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Patient Privacy Key Part of Precision Medicine Initiative

by Elizabeth Snell

President Barack Obama recently announced Privacy and Trust Principles, which included guidance on protecting patient privacy, as part of the larger Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). The new research efforts will also include guidance in  how...

UC Medical Center Email Typo Results in PHI Data Breach

by Sara Heath

After an emailing error, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center has announced a health data breach potentially compromising the PHI of 1,064 individuals. Starting in 2014, the medical center experienced nine incidents of emailing private...

PHI Data Breach Report Shows Increase in Data Breach Rate

by Sara Heath

Nearly 90 percent of industries handling health information have experienced a PHI data breach, shows recent research from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. This data and other findings are expected to appear in the company’s PHI Data Breach...

Employee Theft Results in PHI Data Breach for 16K Children

by Sara Heath

Employee theft and improper disclosure resulted in a massive PHI data breach at Children’s Medical Clinics in Texas. According to the data breach notification letter sent out to potentially affected individuals, an employee took paper patient...

Health Data Privacy Part of DRAP Security Accreditation

by Sara Heath

As health data privacy becomes a heightened concern for health data organizations, the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) developed the Data Registry Accreditation Program (DRAP). Earlier this week, EHNAC awarded its...

NIST, NCCoE Develop Mobile Device Security Draft Guide

by Sara Heath

To combat issues of mobile device security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) have developed a guideline for implementing mobile security measures on both personal...

Cybersecurity Plans See More Executive Support, Study Shows

by Sara Heath

As healthcare cybersecurity needs become increasingly urgent, researchers in a recent study found that CIOs and CISOs are being given more power and more budgetary means to combat cybersecurity threats. The study, which was conducted by Tyler...

EEOC Proposed Rule May Affect Health Data Security

by Elizabeth Snell

A recently proposed rule from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) could potentially impact individuals’ health data security, as the rule would expand the type of data collected through employer wellness programs. The EEOC...

Medical Device Security, OCR Oversight in OIG 2016 Work Plan

by Elizabeth Snell

Improved medical device security and better oversight into how adequately the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) protects ePHI are just the beginning of the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) 2016 Work Plan. OIG plans to add medical device...

New Research System Helps Reduce Genomic Data Security Risks

by Sara Heath

Health data sharing is an important part of ensuring complete and effective healthcare research. However, it poses a significant risk to health data security and genomic data security. This conundrum is made evident in recent research by Sayush...

How Has Medical Device Security Evolved?

by Elizabeth Snell

With the proliferation of connected devices, BYOD policies and even the push for interoperability, medical device security has become an increasingly important issue for healthcare providers. No covered entity wants to fall victim to a healthcare...

Cybersecurity Job Market Shows Need for Health IT Security

by Sara Heath

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important part of the health IT industry as health data is more frequently stored on electronic and mobile devices as opposed to in old fashioned paper files. The complications many healthcare professionals...

Prioritizing Healthcare Security Yet Still Enabling the User

by Bill Kleyman

Today, your users are the driving forces behind healthcare operations, daily business functions, and patient care initiatives. In the past, healthcare organizations were able to use central terminals, controlled-access endpoints, and even pen...

Why Healthcare Identity and Access Management is Essential

by Elizabeth Snell

Employee training is a critical aspect to healthcare administrative safeguards, but it is also important that staff members are given the necessary tools to remain as efficient as possible. Healthcare identity and access management (IAM) is one...

Senate Approves Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act 2015

by Sara Heath

On October 27, the Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act 2015 (CISA), creating a framework for exchanging information regarding cybersecurity threats within the healthcare industry. According to a press release by the College...

Senate Pursues Legislation for More Health IT Cybersecurity

by Sara Heath

To help implement federal legislation to aid in increasing health IT cybersecurity measures, the Senate voted to continue discussions of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (S.754). This bill will essentially create a framework...

Why Healthcare Data Encryption Should Be Considered

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data encryption is an increasingly popular option when it comes to keeping sensitive data - such as patient PHI - secure. With more providers implementing mobile devices, connecting to EHRs, and using connected devices, the issue over...

Is Patient Privacy Violated When Docs Take Patient Data?

by Sara Heath

Instances of healthcare professionals taking patient information with them as they change practices is becoming a prevalent issue with patient privacy. Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed in Fresno, California challenging this very issue....

NY Health Data Breach Affects Persons with Disabilities

by Sara Heath

A health data breach involving the allegedly stolen protected health information (PHI) of individuals with disabilities has occurred, according to the Center for Disability Rights (CDR), an advocacy group for individuals with disabilities. According...

Health Data Privacy Not a Concern for Health Tech Consumers

by Sara Heath

As mobile and digital health technologies continue to be marketed toward consumers, the questions of health data privacy arise. A recent study by Rock Health investigating health data privacy issues, shows that consumers are certainly adopting...


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