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VA Patient Privacy Violations Found, Says OIG Report


A recent VA Office of Inspector General investigation (OIG) found data sharing and patient privacy violations at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System (PAHCS). OIG first heard of allegations that PAHCS had entered into an illegal agreement with...

System of CMS IT Security Controls Lacking, Says OIG Report


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) IT security controls for its Multidimensional Insurance Data Analytics System (MIDAS) needs improvement, according to a recent investigation by the Office of Inspector General (OIG)....

AHA Addresses Health Data Security Concern in VT SCOTUS Case


Amicus briefs in the Gobeille vs. Liberty Mutual Insur. Co. Supreme Court case continue as the American Hospital Association (AHA) recently contributed its thoughts on the matter. The organization submitted its brief on September 8, and advocated...

Patient Privacy Advocated for in AAPS Amicus Brief to SCOTUS


Patient privacy and security are at the center of the recent Supreme Court case Gobeille vs. Liberty Mutual Insur. Co. The case will determine whether states have the right to access patient information obtained by self-funded insurance providers....

Improved Patient Privacy in HHS Updates to Research Rules


New data security and information protection standards that aim to improve patient privacy in research studies are part of the updates recently announced by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Current regulations - also referred...

HIPAA Regulations Discussed in Latest Mental Health Bill


A recently proposed mental health bill would potentially alter HIPAA regulations when it comes to individuals being treated for mental health conditions and their family members. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) and U.S. Senator Chris Murphy...

Does NAIC Cybersecurity Bill of Rights Affect Healthcare?


Healthcare cybersecurity is not an issue that is going to fade away anytime soon, especially as more covered entities continue to implement connected devices and also connect to one another through HIEs. However, healthcare data breaches are...

How Will NJ Bill Affect Patient PHI Access?


Patient PHI access is one of several rights granted to individuals through the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Essentially, individuals have the right to review and request to receive a copy of their medical records. There can be certain circumstances where...

Maryland Practice Implements Secure Messaging Option


Secure messaging is becoming an increasingly popular feature for healthcare organizations, especially as the push for BYOD continues to grow. However, covered entities must ensure all communications stay secure, and that employees are HIPAA compliant...

How Does Data De-Identification Affect Clinical Research?


Health data de-identification can give healthcare organizations an opportunity to present data for research purposes in a way that does not compromise patient privacy. Clinical research in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are...

Health Data Sharing Bill Passes House in 344-77 Vote


In a 344-77 vote, the US House of Representatives passed a health data sharing bill that has been hotly debated by various healthcare organizations. The 21st Century Cures bill is intended to overhaul drug development by giving researchers...

Is Health Data Security At Risk In 21st Century Cures Bill?


While the recent 21st Century Cures bill has many lawmakers, agencies, and healthcare organizations standing behind it, there are still opponents that believe individuals’ health data security will be at increased risk because of the legislation....

Utah Medical Privacy Bill Receives Pushback from DEA


A medical privacy bill went into effect in Utah earlier this year, requiring police agencies to get a warrant from a judge before searching the state’s controlled-substance database. However, the US Drug Enforcement Administration may sue...

Patient Privacy Top CHIME Recommendation to Senate Group


Protecting patient privacy and ensuring health data security were just two of several recommendations the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) put forth to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions...

CMS Health Data Privacy Not Compromised in Increased Access


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced earlier this week that it will now allow innovators and entrepreneurs to access its data, including information like Medicare claims. The policy change is part of CMS’ commitment...

VA PHI Incidents Increase 178% in April


After a positive few months that showed a decrease in PHI incidents, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) saw a drastic uptick in reported data security events, according to its latest report to Congress. In March, the VA stated that 383 veterans...

Coast Guard Needs Better PHI Security, Says OIG Report


The US Coast Guard (USCG) must do a better job in its PHI security measures, according to a recent report from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Specifically, USCG lacks a strong organizational approach to resolving privacy issues, the...

Why PHI Security Cannot be Forgotten When Entities Move


PHI security is an essential aspect of healthcare data privacy for covered entities of all sizes. Each facility is different and will therefore benefit from different security measures. However, ensuring that PHI does not fall into the wrong...

ONC Privacy, Security Workgroup Expresses Stage 3 MU Concerns


There are several patient privacy and security concerns related to the proposed Meaningful Use Stage 3 rule, according to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Health Information Technology (HIT) Privacy & Security Workgroup. Earlier...

Why Information Blocking Could Hinder PHI Security


PHI security is an increasingly important issue, especially as more providers implement electronic medical records and the push for nationwide interoperability continues. However, health information blocking and healthcare privacy rules could...


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