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PHI Healthcare Cloud Security Still Too Low, Report Shows

by Sara Heath

The healthcare industry has vastly more PHI related policy violations when it comes to cloud security, according to Blue Coat Elastica Cloud Threat Labs Q4 2015 Shadow Data Report. Although the healthcare industry clearly has the...

5 Healthcare Security Considerations Going Into 2016

by Bill Kleyman

As we approach 2016, it’s important to take a moment and look at just how far we’ve come in terms of technological evolution. Findings form a recent Gartner report state that the use of cloud computing is growing, and by 2016...

Why Education is Crucial to Health Data Security in 2016

by Elizabeth Snell

Ensuring that healthcare employees at all levels are properly – and regularly – trained in the latest healthcare data security measures is one of the most important things organizations can do for 2016, according to St. Claire...

Healthcare Cloud Adoption Slow Due to HIPAA, Survey Finds

by Elizabeth Snell

While healthcare has increased its cloud adoption from 8 percent to 37 percent in the last year, according to a recent survey, it lags behind other industries in terms of cloud adoption due to HIPAA regulations. Privacy concerns, limited...

Excessive PHI Sharing Top Healthcare Cloud Security Concern

by Sara Heath

Excessive PHI sharing is the top concern for healthcare entities when it comes to cloud security, according to CloudLock’s Q4 2015 Cybersecurity Report. In a study that investigated a total of eight IT security industries and...

3 Ways to Break Through the Healthcare Cloud Security Fear

by Bill Kleyman

It goes without saying that the road to healthcare cloud security has been a bumpy one for many organizations. Understanding what to push into a cloud ecosystem, how to control these workloads, and – most of all – how to secure...

Key Reminders for Strong Healthcare Cloud Security

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare cloud security is no longer a topic that can be ignored by covered entities and business associates. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the push toward interoperability, and an increasingly connected digital industry,...

Healthcare Cloud DLP Violations Top Among Industries

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare cloud security is an increasingly important issue, especially as more providers turn to cloud storage options. Organizations need to account for numerous types of data security measures, and if a recent report is any indication,...

Maintaining Health IT Security While Moving to the Cloud

by Bill Kleyman

We’re seeing more healthcare organizations move to the cloud to create unparalleled levels of scalability and business extension. However, health IT security must still be a top priority as the move takes place. For some time,...

Creating Healthcare Cloud Security for Cancer Research

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare cloud security is becoming an increasingly important issue in the healthcare space, especially as more organizations are using cloud options for storage and other needs. More facilities are also branching into healthcare...

Creating New Healthcare Cloud End-User, Environment Policies

by Bill Kleyman

Cloud computing, mobility, and even the concepts of IoT are becoming staples within the IT and healthcare communities. Organizations are gearing up to move to the cloud and utilize a fast amount of resources to help them work with a...

Healthcare Cloud Usage Exceeds IT Expectations, Report Finds

by Elizabeth Snell

More healthcare organizations are beginning to implement cloud computing options for data storage options, but if a recent report is any indication, healthcare cloud usage has increased beyond what many IT teams expected. The average...

Is Healthcare Cloud Data Security Strong Enough?

by Elizabeth Snell

With more covered entities beginning to implement cloud computing options, the issue of healthcare cloud data security becomes increasingly important. Not storing PHI in a physical location can definitely have its benefits, but if...

How Healthcare Can Create a Secure Hybrid Cloud

by Bill Kleyman

There is a visible change happening within the modern healthcare architecture. New types of users, applications and use-cases are all emerging and pushing business drivers forward. One of the biggest impactors of the modern business is, of...

Healthcare Leads in Cloud Security Adoption, Says Survey

by Elizabeth Snell

Cloud security adoption is increasing in popularity, and the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are leading the way, according to a recent CipherCloud survey. Those two industries represent 38 percent of respondents who are...

Are Healthcare Regulatory Mandates Harming the Industry?

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare regulatory mandates are designed to help covered entities keep sensitive data, such as patients’ protected health information (PHI), secure. As technology continues to evolve, it is especially critical for healthcare...

Healthcare Cloud Services: 5 Uses You Didn’t Know About

by Morris Panner

Healthcare cloud services are opening up endless, new windows of opportunity for providers and patients alike. It’s no secret that today’s healthcare industry has become more digital, more collaborative, more patient-centered...

How to Stay HIPAA Compliant When Using Your Healthcare Cloud

by Bill Kleyman

The proliferation of healthcare cloud computing has allowed so many organizations to extend their environments, utilize more flexible resources, and empower their users. New types of cloud models have allowed the seamless transition of...

Balancing Healthcare Cloud Prospects With Security Needs

by Patrick Ouellette

A healthcare organization is constantly weighing short-term plans against long-term goals and ensuring that these different projects are properly aligned isn’t always easy. Dale Atkins, Technical Architect at Munson Medical Center of...

Cloud data risk report: Seeing how healthcare stacks up

by Patrick Ouellette

The quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk (CAR) Report from Skyhigh Networks uses usage data collected from customers around the world to help explain how some enterprise organizations adopt and use cloud data. The anonymized data was...


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