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Healthcare Data Security

NIST Vulnerable Software Guide May Affect Health Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

A collection of strategies for reducing software vulnerabilities could potentially affect healthcare organizations that are looking to improve their health data security measures. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)...

3 Tips for Creating Healthcare Security Change, Process Controls

by Bill Kleyman

Healthcare and security are probably some of the hottest topics today. We’re seeing medial IoT emerging, more digitizing of the healthcare ecosystem, and more healthcare services specifically using technology to revolutionize patient...

OIG Report Finds CO Medicaid Data Security Controls Lacking

by Elizabeth Snell

Colorado’s Medicaid data security may have increased risk due to vulnerabilities found in the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) information systems according to a recent investigation by the Office for...

Coordinating Healthcare Data Center Security, Cloud Security

by Bill Kleyman

The modern healthcare IT environment has quickly become the home of next-generation technologies. Still, the proliferation of cloud computing and the data-on-demand generation has created new types of challenges for today’s...

ONC Blockchain Challenge Winners Emphasize Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

ONC blockchain challenge winners were announced earlier this week, with the top white papers focusing on recommendations for market viability and creativity, as well as the advancement of health information flow. There were more than 70...

Data Security Vulnerabilities Found in CMS Wireless Networks

by Elizabeth Snell

While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has effective security controls in place to prevent cybersecurity attacks, some data security vulnerabilities were found in its wireless networks, according to a recent Office of...

Why Healthcare Data Security, Compliance Issues Go Untreated

by Dave Brunswick of Cleo Communications

If there ever was a pulse of healthcare operations, it’s data. From patient enrollment forms, electronic health records, and health insurance information, the amount of electronic data flowing through the medical community increases...

Planned Parenthood Health Data Breach Affects 2K Patients

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland faces a possible healthcare data breach affecting 2,506 patients after paper records were exposed during the closure of a healthcare center in Iowa, according to a company press release. Patients at the...

FDA Drafts Health Data Sharing Guidance for Medical Devices

by Jacqueline LaPointe

According to recent draft guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), medical device manufacturers can look to new health data sharing guidelines to help relieve previous patient privacy concerns. “Although not generally...

Healthcare Cloud Security Concerns Not Impediment to Usage

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Public and private cloud solutions are gaining popularity in the healthcare industry, especially for data storage and network usage, despite issues surrounding healthcare cloud security and PHI data breaches. Researchers at HyTrust...

Do Employee Errors Jeopardize Healthcare Data Security?

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Many people have heard the adage that humans are not perfect. But, when it comes to patient information, human imperfections can lead to serious healthcare data security issues. In a recent survey from Experian Data Breach Resolution and...

How Rise in Phishing Attacks Affects Healthcare Data Security

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Many healthcare organizations and business associates are constantly working to prevent phishing attacks from compromising healthcare data security. Yet, cyberattacks were still the top cause of healthcare data breaches in 2015 and recent...

Providers Seek Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Data Security

by Jacqueline LaPointe

While cloud solutions are advancing HIE and patient engagement strategies, more providers are focusing on how cloud services can be integrated into types of healthcare data security policies. According to a survey by Level 3...

Preparing for Online Attacks in Hospital Data Security

by Tom DeSot of Digital Defense, Inc.

Following recent headlines highlighting online attacks to hospital data security around the country, many are discussing the growth of not only ransomware, but various methods of targeted attacks and how to stop them. One way is for...

OIG Finds Information Security Issues with VA Audit Logs

by Jacqueline LaPointe

According to a recent VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) report, the Veterans Benefits Administration neglected to implement appropriate audit logs that would identify information security violations in the Veterans Benefits Management...

Human Error Leading Cause of Healthcare Data Breaches in 2015

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Healthcare data breaches in 2015 were more likely to be caused by human error in the form of stolen or lost assets, insider and privilege misuse, and miscellaneous errors, such as improper device disposal or mishandling PHI, reported...

Will Healthcare Data Encryption be Impacted by NIST Guide?

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Healthcare providers and other covered entities under HIPAA regulations may have a new resource on healthcare data encryption standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST released the final draft of...

Potential Healthcare Data Breach Affects Over 19K Patients

by Jacqueline LaPointe

The Pain Treatment Centers of America (PTCOA) and Interventional Surgery Institute (ISI), a healthcare network in Arkansas, has reported a potential PHI data breach after a vendor notified them of a hacking incident. According to...

VA Reports 41% Decrease in PHI Data Breaches in March

by Jacqueline LaPointe

In its March report to Congress, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has witnessed a 41 percent decrease in the total number of veterans affected by a potential PHI data breach since February. The report revealed that there...

Unsecured Database Leads to Potential Healthcare Data Breach

by Jacqueline LaPointe

A Pennsylvania-based healthcare network is facing a possible healthcare data breach after one of its databases was left unsecured on its website, according to a recent press release. Einstein Healthcare Network stated that approximately...


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