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Rock-Solid Security Plan Part 2

Manage a Successful Security Plan - Join Stephen Nardone, Security Practice Director, as he discusses the top considerations for managing a successful security plan. Download white paper

Rock-Solid Security Part 1

Building a Rock-Solid Security Management Plan - Join Stephen Nardone, Security Practice Director, as he discusses the top considerations for developing and implementing a security management plan.  Download white paper

Is Your Infrastructure Ready for Desktop Virtualization? Get a VDI Assessment

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment helps you understand the server, storage, and network needs for your unique environment and pick the right desktops to virtualize. A virtual desktop assessment provides a clear starting point and... Download white paper

Start Your Journey to VDI with Confidence

More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization-cost savings, ease of management, improve security, and platform independence.  The first step is to evaluate how applications would perform in your environment.... Download white paper

Combating Common security Threats

Ensuring security, achieving governance, and controlling access can be challenging in a modern work environment- but it's especially difficult for today's healthcare organizations. Senior Partner Development Specialist at PC Connection,... Download white paper

Spotlight on Security: A Modern Approach to Threat Protection, Detection, and Reaction

With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, organizations face cyber attacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication every day. PC Connection, Inc.'s Security Practice offers solutions... Download white paper

Combating Common Security Threats Part 2

Listen and learn how Dell can help you with HIPAA mandates and challenges. View webcast

Combating Common Security Threats Part 1

Listen and learn how Dell can help with identity management and access controls. View webcast

VDI Fundamentals – Why, Oh Why You Should Consider VDI

There is a lot of information about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and why it’s good for your organization—but what about the end-user experience? Why should you consider implementing VDI? In this white paper find out about... Download white paper

Future-ready Platforms: Hurdling the Traditional Datacenter Approach

Hurdling the Traditional Datacenter Approach:  Increased demands on healthcare IT require a new approach to infrastructure, one that combines density and innovative agility of hyper-scale computing. Download white paper

Top Four Essentials for Your Security Policy

In an era when security threats morph daily and compliance regulations get more complex every year, creating a solid and up-to-date security program is crucial. Here’s how to do it. Download white paper

Where Does VDI Fit into the Healthcare Organization?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has become an increasingly popular option for healthcare organizations as a way to create secure and viable health information environment. But how should a covered entity approach the idea of implementing... View webcast

The EHR for Mental Health Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right Electronic Health Record (EHR) application is one of the most important decisions a mental health provider can make. Many providers are not even aware of the technology available to them. Others may be using an older or inferior... Download white paper

A Physician’s Guide to Chronic Care Management

In the context of chronic conditions, patients usually see their provider once or twice a year for follow up and prescriptions. Chronic Care Management (CCM) as envisioned by Medicare aism to improve upon this practice by interacting with patients... Download white paper

A Hospital Marketers Guide to Aligning Digital & Traditional Marketing

While most organizations still employ a divided apprach to digital marketing, the best direct marketing programs use a multichannel, integrated approach. A combined multichannel strategy overcomes the typically siloed apprach in traditional vs.... Download white paper

A Patient-Centric Approach to Addressing Fragmentation in Healthcare

Since we are all more then the collection of our ailments, it stands to reason that the provision of patient centric care must be aided by the delivery of information and data that could provide insights into the individual. If available, this... Download white paper

How to Prepare for an EHR Switch

The process of selecting and implementing an EHR system is a major commitment for an independent medical practice. Of course there's the financial cost, but there is alos the time investment, staff training and changes the office processes.... Download white paper

Securing PHI on the Move – Lessons from the Field

Healthcare providers of all types and sizes are faced with the challenge of securing protected health information (PHI) on the move. Join IronKey and Cletis Earle, Chief Information Officer, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, for... View webcast

Following the Lines Through an ICD-10 Roadmap to Success

To make sure you can put together a navigable ICD-10 roadmap that will take you straight to success by October 1, 2015, we've compiled a little overview of how things should flow in general and we've completed it with pro tips and go-to... Download white paper

Best Practices in Denial Management: Keeping Claims From Becoming Denials in ICD-10

This year has all the makings of an important one for revenue cycle management in healthcare. The transition to ICD-10 as well as value-based care requires healthcare organizations and their business offices to identify gaps in their operations... Download white paper