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Texas nonprofit advocacy group tells 2,934 of PHI breach

By Patrick Ouellette

- An Austin, Texas nonprofit advocacy group for children with developmental disabilities, EveryChild, Inc., recently announced that it has informed 2,934 families of a potential data breach, according to

The group learned of the breach on February 2 when it realized internal computers had been stolen from its office. The computers contained patients’ birthdates,¬†Social Security¬†numbers, Medicaid numbers, photos and other health information. While EveryChild believes that none of the information has been misused, it said that it has alerted Texas Health and Human Services Commission of the breach and offered free credit monitoring to affected patients.

It’s unknown whether the patients are limited to just Austin or whether there are clients in San Antonio as well. EveryChild also didn’t provide any information regarding physical or technical safeguards on the stolen devices, only saying that it “is improving its security of confidential information.” In these types of breaches involving both protected health information (PHI) and financial data, it’s important to know whether computers were encrypted and whether they were stored in a safe place.


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