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Is Patient Privacy at Risk with New Healthcare Apps?

by Elizabeth Snell

Will a new photo sharing app for healthcare providers expose patient privacy? As technology continues to evolve, and more healthcare providers implement mobile device policies, it is important that patient privacy still remains a top priority....

Doctors Can Be Sued for HIPAA Negligence, Says Conn. Court

by Elizabeth Snell

The state Supreme Court ruled that physicians can be sued for HIPAA negligence if it violates certain regulations. Patients can sue a medical office for HIPAA negligence if it violates regulations that dictate how healthcare organizations must...

Best Practices for Creating a Strong Patient Portal

by Elizabeth Snell

As patient-centric models become the norm, tools like patient portals are increasing in popularity. With technology continuously evolving, it has never been more critical for healthcare organizations to remain aware of the privacy and security...

Factoring Security Into Health Data Disclosure Management

by Patrick Ouellette

As IASIS Healthcare continues to architect its system more toward ensuring that there is accurate information being sent to the requesting parties, it must consider data security as well. A few years ago, IASIS started to look for companies that...

Why HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging Is Crucial For BIDMC

by Elizabeth Snell

Patient portals are slowly becoming more common in the healthcare industry, along with the option for patients to securely message their physicians through the portal. But, just how effective are those messages, and what do healthcare organizations...

UC Davis Health Email Breach Exposes 1,326 Patients’ Data

by Patrick Ouellette

UC Davis Health System announced that it discovered a provider’s email had been compromised by an unknown source on September 26, breaching 1,326 patients’ data. According to the release on the UC Davis Health website, the event...

South Texas VA Reports Printing Error Patient Data Breach

by Patrick Ouellette

The South Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio has alerted 4,000 veterans that their personal data had been exposed as a result of a printing error. According to, South Texas Veterans Health Care tried to send veterans notices...

Will Facebook Interest in Consumer Health Affect Privacy?

by Patrick Ouellette

Long on the periphery of the healthcare industry, social media networks are now coming into focus because of the growing interest in consumer health through mobile applications. A recent Reuters report discussed how Facebook is taking early steps...

State Reps Propose Patient Privacy Bill

by Patrick Ouellette

A few state representatives are trying to see to it that patients have more of a say over the privacy of their data. The new bill proposed by Reps. Robert Hurt, R-Charlottesville, and John Barrow, D-Ga., would allow patients who...

Bronx RHIO implements direct secure messaging

by Elizabeth Snell

Maintaining security standards as Health Information Exchange (HIE) expansion continues is critical for any healthcare provider. It’s also essential that patient data stays secure as it is transported from one organization to the next. Those...

How valuable are medical records to identity thieves?

by Elizabeth Snell

Social security numbers and credit card numbers are often thought of as key pieces of information for thieves to have in terms of identity theft, but recent reports show that there is something worth a lot more floating around in cyberspace:...

FDA medical device and cybersecurity workshops well-timed

by Patrick Ouellette

With more attention being placed on mHealth and medical device security, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chose a good time to provide medical device and cybersecurity workshops. The FDA will hold its “Collaborative Approaches for...

Will mobile giants’ new encryption policies affect health BYOD?

by Patrick Ouellette

Now that Apple has publicized its iOS 8 mobile device privacy and security features that rely on encryption and consent, Google followed suit and said its newest devices will automatically encrypt user data. With Apple and Android trading pieces...

Vt. takes health website offline to correct security issues

by Elizabeth Snell

Technical glitches and healthcare websites seem to walk hand-in-hand lately, for both state and national organizations. Vermont is the latest to encounter such issues, and state officials announced earlier this week that The Vermont Health Connector...

Aventura Hospital reports 82,601-patient data breach

by Patrick Ouellette

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center recently announced its third data breach in two years, according to The most recent breach exposed 82,601 patients’ data from Sept. 13, 2012 to June 9, 2014 and result from a vendor’s...

Conn. AG requests details on Apple Watch privacy practices

by Patrick Ouellette

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen is looking for answers regarding the new Apple Watch’s new privacy protections and how Apple plans on enforcing them. Because reports suggest that the Apple Watch will be able to collect, store...

NHHIO expands legislation for use and disclosure of protected health information

by Elizabeth Snell

The New Hampshire Health Information Organization (NHHIO) announced on Tuesday (Sept. 16) that state Senate Bill 229 is now in effect. The bill expands the availability of the health network to a larger group of care providers and also helps...

Dorn VA medical center faces class action lawsuit

by Elizabeth Snell

William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center has been hit with yet another lawsuit following a health data breach. On July 14, staff members first noticed that four boxes with patients’ information had gone missing....

Apple bars HealthKit developers from selling health data

by Patrick Ouellette

Apple has answered prominent privacy questions regarding its soon-to-be-released iOS 8 HealthKit application by creating firm data disclosure rules for developers. The tech giant, according to The Guardian, stipulated that developers cannot sell...

Patient data de-identification: Keeping data private and useful

by Patrick Ouellette

Most healthcare IT experts would agree that, at the very least, there is great promise in health data analytics, even if the industry is still finding ways to maximize the value of these data sets. Part of the equation is preserving patient privacy...


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