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Data Breach Notification Bill Fails to Pass N.M. Senate


The New Mexico Senate did not pass a recently proposed data breach notification bill, even though the bill was unanimously passed by the House earlier this year. HB 217 required that businesses notify customers if their personally identifiable...

Patient PHI Compromised by Florida Hospital Employees


No healthcare facility wants patient PHI compromised, let alone by its own employees. However, that is the situation that Florida Hospital is currently working through, according to a facility statement. Two employees, who have since been terminated,...

Healthcare Data Breaches Can Push Patients Away, Says Survey


Healthcare data breaches can be devastating for patients and the healthcare facility that was attacked. The organization could face severe penalties from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) if it is deemed that it violated HIPAA,...

What Are the Legal Concerns in a HIPAA Risk Assessment?


No healthcare organization wants to find itself in legal trouble when it comes to conducting a HIPAA risk assessment. Facilities must ensure that they are adhering to all federal requirements, as well as any state or local laws. That way, the...

How Does Stage 3 Meaningful Use Affect Health Data Privacy?


Health data privacy and security measures need to remain a top priority for covered entities, and CMS’ recent proposal for Stage 3 Meaningful Use does not forget that fact. Numerous administrative and technical changes were suggested, and while...

Top Tips on Conducting a HIPAA Risk Assessment


A HIPAA risk assessment is essential for all covered entities (CEs). Ideally, organizations conduct such an analysis before the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) comes knocking on their door. That way, CEs learn about potential weak spots in their...

Breaking Down HIPAA: Health Data Encryption Requirements


Health data encryption is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in the wake of large scale data breaches like Anthem, Inc. and Premera Blue Cross. The HIPAA Omnibus Rule improved patient privacy protections, gave individuals new...

The HIPAA Risk Assessment: A Journey, Not A Destination


A HIPAA risk assessment can be an important tool in helping covered entities determine how they can best improve their overall privacy and security measures. With two large scale healthcare data breaches being announced already in 2015, it is...

OCR HIPAA Audits Delayed Once Again


The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Director Jocelyn Samuels still does not have a set date for when the next round of HIPAA audits will take place. Samuels spoke earlier this week at the 23rd National...

Breaking Down HIPAA Rules: HIE Security


HIE security is an increasingly important issue, especially as the push for interoperability continues. We’ve previously discussed how the HIPAA Omnibus Rule made important impacts on several aspects of HIPAA rule, and how covered entities...

Determining Whether a HIPAA Data Breach Occurred


Covered entities need to be able to determine if a HIPAA data breach has taken place following the potential exposure of sensitive data. The implementation of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule slightly changed this process, in that there were new determining...

HIPAA Regulations v. FERPA Rules In Privacy Rights


HIPAA regulations were created to ensure that patients’ PHI remained secure, and that individuals would not have to worry about their personal information falling into the wrong hands. Similarly, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act...

Key Factors for the HIPAA Privacy Rule in Emergencies


The HIPAA Privacy Rule was designed to help keep protected health information (PHI) from becoming exposed or easily accessible to the public. But what happens in an emergency situation? When does the public’s safety trump the privacy of...

Breaking Down HIPAA Rules: Data Breach Notification


Recent headlines are bringing certain HIPAA rules and regulations to the forefront of healthcare, legal, and public discussion. In the wake of the Anthem data breach that potentially exposed the personally identifiable information of up to 78...

Should HIPAA Regulations Require Data Encryption?


Following the Anthem data breach where nearly 80 million individuals’ personally identifiable information was potentially exposed, certain HIPAA regulations are coming under scrutiny. In particular, organizations and legislators are beginning...

Healthcare Security and Compliance Increases, Says DataMotion


The majority of healthcare organizations – 97 percent – have put healthcare security and compliance measures into place, according to DataMotion’s third annual survey on corporate email and file transfer habits. This is an increase...

Key Reminders For Your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment


The HIPAA security risk assessment is an important way for healthcare organizations to evaluate the potential risks and vulnerabilities within their facility and how they are adhering to HIPAA. All covered entities and their business associates...

Potential HIPAA Violation From Minn. BCBS Nurse


A Minnesota Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) nurse possibly committed a HIPAA violation after he inappropriately accessed a state database containing prescription information for 1 million Minnesotans, according to a WCCO-TV report. The BCBS nurse,...

Will Patient Privacy Violations Occur With Missouri Law?


Will the importance of the public’s safety outweigh concerns over potential patient privacy violations? That debate continues in Missouri, as lawmakers will soon discuss whether preschools and daycare centers must tell parents if there are...

Potential HIPAA Violations After Wisc. and Texas Thefts


Unfortunately, HIPAA violations can still occur even when healthcare facilities implement comprehensive security measures and keep them properly updated. Employee training can also help mitigate some risk, but organizations must be prepared that...


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