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Tampa General Hospital investigating another data breach

By Patrick Ouellette

- Just more than a month after some Tampa General Hospital (and James A. Haley VA Medical Center) employees were indicted for a fraudulent tax refund scheme, the organization is investigating more patient identities being stolen by a now-terminated employee.

Sharee Chapman, according to, underwent hip replacement surgery at Tampa General Hospital on May 16 and received a two-page letter when she got home informing her she could become a victim of identity theft. It’s unclear if this fraud ring is tied to the one previously reported by in July, but ABC reports that a University of South Florida health employee was pulled over on May 24 by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies and had protected health information (PHI) and billing data that they shouldn’t have had access to. PHI included an unknown number of Social Security numbers, names, birth dates and medical record numbers.

Chapman received a letter dated July 26, but the postmark on the envelope was apparently for August 13. Tampa General Hospital told patients that they can get free credit reports from one of the main bureaus, but didn’t go much further than that in helping them ensure their identities are safe.

Denver counselor’s laptop containing PHI stolen

Though the details of the actual theft are sparse, reports that a Denver counselor’s laptop containing PHI was stolen from her office. Janna Benkelman didn’t explain whether there were any protections on the device and exactly what was on there, but still sent a HIPAA Breach Notification letter to 7NEWS to inform patients of the theft.

Janna Benkelman LPC, LLC, according to 7NEWS, is providing free credit monitoring services to patients who may have been impacted and they will get a notification letter from the company.



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