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2016 Healthcare Data Breaches Largely From Employee Error

January 20, 2017 - While the business sector led the way in reported data breaches for 2016, healthcare came in second by accounting for 34.5 percent of overall reported breaches, according to research from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout. The business industry had a total of 494 reported data breaches, while there were 377 reported healthcare data breaches. Education...

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2016 Healthcare Data Breaches Largely From Employee Error

by Elizabeth Snell

While the business sector led the way in reported data breaches for 2016, healthcare came in second by accounting for 34.5 percent of overall reported breaches, according to research from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout....

VA Senator Violates HIPAA in Sharing Patient Information

by Kate Monica

A Virginia State Senator is under fire after an alleged HIPAA breach led to an investigation into unlawful use of patient information. An article by the Richmond-Times Dispatch reported Senator Siobhan S. Dunnavant, an Henrico County physician,...

LabMD Files Review Petition Against Data Breach Allegations

by Elizabeth Snell

LabMD filed a petition for review on December 27, 2016, following a U.S. federal appeals court granting a stay of an FTC order in the continuing battle between the two parties over data breach allegations. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th...

Anthem Data Breach Reportedly Caused by Foreign Nation Attack

by Elizabeth Snell

The large-scale cybersecurity attack on Anthem in 2015 that led to 78.8 million consumer records potentially being exposed in a data breach was caused by a foreign nation attacker, according to the California Department of Insurance. An investigation...

Southcentral Foundation Cyberattack Affects 14K in AK

by Kate Monica

Alaska-based Southcentral Foundation recently announced on its website that it experienced a data breach regarding PHI on October 18, 2016. Employee email accounts were potentially accessed during a cyberattack. The incident involved the potentially...

Patient Data Breach Fear Hinders Health Data Sharing

by Elizabeth Snell

As technology continues to evolve in the healthcare industry, patients may not be as accepting of tools such as patient portals and mobile apps over a fear of a data breach. A recent Black Book survey found that 57 percent of consumers who had...

New Hampshire Hospital Data Breach Affects 15K Patients

by Elizabeth Snell

A patient at New Hampshire Hospital reportedly hacked into the New Hampshire Department Of Health And Human Services (DHHS), posting information online and creating a potential data breach for 15,000 individuals. DHHS said in an online statement...

Protecting Healthcare Physical Assets Containing PHI

by Bill Kleyman

Administrators are actively looking into more ways to protect their virtual machines, their data points, and all of those logical resources that the organization relies upon. As the healthcare entity becomes even more digitized, we must never...

Records Containing PHI Stolen from TX Orthaepedic Facility

by Kate Monica

On December 15th, Oak Cliff Orthopaedic Associates announced a theft involving records containing personal PHI from the years 2006 to 2007. According to a report from Oak Cliff, the Lewisville Police Department has since located and returned...

Cybersecurity Attacks Leading 2016 Data Breach Cause

by Elizabeth Snell

Data breaches in the healthcare industry are always a top concern for providers, business associates, vendors, and other stakeholders. With technology continuing to quickly evolve, security cannot be a secondary consideration. The majority of...

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach Affects 34K Patients

by Elizabeth Snell

Quest Diagnostics recently announced that it became aware of a PHI data breach on November 28, 2016, that may have involved the information of 34,000 patients. On November 26, 2016, an unauthorized third party accessed the MyQuest by Care360®...

Health IT Overconfident in Data Breach Detection, Remediation

by Elizabeth Snell

Being able to detect, react, and mitigate a data breach is essential for any healthcare organization. However, a recent Tripwire survey found that health IT professionals are in fact overconfident in their ability to collect the necessary data...

HIPAA Audits, Ransomware, Mobile Security Top 2016 Headlines

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data security is an ever-evolving area, with covered entities constantly working to ensure that they have the necessary tools in place to keep patient data safe. Over the past year, data breaches continued to be a hot topic in healthcare,...

Tampa General Hospital Data Breach Settlement Reached

by Elizabeth Snell

A settlement was recently reached for Tampa General Hospital, following allegations of a health data breach where employees inappropriately accessed patient information. The hospital will pay $10,000 into a Settlement Fund, where payments to...

Unencrypted Flash Drive Lost, Privacy Incident for 2K

by Elizabeth Snell

OptumHealth New Mexico reported on November 17, 2016 that it experienced a privacy incident affecting approximately 2,000 individuals when an unencrypted flash drive was lost. OptumHealth said that it was notified on September 26, 2016 that a...

PHI Data Breach Stems from Computer Hacking at GA Entity

by Elizabeth Snell

Georgia-based Vascular Surgical Associates recently announced on its website that it had experienced a PHI data breach after one of its computer servers was accessed by an outside party. The incident happened around the time of a software update,...

Physical Therapy Facility Reports Data Security Incident

by Elizabeth Snell

A physical therapy provider recently announced it experienced a possible data security incident that may have exposed certain personal information for some patients. Best Health Physical Therapy, LLC (Best Health) explained on its website that...

Potential Horizon BCBS Data Breach for 170K from Printing Error

by Elizabeth Snell

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) announced earlier this month that one of its vendors potentially exposed the information of up to 170,000 members in a potential data breach. Command Marketing Innovations (CMI) did...

Stolen Laptop Leads to Possible Health Data Breach in CO

by Elizabeth Snell

MGA Home Healthcare Colorado, Inc. is notifying 3,119 patients and some employees that their information may have been compromised after a laptop was stolen from an employee’s locked vehicle. The incident reportedly took place sometime...

Are Stolen Medical Records Still Worth More Than Financial Data?

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data breaches can be harmful to not only the organizations that experience an incident, but also to patients who may have had their information inappropriately accessed. However, a recent report shows that stolen medical records are...


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