchange Lacking in Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE), which is responsible for the establishment and operation of the state’s HIE program, was found to have data security and control deficiencies in its information systems, according to a recent...

Health Application Security Lacking, Study Finds

by Elizabeth Snell

As more healthcare organizations implement mobile devices, health application security is essential. However, if a recent research study is any indication, mobile applications have room for improvement when it comes to privacy and security features.... Explains Patient Privacy Updates

by Elizabeth Snell

Patient privacy is not only a top healthcare issue, but it remains a key priority for, according to Director and Marketplace CEO Kevin Counihan. With the next round of open enrollment to start on November 1, Counihan explained...

NIST Guide Provides Strategies for Increased Email Security

by Sara Heath

Email hacking methods, such as phishing or the leaking of confidential information, can have catastrophic consequences such as health data breaches. As the Internet grows increasingly complex, and hackers grow more sophisticated, it is important...

Misprinted Letter Leads to Affinity Health Plan Data Breach

by Sara Heath

As health data breaches continue to be commonplace in the healthcare industry, it is important to recognize the various reasons for their occurrence. Although theft and hacking are commonly reported on, there are also many instances of health...

Will Health Data Privacy, Security Issues Improve in 2016?

by Elizabeth Snell

With healthcare data breaches being reported on a seemingly regular basis, it should come as no surprise that the issue of health data privacy is commonly brought to the forefront of industry discussion. More providers are integrating EMRs, creating...

Stolen Computer Hard Drives Lead to Health Data Breach in VA

by Sara Heath

Health data security breaches continue to be an issue for healthcare providers. In recent events, Sentara Heart Hospital, located in Norfolk, VA, has issued health data breach notification letters to over 1,000 patients after computer hard drives...

NIST Releases Draft Guidance on Improving Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently published draft guidance on how organizations can improve their approach to data security. The guide discusses how using an attribute based access control (ABAC) system could...

VA Reports 86% Decrease in PHI Health Data Breaches

by Sara Heath

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has released its August report of health data breaches to Congress. In general, the VA reports a dip in reported incidents and a significant decrease in PHI related incidents compared to the July...

Report: Healthcare Security Incidents 3 Times More Likely

by Elizabeth Snell

It should come as no surprise that healthcare security incidents are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in the industry, especially with more providers connecting to HIEs and implementing EMRs. However, a recent survey shows that the...

Why Healthcare Network Security Must Be a Top Priority

by Rob Bathurst

Most healthcare organizations’ network infrastructures and support technologies are designed on the prevailing engineering principles of when the need for specific IT systems became a requirement for the organization. This can mean a variety...

Molina Healthcare PHI Data Breach May Cause Identity Theft

by Sara Heath

Molina Healthcare issued PHI data breach notification letters to current or former members explaining that their PHI had been breached for fraudulent purposes. According to a copy of the letter, CVS, the over-the-counter (OTC) vendor for Molina...

How Tufts Prepared for Health IT Security Certification

by Elizabeth Snell

Strong health IT security measures are essential for healthcare organizations of all sizes, especially with cybersecurity threats on the rise. Covered entities need to ensure that their systems are current with the latest security options, and...

Breaking Down HIPAA: PHI Security in Patient File Disposal

by Sara Heath

PHI security is an integral part in protecting patient privacy and confidentiality. As such, HIPAA provides ample guidance on how covered entities may maintain PHI security via the HIPAA privacy rule. The HIPAA privacy rule seeks to provide covered...


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