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    Eileen Erdos, a principal in the EY Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services’ Life Sciences practice, spoke with HealthITSecurity.com about the importance of EHR security. Without more »

    Risk assessment is something we all do in healthcare and in our daily lives. Consider crossing the road. Should you cross at the lights? Can more »

    The HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) responded earlier this week to Senate Finance Committee members Ron Wyden and Chuck Grassley’s request for comment in more »

    The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) recently evaluated the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC) oversight of the authorized electronic more »

    Consumer-generated healthcare data privacy doesn’t appear to have caused too many ripples in the general public’s consciousness to this point. But a recent California Healthcare more »

    Even healthcare organizations with the most mature of internal risk assessment programs recognize the value in external assessments. Anahi Santiago, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) more »

    As internal user access becomes a larger issue in healthcare, authentication continues to play an important role in clinical IT departments. There are multiple user more »

    The continuum of care continues to expand and is forcing integrated delivery networks and health systems to reconsider their health data privacy and security practices more »

    Electronic health record (EHR) privacy and security apprehension among healthcare providers is a common hurdle when trying to get these organizations to participate in a more »

    Knowing who has access to patient data as well as being aware of the viable security threats out there may sound like tall orders given more »

    With potential HIPAA audits looming in the distance, healthcare organizations are both ensuring they have the right technologies in place and are revising and updating more »

    The idea of having a strong security plan in place for a healthcare organization’s eventual data breach is one that has been discussed at length more »

    For healthcare IT security personnel, some projects mirror what other organizations have done, such as implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and eliminating concern regarding data more »

    Though there’s never a true winner in the “ease of use” v. security debate, coming to a happy medium between the two can present challenges more »

    One way or another, mobile devices are finding their way into healthcare organizations’ four walls and onto their networks. Each organization’s mobile needs vary based more »

    Following opening remarks from National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo, the Privacy and Security Tiger Team virtually presented its family, friends and personal representative update to the more »

    Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey has signed a three-year contract with Malta Systems to fully-implement the technology company’s Privasent system. The more »

    From a security technology perspective, smaller healthcare organizations don’t have to be inhibited by size and, instead, can use a progressive outlook and good implementation more »

    When healthcare providers select a vendor for a specific need, the decision is often not in a vacuum. Organizations must consider the potential domino effect more »

    The HIT Policy Committee Privacy & Security Tiger Team had a lot on its agenda during Monday’s meeting, as it had to finalize view/download/transmit (V/D/T) more »

    Secure messaging tools within patient portals are gaining momentum within healthcare, but similar to other patient engagement initiatives, healthcare organizations must ensure patients know that more »

    The confluence of mobile devices being widely distributed within healthcare organizations and data breaches involving unencrypted devices means there’s been plenty of discussion about mobile more »

    The term “Health Information Services Provider (HISP)” is thrown around fairly often when discussing health information exchange (HIE) and Direct transport. But the ins and more »

    The HIT Policy Committee Privacy & Security Tiger Team continued to review patients’ family, friends and personal representative access to Certified EHR Technology “view/download/transmit” (V/D/T) more »

    Middlesex Hospital, a HIMSS Stage 6 hospital, is using Splunk Inc. real-time operational intelligence software to meet HIPAA and HITECH standards throughout its hospital IT network more »

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