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NY Subcontractor Causes Healthcare Data Breach

by Elizabeth Snell

An insurer notified patients of a potential healthcare data breach when its subcontractor mishandled PHI. A health insurance subcontractor allegedly mishandled the information of approximately 500 people in New York, leading to a potential healthcare...

Why Healthcare Security Will Benefit From Collaboration

by Elizabeth Snell

With cyber threats on the rise, healthcare security systems must keep pace in order to best protect patient data, as well as their own clinical information. One of the best ways to do that is with organizations working together and communicating...

Health Data Security Valued Over Convenience, Says Report

by Elizabeth Snell

More consumers value their health data security over the ability to easily access that information. The majority of US consumers value health data security over the convenience of access to that information, according to a recent PwC Health Research...

Visionworks Hit with Second Data Breach in One Month

by Elizabeth Snell

A healthcare facility again experienced a data breach due to a missing computer server with unencrypted patient information. For the second time in one month, Visionworks was involved in a potential healthcare data breach. Moreover, patients’...

Why HIPAA Administrative Safeguards Are Crucial

by Elizabeth Snell

HIPAA administrative safeguards are designed to manage the selection, development, implementation, and maintenance of security measures. These measures keep electronic protected health information (ePHI) safe and help manage a...

Healthcare Privacy Issues Hinder Data Sharing, Report Finds

by Elizabeth Snell

Recent research found that there are numerous issues, including healthcare privacy limitations, that could be causing interoperability problems. Certain barriers to public health data sharing, such as healthcare privacy issues, could hinder decision-making...

PHI of 2,000 Minn. Patients Accidentally Sent to Dumpsters

by Elizabeth Snell

Patients’ PHI was potentially exposed after a Minnesota facility improperly disposed of sensitive documents. A Minnesota health system is notifying approximately 2,000 patients that their protected health information (PHI) might have been...

Healthcare Data Breach Drama Continues for UMass Memorial

by Elizabeth Snell

A Massachusetts hospital is facing a civil lawsuit from a patient whose PHI was potentially exposed in a healthcare data breach. The University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC) of Worcester, Mass. is facing a civil lawsuit over...

Healthcare Security Breach Hits Washington Hospitals

by Elizabeth Snell

A former employee gained unauthorized access to several hospitals, creating a healthcare security breach. Three Washington hospitals are working to fix their computer systems after a healthcare security breach led to the theft of 35 computers...

2015 Healthcare Security Predictions Show Cybersecurity Need

by Elizabeth Snell

A recent IDC healthcare security prediction report shows that half of healthcare organizations will have experienced a breach in the last 12 months by 2015. Healthcare security concerns are not likely decrease in the next few years, according...

Stolen PHI Leads to Medical Identity Theft in Detroit

by Elizabeth Snell

Patients’ PHI was stolen from two Detroit-area hospitals. The thieves allegedly used the information to file false tax returns. Approximately 1,400 people had their protected health information (PHI) stolen from two metro Detroit hospitals,...

Breaking Down OCR’s HIPAA Bulletin

by Elizabeth Snell

Last week, the Department for Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a bulletin outlining how healthcare organizations can abide by HIPAA in various emergency situations – including the current...

Laptop with PHI Stolen from Brigham and Women’s Doctor

by Elizabeth Snell

Brigham and Woman’s Hospital (BWH) notified patients that an incident in September could potentially have exposed some individuals’ protected health information (PHI). A BWH physician’s laptop and cell phone were stolen during an armed...

Walgreens HIPAA Violation Upheld in Indiana Court

by Elizabeth Snell

An Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the ruling that Walgreens can be held liable for its employee being part of HIPAA violations. A healthcare provider was still found to be liable for HIPAA violations committed by an employee, according to an...

PHI Incidents Affect 640 Veterans in October, Says VA Report

by Elizabeth Snell

The VA released its monthly report to Congress on data breach incidents, which included the exposure of veterans’ PHI. The US Department of Veterans Affairs released its monthly data incidents report to Congress for October, some of which...

Does Healthcare Security Interfere with Clinical Workflow?

by Dustin Lake

Clinical workflows – an established process in a clinician’s daily activity of caring for patients – are increasingly integrating with healthcare information systems, and therefore, healthcare security.  The nation’s...

Healthcare Privacy Policies Must Be Stronger, Says AMA

by Elizabeth Snell

The AMA recently released policies describing how health insurers need to take greater care in ensuring healthcare privacy for patients. It would be greatly beneficial to patients if healthcare privacy policies were stronger, according to newly...

Will HIPAA Compliance be Affected by Ebola?

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare organizations need to ensure they remain HIPAA compliant while still keeping the public properly informed about the Ebola virus. The Ebola virus has been making national headlines for months, and healthcare organizations have been...

Federal Sites Lacked Health Data Encryption, Leaked Info

by Elizabeth Snell

Government websites that helped individuals find AIDS-related medical services reportedly lacked health data encryption. Health data encryption has been pushed as a top priority in the healthcare industry for years, and the recent discovery of...

Patient Privacy Concerns Don’t Outweigh Push for EHR Use

by Elizabeth Snell

Americans are concerned about the privacy and security of their medical records, but that is not specific to EHR sharing and storage, the ONC found. The majority of Americans might be concerned about the privacy of their medical records, but...


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