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Healthcare Leads in Data Encryption Measures, Says Ponemon

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data encryption measures are becoming an increasingly popular topic, especially in the wake of large scale data breaches, such as Anthem and Premera. While HIPAA regulations qualify data encryption as an “addressable”...

Internal Data Encryption Lagging, Says WEDI Survey

by Elizabeth Snell

Internal data encryption, as well as at-rest data encryption, are two areas that healthcare facilities could improve upon, according to a recent Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) survey. Results from the survey were...

Key Takeaways From the Premera Data Breach

by Elizabeth Snell

Last week, the Premera data breach announcement further pushed the data security of healthcare organizations into the limelight. The health insurer stated that approximately 11 million members’ sensitive information, including PHI, was...

Breaking Down HIPAA: Health Data Encryption Requirements

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data encryption is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in the wake of large scale data breaches like Anthem, Inc. and Premera Blue Cross. The HIPAA Omnibus Rule improved patient privacy protections, gave individuals...

Should HIPAA Regulations Require Data Encryption?

by Elizabeth Snell

Following the Anthem data breach where nearly 80 million individuals’ personally identifiable information was potentially exposed, certain HIPAA regulations are coming under scrutiny. In particular, organizations and legislators are...

Anthem Data Breach May Impact 8.8 to 18.8M Non-Customers

by Stephanie Reardon

On Tuesday, an Anthem, Inc spokesperson stated that anywhere from 8.8 million to 18.8 million non-customers could be impacted by the previously announced Anthem data breach, according to a Reuters report. Earlier this month, Anthem,...

A Basic Review of Health Data Encryption

by Elizabeth Snell

More healthcare organizations, and even several state governments, are beginning to consider health data encryption as a necessary approach to keeping sensitive data secure. Keeping information safe when it is stored locally on devices...

Conn. Seeks Health Data Encryption Policy

by Elizabeth Snell

Following the massive Anthem data breach earlier this month, some Connecticut lawmakers hope to create a new health data encryption policy to better protect consumer information. That state’s Senate Democratic leaders want Connecticut...

New Jersey Passes Health Data Encryption Law

by Elizabeth Snell

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed legislation last week requiring health insurance companies in the state to use health data encryption methods. The move hopes to keep sensitive patient information, including protected health...

Boston Hospital Fined $40K for Healthcare Security Breach

by Stephanie Reardon

Boston Children’s Hospital to pay $40,000 in penalty fees following a healthcare security breach. Following a healthcare security breach that exposed the protected health information (PHI) of more than 2,000 patients, the Boston...

Why Healthcare Providers Should Consider Data Encryption

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare Data Encryption is a crucial tool for providers as they implement BYOD policies and work to strengthen their EHR systems. Healthcare data encryption is becoming an increasingly hot topic, especially as more providers implement...

Penn. Health Insurer Suffers Potential Data Breach

by Elizabeth Snell

A health insurer is facing a potential data breach due to a computer server reported missing after an office move. Even with strong administrative safeguards and comprehensive firewalls, a health data breach can occur if employees at an...

Federal Sites Lacked Health Data Encryption, Leaked Info

by Elizabeth Snell

Government websites that helped individuals find AIDS-related medical services reportedly lacked health data encryption. Health data encryption has been pushed as a top priority in the healthcare industry for years, and the recent...

Majority of Calif. Health Data Breaches from Stolen Hardware

by Elizabeth Snell

California Attorney General Kamala Harris released a report showing that the majority of health data breaches were from lost or stolen hardware. Health data breaches in California last year were largely due to stolen or lost hardware or...

Health Data Encryption is Critical Aspect for PHI Security

by Elizabeth Snell

In an effort to keep patient information secure, more healthcare organizations are calling for health data encryption precautions. New Jersey even announced recent legislation that requires health insurers to encrypt patient health...

eHealth Initiative Survey: HIEs Lacking In Interoperability

by Elizabeth Snell

Cost and technical challenges remain central barriers to interoperability for health information exchanges (HIEs), according to the recent eHealth Initiative survey. The research also showed that regulatory policies have seemingly...

UC Davis Health Email Breach Exposes 1,326 Patients’ Data

by Patrick Ouellette

UC Davis Health System announced that it discovered a provider’s email had been compromised by an unknown source on September 26, breaching 1,326 patients’ data. According to the release on the UC Davis Health website,...

Touchstone Medical Imaging Posts Data Breach Notification

by Patrick Ouellette

Touchstone Medical Imaging, LLC has sent out notices to some patients treated prior to August of 2012 that it learned on May 9, 2014 that a shared folder holding sensitive data was exposed on the internet. The imaging specialist...

Report: Healthcare industry must focus on endpoint security

by Patrick Ouellette

It’s no secret that data encryption continues to be an IT security sore spot in the healthcare industry, but some recent Forrester Report findings reaffirm that endpoint security is a critical issue. According to the Wall Street...

Jersey City Medical Center reports Medicaid patient breach

by Patrick Ouellette

Jersey City Medical Center recently publicized a Medicaid patient data breach that resulted from United Parcel Service (UPS) failing to deliver an unencrypted CD with patient data on it. The CD, which held an unknown number Medicaid...


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