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Academic Medical Centers: Disrupt, Transform and Grab the Mantle of Change

Academic Medical Centers are facing mounting pressure to drastically alter their philosophy and approach to their mission while maintaining their brand via the clinical, teaching and research activities that have driven their reputation for years.... Download white paper

The Anatomy of a Health Care Data Breach

The exponential growth of ePHI (electronic protected health information) has placed thousands of healthcare organizations at significant risk of breach or data loss. An expert panel takes an unbiased look at the root causes behind some... View webcast

Cybersecurity for Dummies

This book provides an in-depth examination of real-world attacks and APTs, the shortcomings of legacy security solutions, the capabilities of next-generation firewalls, and security best practices. Download white paper

Should You Switch to a New Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System?

Switching electronic medical records (EMR) systems is a big decision, even if you feel like throwing your existing system against a wall. So don't ditch your EMR system before you download the paper that includes an eight-question assessment... Download white paper

Built-in or Bolted-on ICD-10: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

When the transition to ICD-10 was delayed last year, many physicians breathed a sigh of relief. It meant a reprieve from costly readiness plans and potential loss of payments. Keep in mind that the switch to ICD-10 is still looming out there.... Download white paper

Complete Guide To Practice Profitability: 4 Essential Resources To Boost Revenue

This guide was created to help physician practices across the US understand and improve financial performance. We believe that better health outcomes for Americans are more likely to be achieved when practices themselves are... Download white paper

A Patient-Centric Approach to Addressing Fragmentation in Healthcare

The horror stories abound – medication errors; duplicate testing running up costs, wasting time, and exposing people unnecessarily to radiation, and the list goes on. Fortunately, Evariant has made great strides to address... Download white paper

Using Data Science and Actionable Models to Drive Campaign Outcomes

The primary goal of predictive modeling in healthcare marketing is to identify and target patient and consumer prospects who are the most likely candidates for health services. Certain individual prospects in the healthcare market have a... Download white paper

The ROI of Physician Relationship Management

For hospitals, growth has always been the principal means of generating the revenue. Today though, as the fundamental model evolves from volume-based care to value-based care, the financial health of the hospital is under even greater pressure... Download white paper

CRM: The Hidden Goldmine in Hospital Marketing

CRM deployment has changed from a time and labor-intensive commitment to a faster on-demand cloud solution. Find out why more hospitals are moving to CRM and how they are using new CRM capabilities to increase ROI. Download white paper

Social Media in Healthcare: A Business Development Strategy

Right now, consumers are choosing community sites over hospital and physician sites by a margin of 10 to one. Learn how to turn this trend into a marketing advantage for your hospital and see the research that's leading many CEOs to... Download white paper

HIPAA Privacy and Security Update for the Health Care Marketer

Patients’ privacy has always been a number-one priority for the health care industry, but it is becoming more confusing to keep up with the changing federal and state laws and know how to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the HITECH Act... Download white paper

Physician Recruitment: Adjusting Your Tactics to Succeed

A shortfall of only a half dozen primary care physicians can amount to lost revenues of nearly $10 million per year. Advertising to your market isn’t as effective as it used to be. Find out how you can attract and engage the strongest... Download white paper

Healthcare Breaches in a World of BYOD and Cybercrime

Breaches have reached alarming levels in impact and frequency, with the average total cost of a data breach in 2014 estimated at $5.9 million, or $316 per patient record. In this session we highlight key trends driving privacy and security... View webcast

Guide to Aligning Digital and Traditional Marketing in Healthcare

While most organizations still employ a divided approach to digital and traditional marketing, the best direct marketing programs use a multichannel, integrated approach. A combined multichannel strategy overcomes the typically siloed approach... Download white paper

Case Study: Spinal Technology Gets an Upgrade

Millions of Americans suffer from severe neck and back pain caused by spinal instability. Itʼs the number one diagnosis driving the more than 500,000 spine fusion surgeries performed in the United States every year. Yet the diagnostic tools... Download white paper

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Innovator Trusts the Cloud to Make Medicine Affordable

RX Savings Solution's plan for the future includes getting active in population health management. By personalizing health experiences, the company hopes to help consumers better manage their health. Learn how one pharmaceutical organization... Download white paper

A Guide to HIPAA Compliance & Risk Management

Malicious and opportunistic cyberattacks are constant threats. IT teams are responsible for guiding internal data security policies and edcuating personnel on how to prevent breaches. Additionally, they also have to comply with the regulations... Download white paper

Three Steps to a Successful Migration

There are a variety of factors that drive healthcare organizations to either replace or upgrade existing applications. This white paper examines the basic considerations and challenges encouraged in migrating data and offers solutions to ensure... Download white paper

The True Cost of Cloud Security

Given the evolution of both cybercrime and IT security, you’d think most businesses would be proactive about security. If 2014 taught us anything, the non-stop breaches confirmed that attackers are persistent, clever and dangerous. Yet,... Download white paper