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Cybersecurity hackers target Boston Children’s Hospital

By Patrick Ouellette

- Hackers have made multiple attempts to infiltrate Boston Children’s Hospital within the past month, according to a Boston Globe report.

The hackers’ efforts were geared toward overloading the Children’s website and potentially exposing the organization’s internal network, but no breach actually occurred. While the attacks haven’t been directly linked with the well-known hacker group Anonymous, there appears to be a connection between the attacks and the group’s involvement with the Justina Pelletier (a Children’s patient) child custody case.

As a result of the latest Children’s attack, the organization shut down some of its Web pages, so some patients and medical personnel were unable to access online accounts to check appointments, test results, and other case information. However, Children’s has maintained that no patient data has been inappropriately accessed.

The Globe report also said that Children’s chief executive Sandra Fenwick told employees that “multiple attacks, designed to bring the site down by overwhelming its capacity” and that the hospital “received a direct, credible threat against our internal network, including staff and patient information…”

For background, Anonymous has taken issue with Boston Children’s Hospital filing child abuse charges against Pelletier’s family following it seeking treatment for her alleged intestinal and other issues. Children’s doctors reportedly believed that she had psychiatric, not physical, problems and Anonymous has since campaigned in support of Pelletier. “To the Boston Children’s Hospital why do you employ people that clearly do not put patients first?” it said, according to the Globe. “We demand that you terminate Alice W. Newton from her employment or you to shall feel the full unbridled wrath of Anonymous. Test us and you shall fail.” will provide any further updates on this report.


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