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Long Beach Memorial Medical Center announces data breach

By Patrick Ouellette

- Long Beach Memorial Medical Center alerted 2,864 patients who received treatment from September 2012 to last month that it has experienced a health data breach. reports that it was an internal employee who compromised the data, but there are no details as to how they breached the information. The organization only referred to the Long Beach Police Department when asked about the employee.

Breached information included name, sex, date of birth, home address, phone number, account number, insurance information and the reason for admission. The hospital told the Press-Telegram that it reviewed its computer security procedures and determined that network security has not been breached.

“At this time, there is no reason to believe the information was used in a malicious manner or one that would impact quality of patient care,” the hospital said in a statement. “Long Beach Memorial Medical Center will continue to thoroughly review and strengthen its procedures to ensure it maintains the highest level of patient privacy possible and take all necessary steps to safeguard personal information.”

This statement can’t be all that comforting to patients, as they don’t know what type of employee inappropriately accessed their data and how exactly the organization plans on improving its patient data security procedures. According to the report, a police spokeswoman said the investigation is open and no arrest has been made.



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