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Amazon Web Services encryption partners try new strategies

By Patrick Ouellette

- 2014 is a new year, but public cloud vendors are still trying to find ways to get healthcare organizations to believe in public cloud encryption and key management. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace has a number of encryption partners, such as Gazzang, that help solidify data security. But another partner, SafeNet, is now offering a thirty-day free trial of its ProtectV virtual encryption products and Virtual KeySecure through the AWS Marketplace.

AWS already assures organizations it’s compliant with, among others, HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1 and FIPS 140-2, but it uses technology partners like Gazzang and SafeNet to scale to different organizational needs. Gazzang can be used to secure large healthcare data sets as part of a long-term big data strategy, while SafeNet’s on or off-premise capabilities can be utilized to aid organizational transition to virtual datacenters and into the cloud. But along with the branding of being an AWS partner, it will be interesting to see if organizations bite on SafeNet’s thirty-day free trials.

“We’re excited to add free trial versions of SafeNet’s ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure products to the AWS Marketplace,” saidTerry Hanold, vice president, cloud commerce, AWS. “With these offerings, customers can start using SafeNet software in a matter of minutes, at no additional charge during the trial. Shifting to production usage is friction-free, with no migration required, and software charges simply appearing on the customer’s AWS bill.”

According to the release, ProtectV is a virtual instance encryption product and Virtual KeySecure is a “hardened software appliance that manages and securely stores” ProtectV’s encryption keys. Organizations must sign up for the free trials between Jan. 9, 2014 and April 1, 2014 and thereafter can choose between hourly or monthly pricing model on the AWS Marketplace.

As discussed previously on, cloud migration is still a bit stagnant in healthcare due to security concerns that on the surface may be unfounded. But vendors are still trying to break through on the cloud front and provide incentive for these organizations to see how cloud offerings stack up security-wise along with selling the benefits of a subscription service. With SafeNet’s free trial, organizations would have the opportunity to simulate their environment and perform testing and risk analysis.

“As organizations migrate more sensitive workloads and data to the cloud, security is now top of mind,” said Wendy Nather, research director, Enterprise Security Practice, 451 Research, according to the release.  “The ability for companies to easily implement strong data protection and security measures in the cloud will play a major role in their decision making.  As companies like SafeNet make their encryption and key management offerings available for cloud platforms such as AWS, enterprises can feel more confident that they are creating strong security across the board.”

Regardless of whether the 30-day trial means much in a short-term business sense for SafeNet, it’s clear that companies are gearing up for organizations to dip their toes in the public cloud waters in 2014.


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