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Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic notifies patients of breach

By Patrick Ouellette

- A Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic (RMSC) employee stole 532 patients’ protected health information (PHI) and the organization alerted affected patients Wednesday with breach notification letters.

The RMSC billing department employee had emailed herself a document containing the patients’ PHI such as patient names, insurance company information and tracked patient surgeries and has since been fired by the organization. From there, according to the Denver Post, it filed a police report with the Lone Tree Police Department.

The employee claimed that she didn’t share the information, which didn’t include credit card numbers, and deleted the document after emailing it. And according to Joanna Smith, the clinic’s privacy officer, no charges are planned against the employee because she termed the incident a mistake because the employee was trying to work from home. “She actually did not mean to send (the email), it was bad judgment,” Smith said. “She thought she could work from home.”

After RMSC hired a computer forensic specialist to examine the former employee’s personal computer and email account, it determined that the computer and email account were free of patient information.

California Correctional Health Care Services reports privacy breach pointed out a letter sent on June 19 to California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHS) inmates that there had been a patient privacy breach:

Dear [inmate],

We are contacting you because of a security incident involving your personal information.

On June 19, 2013, dental records were reported missing from a California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) staff member’s possession while off the premises of a correctional institution. The missing documents contained information such as patient name, CDCR number, date of birth, and dental treatment plan. It is possible that your dental record may have been included in the missing documents. CCHCS has conducted an investigation of this incident and is taking steps to locate the missing documents.

We regret this incident occurred and want to assure you CCHCS has taken steps to mitigate these types of events, including information security training for staff associated with this event. We do not believe there are any further protective measures you need to take at this time. If you have further inquiries please contact the Controlled Correspondence Unit, PO Box 588500, Sacramento, CA 95758-8500.

California Correctional Health Care Services


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