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Case Study: When Health is at Stake: Disaster Recovery for Epic with Zerto Virtual Replication

The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC) re-architected their electronic health records system in 2014. The team deployed Epic to handle medical records and behavioral health. The system is significant because it is the application that... Download white paper

Gartner Names Okta a Leader for Third Year Running in Gartner’s IDaaS Magic Quadrant

Gartner recently named Okta as a leader in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS). This is the third consecutive year Okta has been recognized as a leader, and the only vendor named a leader for all three... Download white paper

Cisco 2017 Cybersecurity Report

Cybersecurity is a battle of innovation as attack surfaces grow, attackers nimbly evolve their approaches, and defenders are challenged to close the windows of exploit. Learn security industry insights and key findings taken from threat intelligence... Download white paper

Make Your Enterprise Network a Top Priority for Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT has become a vital element in enterprises’ digital transformation strategy. But putting in place a hybrid IT framework is one thing, and actually achieving it is another altogether. Smart organizations pay close attention to their... Download white paper

Transforming & Securing Employee and Caregiver Experience

Large healthcare organizations lose more than $750K annually due to decreased employee productivity. The healthcare industry suffers an estimated $6.2B, annually in security breaches. Cloud adoption in the Healthcare Industry is at a tipping... View webcast

Modern Identity Security Strategies for Today’s Healthcare IT

Market and regulatory forces are driving healthcare IT leaders to expand and modernize their digital strategies.  Whether it is building applications to accommodate patient-centric healthcare, fast-paced M&A, or transforming care delivery... View webcast

Infographic: Strategies for Next-Gen Healthcare Networks

Gatepoint Research invited 100 IT executives to participate in a survey on strategies for next-generation healthcare networks.  The survey found that in the majority of healthcare organizations lower costs can all be found through connection... Download white paper

3 Reasons to Avoid Piecemeal Network-Building in Healthcare IT

Healthcare is undergoing transformational change, and more changes are to come. IT organizations must think about the big picture of healthcare’s future because reactive, short-term IT strategies will likely limit innovation, slow change... Download white paper

Compliance Does Not Equal Security: 3 Emerging Security Themes in Healthcare

Ninety-six percent of industry IT security experts feel vulnerable to a data breach, and 63 percent report having suffered one. Despite these concerns, 69 percent feel that meeting compliance requirements is “very” or “extremely”... Download white paper

Remote Locations put Health Information at Risk: 4 Ways to Improve Security

Data breaches not only compromise the confidentiality of protected health information, they can also adversely affect the continuity of care, impacting patients’ lives. As healthcare organizations incorporate more virtual care tools that... Download white paper

Ransomware Defense for Dummies

The rise of ransomware over the past few years is an ever-growing problem and there are no signs of this extremely lucrative criminal enterprise going away. Are you concerned about keeping your business up and running in the face of an attack?... Download white paper

Case Study: How Baton Rouge General Medical Center Improved Patient Safety

Baton Rouge General Medical Center differentiates itself from other hospitals in Louisiana by fostering a patient-first culture of compassion. Baton Rouge’s legacy patient identification system, like many hospitals’, relied on manual... Download white paper

Ponemon Institute: 2016 National Patient Misidentification Report

As the healthcare industry has transitioned to digital health records, patient misidentification has become rampant and carries significant consequences that can negatively impact patient care and a hospital’s financial performance. According... Download white paper

Data Breach Incident Response Workbook

The consequences of data breaches are higher than ever, and are no longer limited to the privacy department – accountability has moved to C-level executives and board members. Greater consequences mean that businesses need to be prepared... Download white paper

Infographic: Ransomware: Defending the healthcare perimeter

Get the facts on ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare industry — how they work, your first line of defense against them, and how to protect PII and PHI. Download white paper

Ransomware: What every healthcare organization needs to know

Get the essentials on ransomware attacks facing the healthcare industry — including how they work, why they’re so malicious, and the best way to protect your organization. Download white paper

Six Ways ExtraHop Enables Real-Time Healthcare Systems

Healthcare organizations face a transformational shift with the rise of what Gartner has dubbed the "real-time healthcare system." ExtraHop equips healthcare organizations with unprecedented visibility through wire data analytics so... Download white paper

Lean Healthcare Information Services: Oh, Say, Can You See?

You can't eliminate what you can't see, so when it comes to adopting Lean methodology in information services organizations, visibility is obviously a key factor. In this white paper, former healthcare CIO Drex DeFord offers a first-hand... Download white paper

Prepare and Respond to Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

Healthcare ransomware has become an increasingly common type of cybersecurity attack as medical records have grown in value on the black market. Ransomware is not a new threat, but the number of attacks increased in 2015 and has led the federal... View webcast

Connection Solutions Brochure

Find out what Connection can do for your organization to enhance growth, elevate productivity, and empower innovation throughout the IT Lifecycle.  Download white paper