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Lawrence General Health Data Breach Due to Lost Flash Drive

by Sara Heath

Health data breaches due to misplaced flash drives seem to be a rising trend recently, as Lawrence General Hospital is yet another healthcare organization to report an incident. On August 7, the hospital put out a press release outlining the...

What Healthcare Can Learn from the OPM Data Breach

by Elizabeth Snell

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced earlier this summer that it had fallen victim to a large-scale cybersecurity attack. The OPM data breach further proved that regardless of size, all organizations need to ensure they have...

Health Data Breaches From Theft, Improper Disposal

by Elizabeth Snell

As often discussed on this site, health data breaches can stem from numerous areas. Covered entities and their business associates need to ensure they have a comprehensive data security plan, and are able to implement the necessary physical,...

Potential Health Data Breach for Montana Urology Clinic

by Elizabeth Snell

A Montana urology clinic reported a potential health data breach after it discovered in May that its storage unit that housed patient records was broken into and patient data was possibly accessed. Urology Associates sent data breach notification...

MIE Health Data Breach Leads to Class Action Lawsuit

by Elizabeth Snell

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), months after it was discovered that a health data breach had taken place at the software company, potentially affecting millions of patients across the country....

Health Data Breaches Stem From Cyber Attack, Exposed Binders

by Elizabeth Snell

Health data breaches can occur because of numerous reasons, which is why covered entities and their business associates must have comprehensive training measures and data security measures. All physical safeguards, technical safeguards and administrative...

McLean Hospital Reports Health Data Breach, Affects 12,600

by Elizabeth Snell

Massachusetts-based McLean Hospital announced this week that it had suffered from a health data breach, potentially affecting 12,600 individuals. McLean discovered on May 29, 2015 that four unencrypted backup data tapes were missing, according...

Children’s National Health Data Breach Leads to Lawsuit

by Elizabeth Snell

Children’s National Health System is facing a class-action lawsuit following a health data breach where 18,000 patients potentially had their information compromised. The incident took place toward the end of 2014, and occurred when Children’s...

OhioHealth Missing Flash Drive Leads to Health Data Breach

by Sara Heath

After misplacing an unencrypted flash drive, OhioHealth has issued health data breach notification letters, according to a statement issued on the company’s website. OhioHealth discovered that the flash drive was missing on May 29. While...

PHI Data Breaches, Fraud in Georgia and New York

by Sara Heath

PHI data breach security is a primary concern for all healthcare professionals. However, in recent weeks, it has been challenged at both the Georgia Divisions of Aging Services and at Healthfirst, a health insurance agency based in New York....

UCLA Faces Lawsuit After Health Data Breach

by Sara Heath

UCLA Health System is facing a class action case in California federal court, following a health data breach that potentially affected 4.5 million patients, according to Law360. The plaintiff, Michael Allen, argues that UCLA Health was negligent...

UCLA Health Data Breach Affects 4.5M Patients

by Elizabeth Snell

UCLA Health System reported last week that it was the victim of a cyber attack, leading to a health data breach potentially compromising the information of approximately 4.5 million patients. UCLA Health discovered the attack on May 5, 2015,...

Mayo Clinic Says 601 Patient Records Inappropriately Accessed

by Elizabeth Snell

The Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing, Minnesota reported that 601 patient records were inappropriately accessed by an employee. Mayo Clinic Public Affairs Manager Asia Zmuda confirmed in an email to that “an employee...

UPMC Reports Second Health Data Breach in Two Months

by Elizabeth Snell

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plan recently reported a health data breach affecting 722 patients. This is the second health data breach reported at a UPMC facility in just under two months. A data file with certain...

Ark. BCBS Sends Data Breach Notification After Computer Theft

by Elizabeth Snell

Potential data breach notification letters are being sent out to certain Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield members after two computers were stolen on June 16, 2015. The devices belonged to Treat Insurance Agency, which solicits applications from...

Unauthorized PHI Access at Ohio Hospital Affects 300 Patients

by Elizabeth Snell

An Ohio hospital is working to notify nearly 300 patients after unauthorized PHI access took place, potentially compromising their personal information. A University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center employee allegedly accessed “certain patient...

Health Data Breaches Lead to Lawsuits for Florida Hospital

by Elizabeth Snell

Florida Hospital suffered from two health data breaches over the last four years, and is now facing potential class action lawsuits. The first health data breach occurred when Florida Hospital employees Dale Munroe and Katrina Munroe were accused...

Conn. Governor Signs Data Breach Security Bill into Law

by Elizabeth Snell

Connecticut officially changed its data breach security notification process, as Governor Dannell Malloy signed a proposed bill into law earlier this week. S.B. 949 was designed in an effort to create greater assurances around data security for...

Unencrypted Laptop Stolen From UC San Francisco

by Elizabeth Snell

UC San Francisco reported that it experienced a potential health data breach after an unencrypted laptop was stolen from a faculty member. The device belonged to a faculty member in the Cardiac Electrophysiology & Arrhythmia Service, according...

Orlando Health Data Breach Affects 3,200

by Elizabeth Snell

An employee’s unauthorized access of 3,200 patient medical records has caused a potential health data breach at Orlando Health. During a routine patient record access audit on May 27, 2015, Orlando Health discovered that a certified nursing...


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