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OPM Data Breach Controls Improved, Further Action Required


The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has made improvements in its data security, but a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report still outlined several areas where OPM data breach controls can be strengthened. The 2015 OPM data breaches...

HITRUST, Trend Micro Set to Improve Cyber Threat Management


HITRUST and Trend Micro have partnered together in an effort to further advance cyber threat information sharing and the cyber threat management process, according to a HITRUST release. The HITRUST Cyber Threat Management and Response Center...

Medical Device Cybersecurity Act Draws Industry Support


Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced medical device cybersecurity legislation last week in an effort to better protect sensitive patient information and to create stronger cybersecurity protections for connected devices. The Medical...

Staying HIPAA Compliant in Patient Health Data Access Process


Last month, AHIMA released a new form designed to help both healthcare providers and patients better understand and utilize the patient health data access process. Patients have the right to their own information, but providers need to maintain...

Ransomware Attack May Affect 10K Plastic Surgery Patients


On February 12, 2017, Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota discovered its health IT systems had experienced a ransomware attack. The healthcare organization immediately attempted to remove the ransomware from the infected servers and decrypt...

Legislation Aims to Unite HIPAA Rules, Substance Use Records


Congressmen Tim Murphy and Earl Blumenauer introduced legislation last week that would help align 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 2 (Part 2) with HIPAA rules, ensuring that substance use disorder patients can receive proper care while their...

Most Wired Org Focuses on Multi-Level Healthcare Data Security


The American Hospital Association’s Hospital & Health Networks (H&HN) Most Wired rankings showed that more organizations are finding successful ways to balance innovation and healthcare data security. St. Luke’s University...

Anthem Vendor Reports Potential Data Breach Affecting 18K


An Anthem vendor recently announced that it suffered a potential data breach that could impact 18,580 Medicare members. LaunchPoint Ventures, LLC (LaunchPoint) is a Medicare insurance coordination services vendor. The organization learned on...

OCR Stresses Employee Training Need in PHI Security


The need for strong employee training only increases as the healthcare risk landscape grows and threatens PHI security, according to the recent OCR cybersecurity newsletter. Data security training is necessary for combatting threats such as ransomware...

5 Lessons Learned in OCR HIPAA Settlements


Healthcare organizations cannot assume that they will never experience a data breach or data security incident. Failure to update safeguards or audit controls could also lead to an OCR HIPAA settlement, which could be paired with a high fine...

Why Healthcare Cybersecurity Budgets Should Increase


As HIPAA data breaches continue to be reported, it would make sense that healthcare cybersecurity budgets increase as necessary to ensure that organizations are prepared for potential attacks. Making investments in technological safeguards, employee...

Nuance Restores 75% of Clients After NotPetya Malware Attack


Massachusetts-based Nuance Communications, Inc. stated that it has restored 75 percent of its clients following the NotPetya malware attack it experienced last month. Nuance Healthcare, which offers a transcription platform used by medical...

Using NIST Guidance for Better Risk Assessment, Data Security


A structured method of prioritizing programs, systems, and components based on their importance is a critical part of an organization’s risk assessment process and approach to data security, according to a recent NIST special publication....

HIPAA Data Breaches, Cyber Attacks Reported by 47% of Orgs


There has been an increase over the past two years in healthcare providers and health plans experiencing HIPAA data breaches or cybersecurity attacks that compromised data, according to a recent KPMG survey. The 2017 Cyber Healthcare & Life...

Tewksbury Hospital PHI Data Breach Threatens 1K Patients


Massachusetts-based Tewksbury Hospital recently discovered evidence of an incident of unauthorized EHR access potentially creating a PHI data breach. In April of 2017, a former Tewksbury Hospital patient stated an unauthorized individual may...

Healthcare Risk Management Key Area in New HITRUST Program


A Community Extension Program designed to aid healthcare organizations discuss challenges, best practices, and lessons learned in healthcare risk management programs will soon be launched nationwide, according to HITRUST. The program will also...

Best Practices for Preventing Phishing Attacks, Data Breaches


The Anthem data breach from 2015 was a wakeup call for numerous industries, but especially healthcare, showing that phishing attacks can have far reaching effects. A $115 million settlement proposal was announced in June 2017, which would require...

HHS Updates HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool, Empowers Consumers


The recently updated HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool (HBRT) will highlight recent healthcare data breaches and help consumers learn how such incidents are investigated, according to OCR. The agency explained in a statement that the new HBRT “features...

Poll Finds Healthcare Cybersecurity Needs Managed In-House


Nearly half of healthcare professionals – 47 percent – said that their organization utilizes a mix of in-house and outsourced healthcare cybersecurity needs, according to the latest Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Stat...

Secure Messaging App Implemented in 26% of Healthcare Orgs


Few hospitals have access to a fully implemented secure messaging system, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine. The majority of hospital-based clinicians – 79.8 percent – are provided pagers for...


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