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Medical Device Risk Extends to Network, Apps, CHIME tells FDA

March 20, 2019 - Threats to patient safety extend beyond medical device risk, and the Food and Drug Administration should expand its definition of devices to include the whole health IT ecosystem, CHIME told the FDA in its response to draft guidance on premarket medical device cybersecurity. CHIME CEO, President Russell Branzell and Sean Murphy, AEHIS Chair, on behalf of CHIME and AEHIS members, wrote...

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Cybersecurity, Patient Trust, Data Sharing Top Health CIO Priorities

by Jessica Davis

The top priorities of healthcare chief information officers and other leaders are cybersecurity, interoperability, patient trust, data governance, and other areas, depending on the stage of their EHR implementation, according to a new...

Senator Asks AMA, HIMSS How to Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity

by Jessica Davis

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, is calling on some of the healthcare sector’s biggest stakeholders to share what they are doing to prevent cyberattacks and how those efforts can be supported by the government. The letter was sent to...

Feds Warn Chinese Hackers Launching Targeted Cyberattacks

by Jessica Davis

The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure and Security Agency recently alerted all sectors that Chinese hackers have been actively exploiting relationships between IT service providers and their customers. The...

Weekend Ransomware Attack Interrupts Care at 2 Ohio Hospitals

by Jessica Davis

Patients needing emergency care were diverted away from East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center over the weekend due to a ransomware attack. Officials confirmed the attack began on Friday night and continued into...

New Stealthy Russian Hacking Tool Targets Government Agencies

by Jessica Davis

A new Russian hacking tool is targeting government systems in the United States and Europe through spear-phishing attacks, using stealthy, sophisticated mechanisms to go undetected. Discovered by Palo Alto Networks, the...

3 Ways All-Flash Could Benefit Your Healthcare Data Security

by Bill Kleyman

Working with healthcare data security over the past couple of years has been really interesting. First of all, we’re seeing a bit of a redesign happening around efficiency, user optimization, and improved systems that are capable of...

Protecting Your Healthcare Brand by Investing in Data Security

by Bill Kleyman

The modern trends around digitization and cloud have absolutely catapulted cybersecurity into the forefront of concerns for healthcare admins and IT decision makers. A recent Ponemon study, analyzing the cost of data breaches, found that...

What Should Entities Expect for Healthcare Security in 2017?

by Bill Kleyman

We can spend the entirety of this article discussing all of the breaches, security holes, and data loss that happened within healthcare this year alone. There are plenty of examples around encryption, physical device loss, lost user...

Creating Strong Healthcare IT Infrastructure Security

by Bill Kleyman

Security in the healthcare world continues to be a very interesting topic. We’re seeing growing concerns around data, virtual systems, and much more adoption around cloud services. At the healthcare level, new types of services are...

Senate HELP Committee Wants Answers on Health Data Integrity

by Frank Irving

The U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), known for its activism on health information technology issues, is pressing government agencies for information on how they intend to support and protect victims of...

Thieves Expose Healthcare’s Data Integrity Shortfalls

by Frank Irving

Cyber-attackers continue to hammer healthcare organizations’ gaps in protecting data integrity and interconnected systems. In fact, as an industry, healthcare sees three times as many security incidents and attacks than other sectors...


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