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What’s at Stake with Healthcare IoT and Cloud? Unnecessary Risk

February 14, 2019 - The healthcare sector continues to adopt IoT technologies and move into the cloud at a rapid pace. But while these technologies support a value-based care model and can improve patient care, the tools can pose serious risks that organizations must address before introducing them to their network. According to a recent report from Zion Market Research, the smart medical products global...

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Speeding Pharma’s Time to Market with Managed Cloud Services

by ClearDATA

Bringing a new drug to market is an expensive undertaking. Over the past few years, the cost has inched closer to $3 billion, according to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. That’s for drugs that successfully pass...

Big Rewards Await Pharma Companies with Big Data in the Cloud

by ClearDATA

The plummeting costs and rising availability of genetic testing, coupled with the ubiquity of digital clinical data, are creating promising new opportunities for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to develop innovative drugs and...

What Pharma Needs to Know about Compliance Regulation in the Cloud

by ClearDATA

An increasing portion of healthcare is moving its business and data to the cloud. About two-thirds of healthcare technology leaders reported using the cloud or cloud services, according to a 2017 HIMSS Analytics report. Research...

Amazon HIPAA Compliance Lead Search Indicates Healthcare Focus

by Elizabeth Snell

An Amazon job posting for a HIPAA Compliance Lead potentially indicates that the technology company is looking to expand into the healthcare space. The individual hired for the healthcare privacy and security position will help Amazon in...

Improving Efficiency with Healthcare Data Center Infrastructure

by Bill Kleyman

There have been some big advancements when it comes to data center infrastructure design and architecture. Cloud computing, converged infrastructure, and network advancements have all contributed to greater levels of density and...

4 Benefits and Barriers in Utilizing Healthcare Cloud

by Elizabeth Snell

The healthcare cloud is becoming a more popular – and sometimes necessary – option for providers. Entities are evolving into the digital healthcare space, and are steering away from paper records. Data protection and business...

OIG Finds Unprotected PII in Federal Cloud Computing System

by Elizabeth Snell

With more organizations utilizing cloud computing options, including the healthcare industry, it is essential that necessary security measures are taken. A failure to do so could leave PHI or PII unprotected and vulnerable, potentially...

Maintaining Data Security with Cloud Computing Options

by Elizabeth Snell

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a popular option for healthcare organizations, including both covered entities and business associates. Offsite storage can aid data security measures, but the information can still be accessed from...

Simplifying the Healthcare Data Center Migration Process

by Bill Kleyman

In working with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world, there has been a common theme when conversations around healthcare data centers come about. Specifically, many organizations are now asking: Just how agile is my...

Unauthorized Access, Malware Top Cloud Security Worries

by Elizabeth Snell

While moving certain IT operations to the cloud can provide numerous benefits for organizations across industries, potential cloud security issues are still a top concern for the majority of IT workers, according to a recent Netwrix...

Coordinating Healthcare Data Center Security, Cloud Security

by Bill Kleyman

The modern healthcare IT environment has quickly become the home of next-generation technologies. Still, the proliferation of cloud computing and the data-on-demand generation has created new types of challenges for today’s...

Cloud Computing Security Vendors for Healthcare

by Elizabeth Snell

Data security is critical for any healthcare organization, and as technology continues to evolve, more entities are beginning to look to cloud computing security options. However, in a highly regulated industry, organizations cannot...

HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud: Breaking Down HIPAA Rules

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA compliance in cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important topic as more covered entities (CEs) begin to consider this option for data storage. Even as cloud computing technology evolves, it is essential that CEs – and...

Boston researchers look at cloud encryption needs

by Patrick Ouellette

A group of Boston researchers will be involved in a project part of the National Science Foundation’s Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program, which will take a broad look at cloud computing innovation and, in party, try to find...


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