Healthcare Information Security

Preventing the Next Generation of Healthcare Security Attacks

Today we are faced with a high-threat world, where cybercriminals are constantly targeting healthcare organizations. And as attackers grow more sophisticated in their methodologies, your security strategies and defenses must grow more sophisticated... View webcast

Pagers vs. Smart Phones: myths, realities and why now is the best time to switch

How many times have you heard that joke inside your hospital? Despite the fact that it’s 2016 and communication technology has advanced way past basic pagers, many hospitals believe that pagers provide an “insurance policy”... View webcast

Two-Factor Authentication and Digital Identity Management in Healthcare

In the wake of a tumultuous 2015, which was universally dubbed the “year of the healthcare data breach,” provider organizations are rushing to address potential security exposures—as no organization wants to be featured on the... View webcast

Two Factor Authentication and Digital Identity Management in Healthcare

This paper explains how strong authentication and digital identity management can increase health data security while making it easier for providers to do their work. We also explore how patients can use this method to view and download health... Download white paper

The Evolution of the Digital Identity in Healthcare

In an effort to make healthcare delivery more efficient and effective everything from lab results and prescriptions to patient health records is moving to an electronic state. For providers and vendors alike, the proliferation of internal and... Download white paper

From Information to Insight:  MACRA, Analytics and the Move from Volume to Value

Advances in technology have provided healthcare organizations with a myriad of disparate systems from which to get information. While the volume of data has grown exponentially in recent years, the availability and access to that data has dropped... View webcast

The Value of Medical Image Management: Nine Trends and Strategies for Radiology Providers

The healthcare landscape is changing, and it's changing rapidly. Healthcare exchanges are growing patient enrollment and driving increased access to healthcare, while the move to value-based care means more cost control that is placing pressure... Download white paper

5 Ways to Increase Front Desk Revenue

As an independent practice physician, you care about two things when it comes to your practice: patient care and the financial health of your practices. Many physicians go into business for themselves because they want to be independent, and... Download white paper

How Telemedicine can Transform Patient Engagement

Telemedicine is an attractive new care model–the growth potential is great, it’s easy to adopt, and so far patients are very happy with it. Telemedicine is proving to be an ideal format for improving patient engagement and is creating... Download white paper

Choosing an integrated EHR & PM

Industry advisors recommend that rather than "bolt on" an EHR to your existing practice management system, implementing a complete, fully integrated system will achieve far superior results at lower cost over the long run. Download... Download white paper

Simplifying Medical Practice Optimization through EHR & PM Integration

Medical practices of all sizes are increasingly caught in a cost/reimbursement squeeze that impacts your productivity and profitability. For example, over the past decade gross fee-for-service (FFS) collections have declined nearly 9% while total... Download white paper

EHR Improvements after the AMA “Hateful 8” List

Ever since the 2009 Meaningful Use (MU) mandate of electronic health records, the AMA has continued to give the CMS feedback on the challenges the MU program poses for physicians. The AMA has consistently maintained that the cost of implementing... Download white paper

Providing Outside-In & Inside-Out Protection Against Ransomware and Other Intensifying Cyberthreats

This IDC Health Insights White Paper is sponsored by Fortinet and examines the broader security issues of the "Internet of Threats," high-profile malware such as ransomware, phishing attacks, and the use of vulnerable medical devices... Download white paper

Infographic: 10 Things You Need to Know About MACRA

CMS has released its proposed final rule for MACRA (Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015). Though not finalized, MACRA creates a new framework for rewarding providers for better, lower-cost, patient-centered care. Here’s... Download white paper

The New Spectrum of Care: Many to One - A Payer View of Population Health Management

The amount of data flowing through the current health care system has increased exponentially in recent years, and the shift to a value-based system confirms that amount is only going to keep growing. Population health management continues... Download white paper

The Three Challenges Of Healthcare Security

The Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data Presented by Ponemon Institute, May 2016 “reveals that the majority of healthcare organizations represented in this study have experienced multiple data breaches”... Download white paper

Best Practices: Leveraging Infrastructure Investments to Deliver Clinical Results at Mercy

This IDC Health Insights study focuses on the best practices seen in a case study on the second phase of a multiphase strategic plan to create core competency around IT infrastructure and services at Mercy Health System, the nation's seventh... Download white paper

What Constitutes Effective Security Awareness Training?

Employees are a critical part of an organization’s defense against many IT security threats. Just as having the correct technology solutions is important, training personnel to recognize security threats is a critical part of any security... Download white paper

The Phishing Breakthrough Point

Utilizing security awareness training and phishing security tests can be a useful and effective tool to reduce unintentional insider threats. However, if robust metrics are not put in place, phishing tests can create organizational social engineering... Download white paper

The Security Gap: Protecting Healthcare Data in Office 365

One in three healthcare organizations had a cloud app like Office 365 deployed in 2015, driven by ease of deployment, cost effectiveness, and improved productivity among employees. While cloud app vendors like Microsoft have built robust infrastructure-level... View webcast