Healthcare Information Security

Case Study: Medical Imaging & the Enterprise: A Breakdown of Disparate Systems

New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) is the premier regional provider for orthopedic surgery and the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. NEBH operates on a unique model, as over 95% of the physicians associated with the hospital... Download white paper

Case Study: Disc Comfort Fuses Image Management with athenahealth

Disc Comfort is a physician founded private practice specializing in spinal procedures. Using Ambra’s cloud suite, Disc Comfort has improved patient care by dramatically reducing the time spent loading and viewing patient CDs, providing... Download white paper

Innovating Your Imaging Stack: Cloud VNA and Deconstructed PACS Best Practices

What’s your plan for innovating your imaging stack? New healthcare reform rules, require healthcare providers to be more efficient, like reducing wasteful redundant studies. Patients themselves are becoming much more active and empowered.... Download white paper

Best Practices for Dealing With Phishing and Ransomware

Phishing and ransomware are serious problems that can steal data or disable access to your organization’s network. Both ransomware and phishing are increasingly common and are having devastating impacts on businesses of all sizes. The FBI... Download white paper

Virtualized Mobility in Healthcare: Secure HIPAA Compliant Access to Any App

Healthcare organizations have the seeming insurmountable challenge of providing a secure mobile solution that works for all their stakeholder groups (IT, employees and affiliates). Traditional mobility approaches have failed and don’t provide... Download white paper

An Everything Guide to MACRA and Beyond

In 2019, Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthoriza­tion Act (MACRA) will determine how Medicare reimburses doctors. Start getting ready for MACRA immediately. Download this whitepaper to learn how to be proactive and successfully prepare with... Download white paper

Reduce The Number of Ransomware Infections Across Your Organization

Ransomware attacks are more successful than ever and are using some of the most sophisticated, complex, and resilient techniques and infrastructure in order to target your employees and your data.  Download white paper

Are Ransomware Attacks Holding Your Industry Hostage?

Healthcare has become criminals most lucrative target. Why? Because medical records are worth 10 times that of credit cards. The recent digitization of the healthcare industry has rapidly expanded the attack surface to include electronic healthcare... View webcast

Healthcare Security: The Simplest Way to Stay Ahead of Attacks

The healthcare IT landscape is rapidly changing as organizations strive to improve healthcare outcomes while reducing costs. But the security team cannot stay ahead of the attack surface that has quickly expanded due to numerous disruptive technologies.... Download white paper

How Healthcare Benefits From Cloud-delivered Security

Healthcare IT professionals are swimming upstream to overcome security challenges. Cloud-delivered solutions may represent a life preserver in their efforts to reduce risk, simplify management and control costs. In this paper we take a look at... Download white paper

Security in Healthcare: Bolstering Connectivity and Protecting Patients

As connected services become more commonplace in healthcare, more opportunities exist for bad actors to exploit weaknesses in the industry’s security defenses. There is certainly evidence that attackers have focused their attention on healthcare.... Download white paper

High Performing Physician Network: What it Means and How to Achieve it

When it comes to performance, even incremental improvement can yield results. Download this ebook to learn 13 key attributes that top performing physicians share and how to achieve: Effective patient pay Faster money Higher collections Higher... Download white paper

Patient Pay: Discovering the Best Ways to Collect

Physicians are facing mounting financial pressure from all directions. Discover the best way to target the areas that will be of most value. Download this ebook to learn four areas of focus to improve patient pay collections. Download white paper

Preventing the Next Generation of Healthcare Security Attacks

Today we are faced with a high-threat world, where cybercriminals are constantly targeting healthcare organizations. And as attackers grow more sophisticated in their methodologies, your security strategies and defenses must grow more sophisticated... View webcast

Pagers vs. Smart Phones: myths, realities and why now is the best time to switch

How many times have you heard that joke inside your hospital? Despite the fact that it’s 2016 and communication technology has advanced way past basic pagers, many hospitals believe that pagers provide an “insurance policy”... View webcast

Two-Factor Authentication and Digital Identity Management in Healthcare

In the wake of a tumultuous 2015, which was universally dubbed the “year of the healthcare data breach,” provider organizations are rushing to address potential security exposures—as no organization wants to be featured on the... View webcast

Two Factor Authentication and Digital Identity Management in Healthcare

This paper explains how strong authentication and digital identity management can increase health data security while making it easier for providers to do their work. We also explore how patients can use this method to view and download health... Download white paper

The Evolution of the Digital Identity in Healthcare

In an effort to make healthcare delivery more efficient and effective everything from lab results and prescriptions to patient health records is moving to an electronic state. For providers and vendors alike, the proliferation of internal and... Download white paper

From Information to Insight:  MACRA, Analytics and the Move from Volume to Value

Advances in technology have provided healthcare organizations with a myriad of disparate systems from which to get information. While the volume of data has grown exponentially in recent years, the availability and access to that data has dropped... View webcast

The Value of Medical Image Management: Nine Trends and Strategies for Radiology Providers

The healthcare landscape is changing, and it's changing rapidly. Healthcare exchanges are growing patient enrollment and driving increased access to healthcare, while the move to value-based care means more cost control that is placing pressure... Download white paper