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ICIT Explains NIST Guide Impact on Healthcare Cybersecurity


As health IT developers work to create the latest platforms and tools for the industry, it is essential that healthcare cybersecurity measures remain a top priority. However, numerous types of healthcare organizations should take note of a guide...

Creating Strong Healthcare IT Infrastructure Security


Security in the healthcare world continues to be a very interesting topic. We’re seeing growing concerns around data, virtual systems, and much more adoption around cloud services. At the healthcare level, new types of services are impacting...

CHIME Urges Stronger Hospital Ransomware Protections


A more proactive policy management process, as well as stronger hospital ransomware legislation is necessary to ensure that healthcare organizations can adequately protect against the changing cybersecurity threat landscape, according to the...

Healthcare Ransomware, Connected Devices Top Security Issues


While the increase in connected devices and more options for Internet of Things (IoT) create massive streams of data and options for productivity, they also create more openings for security threats, according to a recent study. Furthermore,...

How to Protect Your Entity from Healthcare Phishing Attacks


We read with horror about healthcare organizations getting hacked, spilling personal health details that no one wants to find dumped out onto the public internet. The origins of these attacks are all-too-frequently healthcare phishing attacks,...

How Connected, Mobile Devices Affect Healthcare Cybersecurity


As more healthcare organizations work to keep pace with the ever-evolving options for mobile devices and connected medical devices, it is essential that they are also mindful of potential healthcare cybersecurity concerns. The proliferation of...

Choosing a Healthcare Cybersecurity Vendor and Solution


While the ever-evolving technological tools in healthcare mean that covered entities and their business associates can benefit in how they provide quality care and communicate with one another, it also means that there is an increasingly high...

Prevent Data Breaches with Strong Medical Device Security


Patients come to your healthcare facility with a whole host of expectations. They want personalized, quality care delivery. They want strong medical device security, knowing that all equipment is reliable, effective and safe. They’re placing...

How Can Hospital Ransomware Policies Improve in the Industry?


As healthcare data security incidents become more sophisticated, covered entities and their business associates are attempting to develop security procedures that better manage hospital ransomware threats. With the help of several government...

Preparing for Online Attacks in Hospital Data Security


Following recent headlines highlighting online attacks to hospital data security around the country, many are discussing the growth of not only ransomware, but various methods of targeted attacks and how to stop them. One way is for hospitals...

What are the 3 Key Layers in Healthcare Data Security?


The healthcare industry used to be on the sidelines of the cyber war, with breaches and malicious attacks far more common elsewhere. That has all changed. Five of the eight largest healthcare security breaches over the last five years—those...

3 Tools to Help Prevent Healthcare Ransomware Attacks


Healthcare ransomware attacks are one of the current top concerns for many covered entities, but this type of cybersecurity infiltration is not a new issue. However, it is hitting the healthcare industry more often as more organizations begin...

Will Healthcare Data Encryption be Impacted by NIST Guide?


Healthcare providers and other covered entities under HIPAA regulations may have a new resource on healthcare data encryption standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST released the final draft of “NIST...

CHIME, AEHIS Urge Stronger Medical Device Cybersecurity


More collaboration between healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers, as well as standardized security measures are crucial to improving medical device cybersecurity, reported the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives...

Calif. Senate Committee Passess Ransomware Legislation


The California Senate Public Safety Committee passed ransomware legislation earlier this month that outlaws the online act and specifies how the crime should be prosecuted. Written by Senator Robert Hertzberg and co-sponsored by Los Angeles County...

Understanding, Preparing for Healthcare Ransomware Attacks


It seems that a new healthcare ransomware attack is announced every week, which has created concern in the industry. However, several experts agree that this is not a new threat, and that healthcare is just the latest victim. Covered entities...

Healthcare Ransomware Cases Highlight Security Needs


Healthcare ransomware issues continue to be reported, causing many industry stakeholders to refer to this type of cyber attack as one of the top concerns for 2016. Ransomware is a type of malware that typically prevents an organization from accessing...

Reviewing Medical Device Security Guidelines


Medical device security considerations are essential for covered entities, especially as more organizations are beginning to implement and utilize connected devices. Not only could a compromised medical device potentially allow an unauthorized...

Maintaining Healthcare Data Security while Moving Facilities


Healthcare data security cannot be overlooked when a provider or covered entity decides that it is time to move to a new facility. This is especially true as connected devices and systems are becoming the norm, and everything from an organization’s...

AHA Calls for Strong Healthcare Cybersecurity Measures


The American Hospital Association (AHA) aims to help providers develop and share approaches to developing strong healthcare cybersecurity measures through its Cybersecurity webpage, according to a recent blog post. The webpage is dedicated to...


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