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NIST Resource to Help Create Strong Cybersecurity Workforce


An organization led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed a new resource to ensure that organizations can “more effectively identify, recruit, develop and maintain its cybersecurity talent” and create...

HIMSS Praises DHS National Cybersecurity Response Plan


Understanding the dimensions of potential cyber threats and providing better clarification on what equates a significant cyber incident are two suggestions the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) provided to the Department...

Study Finds Cyberthreat Data Overwhelming to Security Workers


While more organizations are likely looking for the best options to combat evolving cybersecurity threats, a recent study found that the majority of security professionals are overwhelmed by the amount of cyberthreat data that they receive. An...

FTC Releases Data Breach Response Guidance for Businesses


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) outlines the steps that businesses should take if they suspect that they have fallen victim to a data breach in a recently released data breach response guide and accompanying video. Along with securing physical...

3 Tips for Creating Healthcare Security Change, Process Controls


Healthcare and security are probably some of the hottest topics today. We’re seeing medial IoT emerging, more digitizing of the healthcare ecosystem, and more healthcare services specifically using technology to revolutionize patient care....

Health IT Leaders Cite Data Theft As Key Cybersecurity Concern


Social engineering attacks and data theft are the main cybersecurity concerns when it comes to health IT, according to a recent survey of healthcare chief information and chief information security officers. The College of Healthcare Information...

HIMSS Urges Holistic Security to Combat Cybersecurity Threats


As healthcare cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, covered entities must ensure that they are also adapting their approaches to data security measures, according to a recent position statement from the Healthcare Information Management Systems...

How Can Covered Entities Best Prepare for Ransomware Threats?


Please don’t turn a blind eye to ransomware threats, or think “it won’t happen to me.” Because it can, and it very well may. Today, healthcare has already become a digital entity with more digital assets and very sensitive...

Many Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Impact Providers, Patients


When a covered entity is impacted by a healthcare ransomware attack, the recovery process is not always easy. Not only will daily operations likely be impacted, but patients could also feel the effects. Whether the ransomware caused patient records...

Improving Health Data Security with Payment Security Controls


Healthcare data encryption options are often touted as key ways for covered entities and business associates to strengthen their health data security. That includes payment security controls, which should be considered as part of a provider’s...

Top 4 Healthcare Data Breaches Stem from Hacking Incident


While 2016 is not yet complete, there have already been approximately 250 reported cases of potential healthcare data breaches affecting more than 500 individuals submitted to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The majority of these incidents...

What is the Full Impact of a Healthcare Cybersecurity Attack?


Large-scale healthcare data breaches are not new to the healthcare industry, and healthcare cybersecurity attacks are becoming more intricate and difficult to predict. However, the initial attack is not always where the story ends for covered...

How User Training Affects Healthcare Ransomware Preparation


Covered entities and business associates have numerous areas to consider when it comes to preparing against potential healthcare ransomware threats. It is not enough to just install firewalls and anti-virus software. Organizations need to implement...

EHNAC, HITRUST Combine HIPAA Security Criteria, CSF Framework


The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) are collaborating to streamline their accreditation and certification programs. EHNAC will replace its HIPAA-related privacy...

Using Layered Security for Evolving Cybersecurity Threats


The healthcare industry possesses large amounts of sensitive information, yet is consistently vulnerable to the evolving cybersecurity threats. Refusing to adapt to the changing threat landscape, and work to implement a layered security approach...

Attorneys Find Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats Increasing


The majority of corporate healthcare attorneys have found that healthcare cybersecurity threats are increasing, and that they are being called upon more often to evaluate whether a security incident implicates reporting obligations. A survey...

Information Security Weaknesses in MN Health Insurance Exchange


Minnesota recently implemented security controls across its health insurance exchange (MNsure), but there are still information security weaknesses that could affect PII security, according to the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Improvements...

Healthcare Ransomware Increasing, Education Sector Top Target


The rate of ransomware attacks has increased in the past year, with healthcare ransomware coming in third place, according to a recent survey by BitSight. The top targeted industry was education, followed by government. The Rising Face of Cyber...

Are Business Associates Unprepared in Health Data Protection?


Two-thirds of business associates are not prepared for the evolving health data protection measures, specifically in relation to HITRUST standards, according to a recent KPMG survey. KPMG surveyed 604 industry professionals, and only 17.4 percent...

Reviewing File Transfer Protocol Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks


Preventing and detecting cryptocurrency mining malware are essential aspects to file transfer protocol (FTP) that covered entities and business associates need to consider when maintaining healthcare cybersecurity, the Office for Civil Rights...


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