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Combing through health cloud security vendors: CISO options


Sometimes, you have to provide those who are unsure about the realities of cloud computing with a reality check. Bruce Forman, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of UMass Memorial Medical Center, often presents on cloud computing security...

CSA report: Big data analytics can improve IT security


The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Big Data Working Group recently released its Big Data Analytics for Security Intelligence report that concentrates on how big data can improve information security best practices. In trying to find big data...

How HIPAA affects healthcare cloud computing decisions


HIPAA covered entities as well as many of their business associate (BA) service providers, including cloud service providers, were bound to the HIPAA Omnibus Rule on Sept. 23, 2013. Part of the reason for the HIPAA Omnibus Rule was to ensure...

Healthcare cloud security: Staying current with BAAs, SLAs


BOSTON – No healthcare privacy and security discussion would be complete with the mention of cloud computing and last week’s HIMSS Privacy and Security Forum didn’t disappoint. The “Managing Security Risks of Health Data in the...

Gmail privacy questions raise healthcare security concerns


Though Google has professed a disinterest in contractually engaging healthcare organizations, the cloud email service giant continues to be a polarizing figure in the data privacy conversation. A recent Google court filing stated that those sending...

Does cloud computing threaten patient privacy, data security?


The rise of cloud computing has created a host of new challenges for patient privacy and data security, according to two Seton Hall School of Law professors.  In a white paper released last month, Frank Pasquale and Tara Adams Ragone assert...

Larry Ponemon on securing regulated data in healthcare: Q&A


Though mobile applications that share files through the cloud such as Box and DropBox can be appealing to consumers, the Ponemon Institute has found that these types of applications can be unsafe in a clinical environment. Ponemon released its...

Secure healthcare cloud load-balancing: Time to go virtual


The modern healthcare environment now spans multiple networks, multiple locations – all across the country. Healthcare data centers are being created to house more data and a lot more users. In some cases, these data centers are located...

Tying together healthcare public and private cloud security


The amount of attention paid to the differences in securing public and private clouds has dissipated over time to the point now where, though they do have their variances, many of the same security practices can be applied to both public and...

How does cloud computing factor into health data breaches?


When discussing healthcare data breaches related to cloud computing, much of the conversation seems to be in the future tense. Though many organizations are beginning to become comfortable with putting data and even protected health information...

Cloud security best practices for healthcare providers, vendors


Patient privacy has always been a top concern for healthcare providers. Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data is critical, both to provide excellent patient care and to protect healthcare organizations from...

Healthcare providers digging deep into cloud encryption


The standard “we encrypt all of our data” line simply won’t cut it anymore in a healthcare industry that’s riddled with data breaches and massive fines, as evidenced by today’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announcement that it had...

Making healthcare cloud data security decisions as a BA


When the HIPAA omnibus rules were announced in January, many of those in the healthcare industry spoke about how heighten responsibilities for HIPAA covered entities, business associates (BAs) and subcontractors would affect healthcare organizations...

Securing the health public and private cloud platform bridge


Cloud computing has allowed many different healthcare organizations to scale, become more resilient and better service their staff and patients. As healthcare environments become more and more distributed, the need to expand a cloud deployment...

HIPAA-compliant hosting considerations for covered entities


Cloud computing technology options continues to grow in number by the day for healthcare organizations and discerning what the best products and services are can be challenging. But regardless of what type of cloud technology an organization...

Implementing user-focused healthcare security technologies


The healthcare world is becoming ever more reliant on IT and data center infrastructures. With any new type of technological advancement, the security conversation is always nearby. The reality is simple – the greater the reliance on a...

Healthcare digital certificate security best practices


Digital certificate management can sometimes fall under the radar when discussing healthcare data security because of other security concerns. But make no mistake, internal security threats are a serious concern that bears watching and it’s...

Deploying virtual security appliances in a healthcare setting


With the increase in security threats, breaches and malicious activities, healthcare organizations are trying harder than ever to secure their environments. This means placing devices inside and even outside of their networks. In some cases,...

Healthcare security considerations during cloud implementation


Many healthcare organizations are truly starting to embrace using cloud computing to store their electronic health records (EHRs) and now have a better understanding of the controls needed to properly manage patient data. But with the new HIPAA...

Fine-tuning your healthcare SaaS security approach


Though Software as a Service (SaaS) is often referred to as a generally solid option for healthcare organizations looking to use cloud computing, the SaaS privacy and security implications can be ambiguous at times. In a recent blog post, John...


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