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Health Data Included in Ala. Data Breach Notification Bill

by Elizabeth Snell

A recently proposed data breach notification bill in Alabama could make it the 48th state to have such legislation in place. The bill was first introduced on March 3, 2015, and as of April 14, 2015, it is listed as being under “further...

New Data Breach Notification Bill Lets States Keep Own Laws

by Elizabeth Snell

Several Democratic senators have introduced a national data breach notification bill that will allow states to keep their own notification laws if they have more strict policies already in place. The Consumer Privacy Protection Act was introduced...

Phishing Attack Affects 3,300 Partners HealthCare Patients

by Elizabeth Snell

Yet another phishing attack was announced this week, potentially affecting 3,300 patients at Partners HealthCare System, Inc. According to a company statement, the Massachusetts-based facility learned on November 25, 2014 that employees had fallen...

Exposed Medical Records Potentially Puts Patients At Risk

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare facilities must ensure they have the latest privacy and security measures in place to prevent exposed medical records and work toward keeping data breach risks to a minimum. Along with the latest technological safeguards, covered entities...

Phishing Scam, Stolen Laptop Lead to Potential Data Breaches

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data breaches can be caused from a variety of incidents, such as an email phishing scam, misplaced medical records, and lost or stolen mobile devices. Without a comprehensive security plan and extensive understanding of HIPAA regulations,...

Ill. Data Breach Law Passes Senate, Includes Medical Data

by Elizabeth Snell

The Illinois Senate passed a data breach law that now includes medical and health insurance data in its definition of “personal information.” The Personal Information Act, or SB 1833, was previously in place, but the new version amends certain...

Is Healthcare Improving Data Breach Prevention Measures?

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare data breach prevention measures are essential in today’s industry, especially as technology continues to evolve and more facilities begin to connect to other networks. Secure data sharing is more prevalent, and organizations need...

Second Email Phishing Scam Hits Ascension Health Facility

by Elizabeth Snell

Another email phishing scam was reported at an Ascension Health facility, but it has not yet been said whether the two incidents are related. Seton Family of Hospitals, a division of Seton Healthcare Family (“Seton”), announced on...

How Rush Medical Stays HIPAA Compliant, Uses Cybersecurity

by Elizabeth Snell

Staying HIPAA compliant is not always an easy task, especially as new technological options develop, such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and EMRs. Rush University Medical Center has altered its cybersecurity measures over the last few years...

Anthem Data Breach Public Forums Cancelled at Ind. School

by Elizabeth Snell

Following the Anthem data breach, company representatives were slated to speak at several public forums this week at Indiana-based Ball State University, where employees were reportedly victims of identity theft. However, Anthem representatives...

Is the HIPAA Security Rule Doing Enough for Healthcare?

by Elizabeth Snell

The HIPAA Security Rule created a national set of security standards designed to protect certain health information, either held or transferred in electronic form. However, technology has continued to evolve, and one healthcare security expert...

PHI Incidents Decrease 65% in March for VA

by Elizabeth Snell

The number of PHI incidents affecting veterans decreased by approximately 65 percent in March, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) latest report to Congress. In February, the VA reported that of the 891 veterans affected by a...

Breaches Shift from Device Theft to Cybersecurity Threats

by Elizabeth Snell

Healthcare cybersecurity threats are an increasing issue for the industry, but healthcare data breaches can occur in numerous ways. An apparent shift is underway though, as the major cause of health data breaches is not necessarily due to device...

How to Avoid Big Healthcare Data Center Security Mistakes

by Bill Kleyman

Healthcare data center security mistakes will happen, and the unfortunate part is that this seems to be happening more and more often. The modern data center now houses more data and information than ever before. Furthermore, new applications,...

Stronger Data Breach Laws Needed, Say Wash. Leaders

by Elizabeth Snell

In the wake of the Premera Blue Cross and Anthem, Inc. data breaches, Washington’s attorney general and two lawmakers are calling for stronger data breach laws. Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Sen. John Braun, and  Rep. Zack Hudgins...

Data Breach Lawsuit Against Horizon BCBS Dismissed

by Elizabeth Snell

The class action data breach lawsuit against Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey was dismissed on March 31, with the judge citing that an injury sufficient to confer standing was not proven. According to New Jersey U.S. District Judge...

PHI Data Breach Announced Following Audit

by Elizabeth Snell

Life Care Center of Attleboro in Massachusetts posted two separate announcements on its website about a potential PHI data breach after the company that stores its patient records could not find certain documents. Iron Mountain archives patient...

Top 6 Health Data Breaches for 2015 Involve Hacking

by Elizabeth Snell

We are just three months into 2015, and two large scale health data breaches have already taken place. The Anthem data breach affected approximately 78 million individuals, while Premera Blue Cross’ incident could impact nearly 11 million members...

Premera Data Breach Leads to Lawsuits, Lawmaker Concern

by Elizabeth Snell

The Premera data breach that potentially put the sensitive information, including PHI, of 11 million individuals at risk has now led to five class action lawsuits. The suits were filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle on behalf of Premera customers...

Additional Data Breach Bills Lack Federal Standards

by Elizabeth Snell

Two data breach bills introduced last week by Rep. Jim Langevin are set to directly compete with previously announced legislation put into play by House Energy and Commerce Committee Vice Chairman Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Peter Welch. One piece...


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