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Can SSL Decryption Prevent Healthcare Data Breaches?


Utilizing data encryption methods is often touted as a way to prevent healthcare data breaches, as it could help prevent sensitive information from being easily accessible. Preventing and even preventing network attacks should be a top priority...

ONC Blockchain Challenge Winners Emphasize Data Security


ONC blockchain challenge winners were announced earlier this week, with the top white papers focusing on recommendations for market viability and creativity, as well as the advancement of health information flow. There were more than 70 submissions,...

St. Jude Disputes Alleged Medical Device Security Issues


St. Jude Medical Center recently responded to allegations that medical device security flaws exist in its pacemakers and other heart devices, calling the accusations “false and misleading.” Muddy Waters Capital LLC released a report...

How to Build a Strong Healthcare Information Security Team


With cybersecurity threats seemingly evolving each day, healthcare providers can no longer afford to have incomplete approaches to data security. Having a comprehensive and well-trained healthcare information security team will be a key aspect...

Protecting Against Unauthorized Healthcare Data Access


No healthcare organization wants to receive notification that there has been unauthorized healthcare data access at the company. Not only could this potentially expose patient information, but it could result in potential fines for the organization...

Will Privileged User Abuse Affect Healthcare Data Security?


Employee access is a key aspect of healthcare data security, and healthcare organizations of all sizes need to ensure that their administrative safeguards account for the type of information employees view, use, or transfer. A recent Ponemon...

Prevent Healthcare Phishing by Strengthening Employee Training


Cyber criminals view the healthcare industry as a prime target. Just this year, we have witnessed hospitals like Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, MedStar Health’s Union Memorial Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland, and Methodist Hospital...

Why Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Can Be More Damaging


It should come as no surprise that one of the main reasons the healthcare industry is a prime target for ransomware attacks is because of the sensitive information - PHI and PII - it holds. However, a recent survey found that healthcare ransomware...

Data Security Vulnerabilities Found in CMS Wireless Networks


While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has effective security controls in place to prevent cybersecurity attacks, some data security vulnerabilities were found in its wireless networks, according to a recent Office of Inspector...

Healthcare Cybersecurity Efforts Improving, Still Need Work


Ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and phishing attacks are the top most feared threats in healthcare cybersecurity, according to a recent HIMSS survey. While the majority of organizations have made efforts to prioritize their information...

Utilizing Administrative Safeguards to Prevent Insider Threats


Preventing healthcare insider threats needs to be a top priority for covered entities of all sizes, and with cybersecurity threats evolving each day, training methods must also remain current. Administrative safeguards, including user training...

5 Next-Generation Healthcare Security Solutions


The modern healthcare data center has truly evolved. We’re now seeing the emergence of a truly interconnected healthcare technology ecosystem spanning numerous heterogeneous IT platforms. Throughout all of this, security continues to play...

HITRUST Aids Small Orgs in Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats


Smaller healthcare organizations, specifically physician practices with less than 75 employees, can have difficulties in preparing against the evolving healthcare cybersecurity threats. That is why HITRUST and the North Texas-based health system...

How Location-Based IT Could Re-invent Healthcare Security


We have entered an age where our private data has become an all-too-easy target for malicious individuals or organizations who steal and sell this data for significant profit. Healthcare security is especially important as a hacker made almost...

Possible Microsoft Data Security Flaw Revealed in ‘Golden Key’


Healthcare organizations relying on Microsoft operating systems may want to take note of a recent potential data security issue, and make any necessary patches to ensure that patient information remains secure. Researchers MY123 and Slipstream...

Is There a Healthcare Cybersecurity Skills Shortage?


With ransomware attacks and other data security issues for healthcare organizations being regularly reported, employees with the necessary healthcare cybersecurity skills are crucial assets. However, if a recent survey shows a cybersecurity skills...

DoD Wants Army EHR Security Audit, Security Protocol Review


The Department of Defense plans to investigate whether or not the Army implemented effective security protocols to protect electronic health records through an EHR security audit, set to be performed in August 2016. The DoD Inspector General...

Why Healthcare Data Security, Compliance Issues Go Untreated


If there ever was a pulse of healthcare operations, it’s data. From patient enrollment forms, electronic health records, and health insurance information, the amount of electronic data flowing through the medical community increases every...

How to Avoid Common Healthcare Data Security Challenges


PHI cyber theft is on the rise. Ponemon Institute Reports in its Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data, that nearly 90 percent of all healthcare organizations have suffered at least one data breach in...

Hospital Cybersecurity Threats Increase Solutions Market by 13%


The hospital cybersecurity threats solutions market is expected to increase by 13.6 percent between 2016 and 2021, according to research from Frost & Sullivan.   The US Hospital Cybersecurity Market: 2015-2021 report found that there...


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