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Leveraging Mobile Technology to Increase Patient Engagement, Data Exchange

The integrity and accuracy of an electronic health record determines its usefulness in the provisioning of high-quality and safe patient care. Patients have a role to play in ensuring the applicability of the data contain in their EHRs. However,... View webcast

QlikView Advances Quality Improvement and Outcomes Reporting at Texas Children’s Hospital

After years of underutilizing data to improve quality care, Texas Children's Hospital needed a solution that would optimize its EMR system and be able to present useful information to employees across the organization.  Texas Children's... Download white paper

Electronic Signatures for Healthcare

The trend to digitize and transform healthcare is accelerating. Healthcare professionals, administrators and providers agree: it is time to remove paper from everyday processes like contracting and procurement, HR, Medicare billing, patient onboarding... Download white paper

Smarter Healthcare: Analytically Fit, Operationally Efficient

If the ultimate goal of our healthcare ecosystem is to improve patient care and deliver better patient outcomes, the secondary objective would be to drive operational efficiency. Care providers who use data effectively to support their most critical... Download white paper

Big Data in Healthcare: The Five Most Enticing Insights

With a tangled web of disparate legacy systems, significant site-by-site customization, and growing regulatory scrutiny, healthcare organizations face unenviable data challenges. However, along with challenge comes opportunity. A recent study... Download white paper

8 Questions to ask a Healthcare Analytics Vendor

Healthcare organizations are increasingly exploring their clinical, financial and operational data to discover insights which lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients. But not all analytics platforms... Download white paper

6 Global Trends Sweeping Healthcare – And How Analytics Help You Respond

Public and private healthcare delivery around the globe is undergoing massive shifts in costs, pay structures, approaches and access. How are top healthcare organizations leveraging their clinical, financial and operational data to respond to... Download white paper

Developing a Healthcare Analytics Strategy that Spans the Continuum of Care

Healthcare providers are steadily investing in analytics, but their current plans focus on reporting on facts rather than providing actionable insights. In this IDC infobrief, you’ll learn how to create a comprehensive analytics strategy... Download white paper

ZirMed Case Study: Denial & Appeal Management

Take a look inside Johns Hopkins Homecare Group and their success with the ZirMed Denial & Appeal Management tool which has saved the organization time and money.  Download white paper

ICD-10 Less then 14 Weeks Away: Are you Ready?

Learn about the 6 steps to ICD-10 readiness: Plan and organize Assessment Organizational Prep Training Testing Implementation and evaluation View webcast

ICD-10 Testing: Our Plan for Your Success

Learn from two ICD-10 experts: Why and what to test with who How to test Challenges with testing Solutions for ICD-10 compliance View webcast

Getting Paid What You Deserve - Creating an Effective Appeal

Dive deeper into denial management and how to get the best ROI for your time by getting denials reversed and payment for your practice. View webcast

Denials Deconstructed - Getting your Claims Paid

Elizabeth Woodcock breaks down the basics of the impact ICD-10 will have on denials and getting your claims paid. View webcast

6 Steps to ICD-10 Success

With the deadline just a short time away, providers' readiness for ICD-10 varies widely. Some have been busy with training and other preparations for over a year - while others are packing their efforts into the months immediately preceding... Download white paper

ZirMed Denial & Appeal Management: Data Sheet

Denied claims wreak havoc on healthcare financial performance. Even when denied claims are adjusted and reimbursed, they typically add 30-100 AR days and cost $25 each to rework. And because managing and working them is tedious, time-consuming,... Download white paper

Working in the Healthcare Cloud, Remaining HIPAA Compliant

Cloud computing can help healthcare organizations extend their environment, utilize resources, and better empower users. However, common roadblocks that can hinder cloud computing in healthcare are security concerns and whether a facility is... View webcast

Benefits of De-Identification to Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

As EHRs and HIEs becomes more prominent, the issue of data de-identification becomes more prevalent. According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, once data has been de-identified, covered entities can use or disclose it without any limitation. But... View webcast

Dealing with Data Breaches and Data Loss Prevention

As data grows and organizations become more vast, the risk of sensitive data being breached increases at an alarming pace. With data breaches making the headlines more than ever, organizations are forced to consider the safety of their data,... Download white paper

The New Phishing Threat: Phishing Attacks

The threat of email borne attacks is greater than ever with malware volumes increasing drastically. One of the most common, and difficult to detect, email threats comes in the form of phishing and spear-phishing emails. Download white paper

The Cybercrime Economics of Malicious Macros

From malware developers to threat actors, cybercriminals are profit-driven businesses that focus their resources on techniques and tools that deliver the greatest return on investment. Most recently, deceptively simple and flexible malicious... Download white paper